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Weekly Thread April 2-8

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Picking up on an idea in the chat thread. Thought I'd go ahead and start a thread.

Well, ya'll know what I've been up to! I think we might be over the hump with DH and his episode of craziness. We'll see. This morning, my cat brought a bird in the house. It was still alive, and when he opened his mouth it flew up on top of the ceiling fan. I screeched and DH got the bird with a towel and let it outside. Much excitement.

As for how I'm feeling... I'm past the puking, but not yet showing. In fact, I think my belly is smaller! (Must be less bloated.) I've read about this part, but I'm looking forward to the part where I look pregnant. And can feel movement! Also, I was promised boobs. I'm still waiting ...

How 'bout the rest of you?
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I think that I'm finally showing 80% of the time or more.

So I had the weirdest kick last night. I was lying on my side in bed. It kind of felt like it was at the bottom of my uterus and the best way to describe it was as a drum being struck and then vibrating. It didn't hurt, but it felt so bizarre.

Minnow, your cat was just trying to be good to you and feed you. My childhood cat would sometime leave dead mice for us, so sweet.
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I am definitely showing. No doubt about it. I measured my belly last night - 36 inches. When I was pg with ds my belly didn't get to 36 until I was 29 weeks! (I'm 18 now).
We had an u/s on Friday. It's a girl!! Before I got pg with this one, I hoped it would be a girl, but I was really having boy vibes (and I'd been right both times before) so I was really surprised! Dh was surprised, too. And I think ds is a little disappointed that it's not a boy. We were only thinking about boy names, so now we have to start over on that. We have such a hard time with names. But, I get to use dd's cute hanna's again!!!
Minnow - I'm still waiting for the boobs, too. Maybe i should say hoping. I already have two kids, bf'd them both, and never got boobs while pg or nursing, so I'm not really expecting any - but it would be nice....
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I broke down and bought a pair of maternity jeans around 13 weeks, been showing officially for 3 or 4 weeks now and I'll be 18 weeks on Friday. As of right now I have too much in the boob department, I was wondering for a while if the baby got lost and decided to make a home in there, so you're welcome to take some of mine! Movement hasn't been too regular, yesterday I got a pretty good kick on my left side. This past weekend when I was playing with my niece and nephew I felt little "popcorn" kicks on my right side, so I guess the baby is really throwing a party in there.
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Minnow I am glad your dh seems to be turning another corner.

I am showing and occasionally feeling movement but not consistently. All maternity clothes, all the time here. Boobs - who knows, they seem bigger but with still nursing and all, who knows. I wear a nursing sports bra so it fits through a range of changes.

I have no gender vibes and don't know if I will let them tell me if I have my ultrasound. Dh asumes that after 3 girls it will be a girl, my son is hoping for a boy. Our girl clothes are getting pretty worn (and I am a bit tired of them) but I do not really want to buy a bunch of stuff. And then there is the room sharing issues either way. :

I have been feeling better but last night/early this morning I woke up sick. I hope it was just a one off as I am enjoying feeling a bit more like myself.

Thanks for starting hte new thread minnow.
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Thanks for starting us, Minnow!!

Jeanine - I got you beat, mama! I am already at 37 inches. GOOD HEAVENS! I am terrified to look in DD's pregnancy journal to see how long it took me to get this big with her. Oh well, what can ya do?

I actually had someone ask when I was due for the first time! Yesterday at church we were picking up DD from the nursery and another mama picking up her daughter asked me. I seriously am out of all of my regular clothes, girls. All maternity from here out! And DD was a January baby, so I am slowly having to buy a whole new wardrobe! Good thing I can get away with shorts and capris and t-shirts most every day.

Congrats on the baby girl, Jeanine!
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Oh yeah, Minnow - I HATE cat treats like that! Oh, what a fun way to start the week. YIKES!

I forgot to say that I have been feeling tons more movement. It's really fun! It is definitely helping me feel more connected as I was having a horrible time really getting "into" this pregnancy.
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I am showing but it doesn't look like it because I am a big girl. I would love to share some of my boobs with all of you. I have plenty to spare and they just keep getting bigger. I am not nauseous anymore but still occasionally puke because of my super strong gag reflex. I have been so hungry and eating non-stop. I am 16 weeks now and feeling at least a little something every day in the baby moving department. My sense is that this is a girl but won't find out until birth and I really don't know since I have been wrong before. I am just trying to enjoy it all since this is my last.
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This has been a difficult week for me due to the stupid positive Down's result from the Triple Screen/AFP. I kick myself for declining the nuchal test as they could have combined the results and eliminated the whole amnio option I figure. I was just so darned sick at the time they wanted to do it that I declined and said I'd make a decision based on the screen. (kick-kick-kick)

Other than that I am really enjoying my growing tummy. I would't call it fully "showing" but its getting there. My boobs haven't grown all that much but I'm not sure if that is related to DD still nursing once a day. I am really wanting her to wean but she still needs that little comfort sip before bedtime. I don't think she gets anything. It just kills when she latches on. I'm trying to go with her needs and hope she will wean before this babe is born as I really am on the fence about tandem nursing.

I'm loving that I can feel the baby kicking and sort of wiggling in there. The reality of it just is incredible. I'm also loving that food tastes so darn good. I really look forward to meal time.
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I am sorry you are feeling stressed. That triple screen can be so stressful. Here's hoping its one of the many false positives.
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I came back to say congrats on the baby girl, Jeanine!
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s Karen. I know that must be so unsettling!
Also, my DD weaned when I was about 6 weeks into pregnancy. She also was down to about a 30 second latch on before bed. I kind of slowly replaced it with another routine, and soon she didn't ask for milk anymore. I was sad, but ready. I know she was really ready, too, so it was a good transition for both of us.
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minnow~ So glad things have improved over there.
Our kitties just got their own door this winter & they've gotten 2 birds inside & plucked since I've been pg. No fun. I hope they don't get any baby bunnies this year!

congrats on your baby girl, jeaninevp922!!

I'm definitely showing. I have some clothes baggy enough that it could just be some extra weight... but this belly is gettin' round! I went in today & only gained a pound this month but I'm measuring at 20-21 weeks! I'm almost 16. I was ahead the whole time w/dd but gawsh!

Yay, naptime here!
Be well!
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minnow and KarenMT

I do have relief from the headaches--I have had a slight headache today but totally bearable, and this is the first episode since last week.

I am totally ready to really be showing. I hate this phase...more so with this pregnancy because I am heavier going in and it just looks like I am fat : , while last time I had a cute little pot belly. Oh well, its a great cause!

We are having a boy--did I mention that? His name is Waylon. We are having a bit of a hard time getting used to knowing, and getting used to a boy. Of course dd is too young to care at this point!

Not much new to report. My mom is visiting and of course pushing the issue of weaning dd, but I am good at ignoring and/or nodding my head in agreement that I hope someday she will wean (I mean does anyone really want to nurse a college student ). Whatever, its the name of the ebf game I guess. Why do people not get that its natural and okay?

Anyway...the weekly chat thread is a great idea, and thanks for startingthis weeks minnow!
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Congrats on the baby boy Forestrymom! And to be so sure on the name already is impressive.
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Congrats on baby boy, Forestrymom! Love the name.
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Thanks! I am scheduled with the perinatologist. I'll speak with the genetic counselor and I guess have an u/s. Based on that I believe they re-calculate all the stats to tell you your risk. I really don't want anything invasive. If we have a 3rd I'm definitely not doing that screen test.
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Karen, I'm glad you have a plan. I really hope all works out and am so sorry that you are stressed!

I was feeling guilty about skipping the triple screen because, you know, was told scary stories last week that took hold in my subconscious. But now I am reminded that it can be scary either way. Again, hope things work out for you.
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Oh yeah! Also congratulations on li'l Waylon, Forestrymom!
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Oh wow, I can't believe some of you know your baby's gender already! Congratulations on your boy forestrymom and congratulations on your girl Jeanine!

Last night dh ran into an old school friend of mine (who's now married to a musician that dh plays with) and it turns out she is due 8 days before me! How exciting!

Well, I have a bump that I definitely notice but I know I'm not showing to the world at large. I'm currently in my post-partum pants (took a long time for my belly to go down after having dd), and am wearing maternity skirts to work. I still have some shirts that are long enough to cover the bump - maternity shirts just look weird and baggy at this point. But I'm really tall so finding long enough shirts is hard enough even when I'm not pg.

Karen - I'm sorry to hear about all the stress you're going through. I really hope you're able to get some reassurance from your next u/s. You'll be in my thoughts.
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