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mom was here -- what we got done

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things are being checked off of the ORDER MUST BE RESTORED list.....

final list of what we got done while mom was here...............
  • blanket check cleaned out -- king sheets = own drawer, queen sheet and full = shared drawer, baby blanket = own drawer. 5 sheets turned in to drop clothes, 2 sets of sheets gone to good will. pillow cases = own draw (we have more pillows on each bed than come with a set so tghe pillow cases have a life of their own byond the sheets they mate).
  • lenin closet upstairs. made room for all the chemicals (cleaners, hair spray, etc) so nothing is under the 2 sinks any more. 3 bklankets went to good will and a few twols became rags.
  • moved crib / changing table. in same room -- now guest roon will be nusery. decided how to move rest of room to make room for glide rocker so that it can be in nusery and not Theo'd room once the baby comes. IF The sleep in hgis room -- and he will some day -- he was in tehre till AFTER 1 AM LAST NIGHT -- THEN I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO GO IN TO HIS ROOM, WITH HIM THERE, TO ROCK. -- OPPS t'S DID THE CAPS AND I WANT watching. sorry.
  • all the kitchen cabnets have been cleaned out -- reorginzied and some labled, we added new shelves to the ulity cabnets and made a lot more useable space. all veggies together, all pasta in a container and togerher -- 7 boxes of mac anbd cheese were found in various locations.... it is amazing.
  • i took naps 2 days and slepot in the 2 others while Mom took T.
  • we saw the easter bubby adn T loved it. went right to him. tried to remove his glove. patted his arm. sat nice till i lifted him off -- not at all like seeing Santa.
  • the laundry room has been cleaned out -- under counter and that conor where so much gets piled up. the laundry room closet (where all teh chemicals downstairs live) was cleaned totally out and redone too. Amazing i have 4 bottles of Pledge!!! who knew??
  • mom hauled up 3 boxes of maturnity clothes from the basement. (I think there is one more). I sorted out A's stuff to mail back to her -- she is due 4 days after me this time. I pulled out a few things (like shorts witha drawstring) to go on and wash now. I added to A's some stuff that is toooo big for me and i never got big enough (sholders and height) for last time anyway -- stuff others have handed me down.
  • mom did all the dishes and laundry -- i did very little the whole time she was here.
  • Mom also put T down to bed two nights, without incident i might add. He was ticked the night scott and i went out -- when he work up and hour after going down -- like always -- and only Grand Pat was there, no mommy -- that upset him more than no momma to go to bed. didn't really care then, not happy to wake up with out me though, but Mom worked with hima nd got him back to sleep (a bottle and 1/2 later -- so maybe 9 or 10 oz).

I already have a list for her next vivist
  • my clothing -- i have to move out of the guest room cloest -- as that will need to be baby and the guest room dresser -- again so the baby can have space. soooooooo the 3 dressers in our room (one mine, 2 scott) and the closet and closet shelf have to be cleaned out and redone to get it all in there.
  • moving the guest room around so it can be the nusery.
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Wow! Now, how do I get your mom to visit me?
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