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night time leg cramps?

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Anyone else have kiddos getting these?

I got them as a kid, so I *know* how miserable they are. But I was older (10 or so) and I would just go take a bath in the middle of the night on my own. My ds is 4.5, so that isn't really an option, and I'm really toooooo tired to have that become our solution.

Anyone found a good solution?
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Urgh! I have such clear memories of this as a kid!

My mom bought me a heating pad to use at night if I woke up. Your DS might be too young for this, but maybe something like a thermawrap that he didn't have to plug in??

Good luck to you and your little guy!
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I used to get wicked leg cramps when I was younger too. All three of my kids have gotten them, but my dd gets them the worst and I usually go in and rub her legs for a few minutes and she is usually fine, but sometimes I give her some tylenol when I can't seem to do anything to help her.

I like the hot pad or a hot water bottle idea. I am going to have to try that next time dd has her leg pains. Poor kiddos, I hope the pains go away soon!
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My six year old gets these occasionally in the middle of the night. She will wake up screaming! I know they are very painful, I get "Charlie horses", leg cramps during pregnancy. My leg will be sore for days after I get one. I only remember "growing pains" as a child, but not these severe leg cramps! I just brought my dd in my bed and massaged her leg for probably 30 minutes before she fell back asleep. I've heard they can be due to low potassium, so eating bananas or drinking orange juice may be helpful.
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Both of my boys get very bad leg and foot cramps; and have gotten them on and off since they were about 2.
We now do a bannana every night before bed (potassium), we also see our chiropractor about once a month for wellness adjustments. Not just for their backs but also their feet to make sure that everything is in line. We have found if the are having a lot of leg or foot pain that the bones in their feet have often shifted.
We bought "the stick" massager. This has saved my hands in the middle of the night. You roll it up and down the calves and feet and it helps work out the muscles.
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I still get leg cramps!!!! What works for me is to grab behind my toes and bend them forward toward my head. It helps to stretch the muscle and stops the pain.
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My five year old complains of them from time to time. I spend five minutes giving the offending leg a good massage and that usually helps.
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Ditto the bananas and orange juice. I'll give both while rubbing dd's legs. I'll usually give her some motrin or tylenol too. I remember leg cramps, but never this young (she's 4.5, too). I asked our Dr. and he mentioned the potassium. I don't know how well or fast it works, but at least she knows I'm trying and she usually goes back to sleep after that snack and some TLC. HTH.
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For what it's worth, when I got horrible nightime leg cramps as a child, my mother would rub them with alcohol. I can't really say for certain whether it was the rubbing, the alcohol, or both, but the pain, which was pretty severe, went away almost immediately. It might be worth a try.
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when my dd was around 4 she woke complaining the back of her knee hurt: I'd never heard about pain there. but yeah, growing pain get to her hard. We co-sleep, so I just massage the spot and often put a mint rub on (bought for Dh for his legs after he runs)

Dh's grandma use to lay across his legs. I know I love that for sore muscles but can't remember how dd took it.

I got some great corn heating pads, just nuke for 1 minute. Dh hates the smell but I don't.
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I'm a chronic leg cramp sufferer since childhood. Leg cramps seem to come the worse when I don't have enough potassium, magnesium, and calcium in my diet, so I make sure I enough have all three.

I've also found that it helps to wrap my legs (I always get them in my calves) with ace bandages before I sleep. The gentle compression seems to stop them from coming (I've never gotten one when I've wrapped my legs). To me this is a preventative. Don't know if its just something strange that only works for me or my mind though
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I too had these as a kid--it was horrible. I would wake screaming and crying. Only a heating pad or tylenol would help.

I had them right into college. Then a girl on my floor said (when I was up in the middle of the night due to them) "Oh, my doctor told my mom that it was too little potassium, and I had to eat more bananas."

Ta-da, no more leg cramps (except when pg!). Of course, my stupid doc always told my mom "growing pains!", and she believed him. Even when I was no longer growing :
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I used to get them too. I give my daughter a homeopathic Leg Cramp thing. Seems to do the trick most of the time.
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a friends little girl gets "growing" pains in her legs at night. they use absorbine jr. and massage to ease her pain.
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My DD gets them a lot ever since she was maybe 2 years old. We are talking sometimes as much as one time a week. Her's aren't cramps, they are "growing pains"--usually more in her joints and bones than in her muscles. They almost always accompany her growth in eating--like when she is hungry all the time and eats things she normally won't touch. We've tried the bananas, oj, vitamins, etc. We've even resorted to tylenol in the past just to help her--she would sob and scream in pain for a long time. Now we use the homeopathic remedy Calcarea Phos. --IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! She's usually asleep within 1/2 hour of giving it to her. Sometimes we do combine it with chamomila just to help her calm after being in so much pain. We totally swear by it for the growing pains and I love giving it to her over the tylenol!
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My son who is 4.5 has got these since around 3.5.
He will only settle for a bath most the time, my hubby or I sit with him.
Or we use a heat pad that you put in the micro for 2 mins and it last about 30 mins, usually he will fall back asleep before it runs out of heat. And the nice thing is that its a moist heat so it does help alot!

Good luck.
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i've always had horrible legs cramps too and my son will get them every once in awhile...massaging or stretching helps

But i am curious if anyone here has heard of taking quinine for leg cramps? I was a walgreens the other day and saw in the "painkillers" some company offering a medicine for leg cramps with its main indgrident of quinine.
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Originally Posted by sonrisaa29 View Post
But i am curious if anyone here has heard of taking quinine for leg cramps?
I have heard this really helps with the growing pains, but I didn't know it helped with leg cramps as well. This was the next thing we were going to try with DD if the homeopathy didn't work.
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I've suffered from occasional leg cramps since I was young, but really noticed a pick up in the frequency when I was pregnant with my first. These are the things I've learned.

1. Take a calcium-magnesium suppliment right before bed;
2. Put an extra blanket over my legs - cold muscles tend to cause cramps too;
3. Put a bar of soap between the sheets, near your legs.

No one knows why 3 seems to work. It's an old wives remedy, but lots of reports of relief with that.Potassium is said to help too, but I find that it's the magnesium that's the greatest benefit.
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Wow, thanks for all the great ideas.

I *think* what he is having is more like growing pains than charlie horse type cramps. They do seem to be more likely after a very active day -- he eats a lot of both yog and bananas anyway, but I'll try them as a bedtime snack -- hadn't thought of that.

I going to check into the homeopathic remedies and all the other great ideas I hadn't thought of! Thanks.

It helps just knowing I'm not the only one spending half my nights rubbing little legs!
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