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Dingos after the Easter Bunny! April Runners' thread

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Welcome everyone in favor of forward motion! Sprinters, Runners, Joggers Woggers, Walkers and Wannabes welcome here!

Oldies and newbies here to support encourage and inspire! Come on in!
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BBM - I can just imagine the sinking feeling you must have had hearing E in the background! I'm glad the rest of the day went okay.

Okay, as usual I forgot to sub in before. I'm aiming for some wogging today, wish me luck!
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I can't really keep up, but...

congrats to house selling/buying successes
And good surgeries that produce anomalies

And the AMAZING long runs, and fence building, company daunting runs too!

I've had to go back a few weeks in my "training." I was on week four of my program and had to go back to week two. For a couple reasons, a) the behemoth of a double stroller is so much harder to push and requires a lot of extra energy and b) I didn't get much done last week running-wise. But it's all good. I did 20 minutes this morning and it felt good.

The first day went okay. I only had two clients and that worked well. I made the mistake of calling right before my very first client and heard baby E screaming in the background. He was hungry but didn't want the bottle. I have to get off the phone and now greet my first client back to see how they are doing. Uh huh. I called back right after session and I guess he settled down and took 4 oz. I had pumped 8, so I knew he was hungry. When I got home I could tell he had been crying with dh too. But I got a lot of good snuggles last night in bed. And dd this morning.

Thanks plady - reposted over here...
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Race List

If you have something to add, just let me know. PM-ing is probably the best way to assure that I see it, but posting is OK too.

schatz - Crazy Legs Classic 5 miler - April 28
kate~mom - Lehigh Valley Half Marathon - April 29
2babybees - Trail 1/2 Marathon - April 29
HBM - AES Fun Run 5K - April 28
mamabeth - half - April (?)
Runningmommy, doctorjen, Balancin1 - Indy Mini-Marathon (half) - May 5
Megs_BK - Bloomsday 12K - May 6
ChamaMama - Run for the Zoo 10K - May 7
CherylAnn and family - Pig Jig 5K - May 12
HBM - Mayor's Challenge 10K - May 19
1jooj and cRebRun - Green Bay Marathon - May 20
Schatz - Mad City Half Marathon - May 27
2babybees - Flirt with Dirt 10K - June 9
HBM, mamabeth - Peachtree Road Race 10K - July 4
bec - 5K - July 4
JayGee - Chicagoland Danskin Women's Triathlon - July 8
Runningmommy, Balancin1 - Chicago Marathon - October 7

The Preggo Dingo List
sally_Z - June
Po6 - late July
Plady - Sept 20
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BBM whew, you made it through the first day back. Each day will get a little easier. My own dd2 would drink about 25% of what I pumped for about the first 2 months. I figured she'd drink what she wanted. Dh just kept offering and she kept refusing.

Running: there's a sloppy mess out there right now. It isn't happening.

My dog is in for surgery. He has a fatty mass right behind his armpit. Oh and a lump on his rump. and they just called: do we want them to do heartworm test and remove the lump on his eyelid too? One stop shopping. I can only imagine what it will cost me to pick him up.

House: inspection is at 430. I'm semi-relieved I can't be there and am sending dh.

nd I'm waiting to see your alien mass.
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Subbing, and reading, back later. And these are for my DD, because she loves them:

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Hooray for 2BB's!!!!

5, 5, 5 in a row!!! :
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will run sometime soon but am taking a short break to make sure my lungs get fixed. still feeling the asthma stuff, and it doesn't help that our pollen count is, like, a jillion. my porch is absolutely yellow!

yay to long runners!

nd, glad you're feeling a bit better and everything went well.

I went to a toddler meeting for LLL last night and it was awesome. J has been driving me NUTS lately and everyone was sort of in the same boat and commiserated...so nice!

must go try to sell some more stuff....
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ND - I am so relieved your last package finally arrived! Sheesh our mail is slow! I'd expected it to be there when you got back from your trip. Glad things feel like they're knitting together as they should, can't wait to see your alien.

Kerc - Hope your dog is okay and that the bill doesn't kill you!

Okay, time to stop puttering.
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morning mamas!

No running this morning - it was pouring rain! I could have handled a light rain but not sheets of rain. However, it is supposed to clear by this afternoon so I have my clothes with me at work so I can get out for a quick run on the campus before I head home.

ND - the garage sale is May 10-12 -- it's crazy - brat stands abound, people everywhere - even if it's raining. We've had people come to our sale from as far as 4 hours away.

So I told my dh about the dingos last night -- well, not in any great detail cus he was miffed that I haven't been talking about all of you all along. But, he opened my mail - how is that right? In the end he was most irritated that I didn't save the postage receipts from the SS packages. Oy! Oh well, that cat is out of the bag and dh and I are all good.

Now that I'm getting back to finishing this post after talking to my boss for 90 minutes, the rain has stopped - yea! I should be able to run later without needing flippers.

bbm - I'm glad your little guy at least took the bottle some, even if it wasn't all that you pumped. Look at it this way, at least he didn't eat all of it and then want more -- my kids did take bottles well and I had trouble keeping up with them at times. And aren't those snuggles the best? That's what keeps me cosleeping even though I often wake up with kinks in my back, neck, knees....
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Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
Runningmommy, doctorjen, Balancin1, eksmom - Indy Mini-Marathon (half) - May 5

It looks like DH is taking DD to Portland that weekend to visit my MIL. Can E and I come hang out for any post-half marathon gathering??
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Hey Geo - I forgot to with you about the lost milk. I would have been furious. I'm so glad I haven't flown yet under the new rules and that I'm not pumping anymore. I brought a week's worth of milk back from Italy last year and it wasn't frozen. All the hassles I went through getting ice, etc. would have been for naught if I couldn't have carried it on. I traveled a lot when dd was little but mostly pumped and dumped cus I had no storage for it. Oh, and I did pump on planes too so if traveling today, I would be carrying potentially hazardous materials in my carryon! What is this world coming to? yeesh.
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

It looks like DH is taking DD to Portland that weekend to visit my MIL. Can E and I come hang out for any post-half marathon gathering??

OF COURSE!!!!!! PLEASE come out to see us!
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So... it's been too long since I've done anything super active. Last Friday's poor excuse for a wog was the last one. I'm rather chained to the house today -- supposed to be getting our kitchen cabinets installed today (but not holding out extreme hope... we were *supposed* to get them yesterday). Although that might be a good time to use the jogger once again and just see if she'll tolerate it so that I can have some sanity.

I think she's going to pop a top tooth soon. Please, god, let yesterday's manic cranky baby just be the result of teething! By the time we went to bed, I was just feeling like she was being a punk for punk's sake and I was sooooo tired of it. DH not so happy with me on that one. Oh well. He is not her human pacifier.

EKsmom... Add me to the race list, please! I'm going to do Bloomsday on May 6th, even if I have to walk part of it (it's a 12K). I'm thinking of doing a 10K trail run on the 22d of April. There's a 5K option, which would be totally do-able, but I've gotta get myself out of this 3-mile rut. Maybe it would help if I, you know, RAN. It is soooo easy for me to find excuses not to go.

OK, well, while I'm thinking about it, I'm going to call the nearby Montessori school and see if they have openings for next fall (or right now to start weaning her in to the day care routine and give me time to do homework and clean and run and stuff).
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AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! This is me pulling my hair out.

DS 2 has strep throat and ear infection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so beyond us all being sick!!!!!

RR: I was up all night (every hour) with ds2, so I was exhausted this morning. I didn't get my 11 miles in yet. I got ds2 into the doctor then I had a dental appt. I rushed to the dentist after dropping ds at home only to be told it is scheduled for tomorrow (I KNOW it was supposed to be today). I'm going to take a nap and then think about running this afternoon. IT's gorgeous outside and dh is home, so I could run outside again. Just not sure I have it in me.
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Subbing. Am back from my weekend trip and had a good long sleep to recover from a weekend of not so much sleeping. Took all my running gear along except my shoes. Could have borrowed some, but didn't. Oh well.

Had a super nice time and it looks like I will either be a labor doula or postpartum doula (most likely the latter) for my friend. Very cool either way.

Off to go convince the kids that they really do want to go to the zoo.
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: subbing
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