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callie - my dh broke his ankle snowboarding last year - it was pretty awful. it was a weight bearing bone and so he really had to follow orders to stay off it for 6 weeks. i remember going to whole foods and asking which supplements would be good and i *think* i came away with calcium tablets and arnica. good luck.

reb - i wish i could put these two smilies together to tell that HR lady not to mess with our reb. she'll have a pack of wild dingos on her in a hearbeat!

mandy - does your insurance cover counseling for you and dh? not sure if that's an option but i hope things smooth out for you, whatever you decide.
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push..... yikes... burn already?




It's a : : to my ds, Frederick "Fritz" Gerald Simon, who is TWO years old today, 4/4, at 7:10 a.m. It was a great birth even if he did come early. If you didn't get enough of birth stories from Dr Jen, you can read about my little guy here (please excuse the mixed up puncuation marks)
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Now posting for personals...

Reb - that just rots! A miscommunication, huh? Grrrr. If they gave you all those positive vibes and comments and then pick the other person, they are the lowest scum around. I hope you hear good news soon! Hey, can I get one of those 'ritas?

callie - ouch for your sister! Healing ankles is no fun. I've never done that but my SIL did - tore hers all to heck out running one day. She was out of commission for a while. I've only done damage to my knee before. Well, no, I broke a bone in my foot once when I was trying to do ballet while drunk (yes, I had just graduated from HS).

jooj - sounds like you're making progress on selling your house - if not to this counter-counter-counter-offer person, then to someone else soon. :

Megs - glad the montessori school turned out to be so nice and with an opening for you too! One of my co-workers takes her dd to montessori and really likes it.

I bagged on my run yesterday. Too much work at the end of the day. But, I plan to make it up today at the comm ctr after work (it's blowing 20-40 today - no thank you) and then I can run tomorrow too and I'll be back on track.

drjen - that was a great birth story. I just love how you let women do what they need to do during labor/birth - if they never end up in bed, that's ok. When I had my son, I stayed out of the bed until the very end when I needed to push. At that point the docs insisted I get to the bed. I knew it wouldn't take much to get my son out so I didn't fight them. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your stories are inspiring.
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DrJen, I loved your comment in your blog: It's your responsibility to get the heart tones, and the mom's responsibility to get comfortable. Ahhh, a breath of fresh air. Still thinking on the minerals science fair project. What's her interest specifically? Their idenitification? Their composition?

AHA! I've got an idea: color in minerals. She'll need two polarizing sheets of plastic and a small collection of transparent, colored stones (hopefully not all quartz). She can demonstrate how the mineral absorbs light as a function of the polarization direction of the light (a property called pleochroism). Good minerals for this are: tourmaline, iolite, beryl (aquamarine, not so much emerald), pink topaz, zircon (heat treated blue). All pretty inexpensive. I can loan a small quantity of some of these
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Happy birthday baby Schatz!
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Happy Birthday to Schatz's boob-man!

Reb - that's just rotten. very unproffessional of them to give you the understanding that you were getting a job and then back pedal. I thought HR folks try to be extremely careful about that. grrr on them.

walked a mile last night without any tendon pain. woke up to an inch of snow on the ground and 8 more expected tonight. this should be the last gasp of winter and spring will finally start to come around.

My current mindset with my stupid husband is to really work on figuring out how to make myself happy. No one is going to change their behavior to make me happy, so i have to figure out what needs to change and how big of a change i'm looking for. there are no easy answers, that i can find right now. i don't know if counseling is covered by insurance, but that's a good idea. though i'm not sure when i'd find time to go.

i'm feeling desperate for a little break, and i'd love to head down to my parents for the easter weekend. but there's a few things going on this weekend that I'd hate to miss, next weekend too. so, maybe in three weeks I'll go down and get away from my sucky life here.
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Happy birthday to your little guy, Schatz! It's amazing how quick they grow up!
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sick baby girl. ick. barf sick variety.
"hello, this is leah's mom. I'd like to cancel her well-baby appointment, see she's too sick to bring in."

(ok not too sick to go to the doc, but it isn't worth it to bring her in, she's just got a stomach bug).

dog bill, not so bad (350 bucks).

8 inches of snow yesterday. yay!

house passed inspection, onward we go.

now to get stuff picked up here so it is liveable to me again.
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Originally Posted by kerc View Post
sick baby girl. ick. barf sick variety.
"hello, this is leah's mom. I'd like to cancel her well-baby appointment, see she's too sick to bring in."
at least barf-sick doesn't usually last too long - hang in there :

Originally Posted by kerc View Post
house passed inspection, onward we go.
Does this mean yours is sold? Or your offer on the other one was accepted? Both?
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Originally Posted by schatz View Post

Does this mean yours is sold? Or your offer on the other one was accepted? Both?

both. now we're on to crappy financial paper work
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Hi running ladies! I'm loving reading about your lives juggling work, running and babies...you guys are awesome! I'm on mat leave with just the one babe and I'm having issues getting the workout in

I've been doing my strength workout but haven't been running much since it's snowy and icy all over, plus we're busy getting ready to visit friends in Austin over Easter. My friend's DB is a chef from Tenessee, so I'm bringing my running shoes to Austin to work off the southern fried chicken
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I'm in MI for Easter... and my spring break has turned into winter. There's only a dusting here but it's cold. I haven't done much but lounge and eat. I did turn in resumes to 5 schools here though. I hope to find a job here... SO BAD!

Reb, I hope you find out soon.

Good luck with the house sales. DH and I are looking at houses here.. it's so much fun. I can't wait to buy!
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Originally Posted by JenLove View Post
DH and I are looking at houses here.. it's so much fun. I can't wait to buy!
It's fun when you don't have another house to sell first I would say buying a house is always exciting and a little bit scary if it's your first one. You could send your resume one state over the lake and live by me and ND or up by Reb and jooj - that would be fun.
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I am having a really, horrible day. Nothing terrible is happening to me or anyone near me. I'm just in a super bad place. Too much stress. I haven't been able to do anything today. I've been paralyzed by fear to make a few phone calls. I delegated that and feel like a total loser. My asst. director/designer won't return my calls or emails and I have no idea if I'm going to have a set or lights or other tech stuff he promised. The show opens in 3 weeks. We have to have all the tech stuff in place in two weeks. I couldn't sleep last night so I took one of my anti-anxiety pills and after half an hour it worked. Otherwise I would have been awake all night. I woke up groggy and haven't done my run yet. I've already pushed this weeks mid-week runs out a day, so I have to do it. I have to go to town, but I dont' want to go in my running clothes and I don't want to shower until after I've run. So. I'm doing nothing. Office hours will end and I will have failed to do what I needed to do because I had to sit on my butt all day instead. My brain isn't functioning. I'm not taking care of my kids or my house or even things I want to do like running or knitting. Mostly because there is too much hanging over my head and I feel powerless. Never direct a play that opens the same week as your marathon! Plus, I emailed my landlord to tell him that we found a house to buy and to feel him out. His only response, "You signed a year lease." AAAAAAHHHHH. I know! This house is so wrong for us. It's big but not at all functional. We have mice. There is a sewer problem, so our master bedroom stinks right now, and housing prices are going up $10,000 a month. I know these problems are minutia. My brain is just blowing them up into something huge.
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CherylAnn - You've got so much happening, no wonder your brain decided to take a personal day! Bummer about the landlord, but if you have mice and a swere problem maybe those points could be emphasized in a modification of the lease?

I'm : at dh. He booked a troupe of families, gave them a wicked good rate, never followed up with them on what kinds of beds they would need or even how many people they'd be. He promised he'd do the check-in but what do you know? They've arrived (+ 1 person) and he's not here. : They're nice enough but it's like herding cats.
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CherylAnn, what Plady said. I hope a few of these things start to resolve themselves, so you can concentrate on the things you CAN affect.

Plady, I'm : at mine, too! For second-guessing my decisions re:the house. He's so emotional in buying and selling decisions, and when we're not in the thick of it, he can admit he's BAD with money and says things like "thank God for my wife," but while I'm trying to do right by our family and not give the house away, he's calling the realtor trying to un-do my decisions.: I wish I could handle the process entirely without his involvement--especially since his involvement is not ever, at all, positive or productive during financial negotiations. Ugh. I've tried to explain that, what feels to him like $500 is in fact now $3K+, because the counters chip away at it slowly. It's a psychological technique, and it's working on him--he is incrementally adjusting his expectations, but then at the end when the check is cut, he'll expect to see that OLD number in his head. I want to be far away from here right now. I last countered around 10 AM, figure I'll hear something this evening.

I'm going to go check my sheep.

ETA: Chicks came today
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Jooj, CherylAnn, s Wish I could buy Jooj's house and get out of the rent trap, and dang CA if I lived near you I'd totally love to tech direct your next play. I haven't done it since college but I did everything at one point or another. (and my GPA suffered accordingly...)

ND, congrats on making it through your surgery. I'm sorry you had to have it but glad it is over.

Plady, a belated congrats on the girl!

Mandy, hope things in your life improve for you very soon.

Sorry everyone for the crap personals and/or participation from me lately. I am not running due to this stinking hacking cough so I'm :.

And I read along and think nice thoughts about each one of you when I read your posts, but then by the time I get to post it no longer feels timely. :

Can I distract you with some knitting? Huh?

Geo, I sure hope you can come to Indy!

Eks, I'll email youse guys about our training. Ugh.
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Cheryl- Deep breath mama! I have those days often. In three weeks this will all be a memory. Pick one task and do it. Then the next. One thing at a time. Hope you get your run in.

Balancin1 and Eks- Mamas get better already!! Hoping the sickies leave soon.

DrJen- Love the stories as usual. You are awesome for getting out there without the treadmill. I know it is a huge mental obstacle sometimes.

Kerc- Yay on the house!! It'll be a crazy month. Can't wait to see pics of you all in there. It looks like a great one.

Jooj- Men!:

nina_yyc- elcome

JenLove- Where are you in MI? The first house is so much fun. Enjoy it!!

cReb- Hang in there mama! They will make the right decision

Geo, BBM, Patti, Pumpkinseed, Moonshine, Schatz, Kate, Bec, MissBliss, Mommabelle, Plady, Poppy, Callie, ND, GrnMtnmama and everyone else!

Got my 5th run in 5 days in! Yay! It was a 4.25 mile TM one though, snow and 40 mph winds was too much. But TM always means speedy because I get ancy to get off. I did the last mile in between 7-7:30 min/mile. Felt good to burn the lungs a bit. Suppose to be even worse tomorrow. Luckily it is my planned day off (and my birthday ). Got my hair cut today, it's been months. I feel like myself again. I've been looking at the race schedule and have picked out various trail races to do in May and June. I'm getting pretty excited. This should be a fun spring/summer.

Must get back to the family. Wishing calm productive vibes to all the Dingos!
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Originally Posted by Balancin1 View Post
Can I distract you with some knitting? Huh?
Oooh! Love it! Love the colors.

All I have wanted to do today is knit a dark, chocolate brown dishcloth in a cable pattern. Have I been able to? No. Instead I was a mommy all day, worked a full time job, went to the dentist (The lower half of my jaw, including both ears, is still completely numb.) to have 2 cavities filled while listening to a combo of the drill banging on my head and Debbie Gibson over the sound system. Oooh heaven is a place on earth. Just shoot me now. Drove through crappy traffic and slurped my dinner since I can neither chew nor suck a straw. Now I have time and opportunity to knit, but I'm working on that 2nd toddler sock since I feel too guilty to start something new without first finishing the sock.

I'm supposed to run tonight. It would probably do me a world of good... But I don't know, chickies, my morale, motivation and desire are mighty low. I know I should quit complaining. So many of you are dealing with stuff a lot heavier than I am right now, and carrying on being the strong women I am in awe of. I'm thinking of you guys with love.
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