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If you feel your C/S was unnecessary - Page 2

Poll Results: What was the reason given for your C/S?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 23% (34)
  • 9% (14)
    Big baby
  • 1% (2)
    Prior C-section
  • 34% (49)
    Failure to progress
  • 18% (26)
    Fetal distress
  • 11% (17)
142 Total Votes  
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FTP & one of my twins went into distress. That wouldn't have happened if they hadn't loaded me up on Pitocin...

I didn't care one way or the other about having had the first c-section until I started planning for my VBA2C. My second was an ERCS.
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Officially, my records have failure to progress and CPD checked off.

What happened was I was "on the clock". My water had broken and the doctors didn't want to wait for me to progress naturally. So they ignored my birth plan, turned on the pitocin without my knowledge, gave the epidural after much pressuring, gave the "baby's not doing well" and "you'e not progressing" speeches (both LIES, according to my records) and then surprise, 22 hours after water breaking I had a csection.
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induction then failure to progress. I wanted more time, but the doctors told me it was no use. I didn't know any better so I consented. I was ok with it at the time. It wasn't until months later when I started reading more about VBAC and birth and learned that the induction was not necessary and the cesarean was probably also not necessary if I had been given more time to labor.
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Originally Posted by ~Megan~ View Post
I was scared into it and not given other options.
: - That's my story. Scared into it and made to feel that choosing the other options would be irresponsible.
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I was told fetal distress and failure to progress. I was loaded up on pit, and had an epi. I was so uneducated
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My c/s was for posterior positioning. We tried everything in the book to get him to turn, but he just couldn't turn. His head circumference was 15 inches, and that's a lot of head to push out facing the wrong way! I'd say it was necessary at the time, although if we had caught the malposition earlier it might have been possible to turn him. Who knows?

I've had a VBAC since then, though, so I'm OK with it having happened.

Mama to Thales, 12/9/02, and Lydia, 2/26/06
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Mine was due to malposition of twins. One was transverse and the other was breech. Baby A (bottom) was the transverse one. They couldn't stop my contractions at 34 weeks 6 days so I agreed to the c-section because I was afraid of an having an emergency c-section. In retrospect I wish I had waited to see if they would have turned in labor. They probably would have stayed in longer thereby avoiding NICU stay and then I wouldn't be having all this trouble trying to VBAC.
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Well my first two were unmedicated hospital births. My first I had preterm labor so I didn't think I could attempt a homebirth, but then ds was posterior and 9.7 and I thought if I could make it with him I could do a homebirth! So we decided on a home waterbirth. I progressed to 7-8 cm, 100% effaced but after 30 hours contractions had spaced out and my dilation had not changed in over 12 hours. So I transfered to hospital for c-section. She was posterior and 10.4, but I still wonder if I could have had her vaginally! So this time we are going for a VBAC waterbirth with my midwife as doula. My midwife recommended this OB because she has an 80% VBAC rate! Blessings to all of you VBAC mamas!
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I wasn't really bullied into it. I thought it best at the time, despite not wanting to. Now that I know what was causing the problems, I could probably have worked around them. My 1st 2 were fast, easy vaginal births. My 3rd- water broke 5am monday. Tuesday night he still wasn't out. The 1st 2 from the time labor started until delivery was 2 hrs or less. W/ds2, I was at 8 cm for 8 hrs, tried pushing anyway, tried moving, tried whatever it's called where they add fluid back in b/c my water broke and we thought he didn't have enough 'cushion' to move. When he came out, we knew he was coming out forehead first and had been 'stuck' as his forehead was very misshappen (resolved within a few hours).

Doc even said 'I want you to be ok with this' and my reply was 'I'll never really be ok with it, but it's something I have to do' Of course, hindsight being 20/20 and knowing what I know now, i could have probably done things differently, but after almost 48 hrs with NO progress (compared to my other 2) I was very discouraged, impatient, upset, worried, etc. I definitely would have preferred a vag birth, but i'm not angry that I ended up w/a csection as my doc is a family practice doc who came highly recommended and was great throughout.
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bullied into an induction on my "duedate" by my CNM, who i later realized wanted to induce me cause it was convenient for her with her inducing another mama that same day same time same hallway. ARGH.
after AROM, huge ammounts of Pit, being strapped to the monitors, ordered to stay in bed, bullied into an epidural (that i admit i DID enjoy immensly) not allowed to eat or drink anything, then pushing on my back for almost two hours with Addy being sunny side up.. she got stuck in my birth canal. her head was SOOOO long and alien.
her stats started dropping, so did mine. and i had an "urgent" c-sec.
i havent gone over my records to see if they say the same as my experience. probably not.
one of the nurses in the OR had to stick her hand inside me to push Addys head back in cause she was SO stuck when the OB tried to pull her out.
knowing what i know now, had i NOT gone in for induction, had i NOT pushed on my back while epi'd, had i been in a squat, Addy would have definitely been born vaginally.
this baby is a HBAC waterbirth all the way baby.
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I was bullied into it. I fought the pitocin and the cs, and got about an extra hour "granted" by the ob. Now I know I HAVE to fight even harder ... but I am preparing for an HBAC so I don't have to fight during labor. That certainly can't help anything!

Official med records: CPD

Real reason: My water broke, and I was put on the "24 or else" clock. Forced Pitocin, with multiple rapid increases in dosage. Epidural, so I could sleep all night. 6 a.m., I was at 10cm. Was told to push before epi wore off, so couldn't really do anything. After 45 minutes of pushing, forced cs.
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If you feel your C/S was unnecessary

My first was after I went to the hospital with what I now know were braxton hicks contx at 36.5 weeks. Doc broke my water and started me on pitocin. After 12 hours, notoriously at 8pm, the doc came in and said "you've been at 9.5 cm for 4 hours, you'd be a good candidate for a c-section." We didn't know any better and I was on so many drugs I just said "whatever." My dd was 7 lb 11oz 18 inches long.

Two weeks ago I tried a VBAC. Got to the hospital an hour or so after HARD labor started (and to note the doc swept my membrane without asking the day before, I had hard labor that night but it stopped) and was still only 6cm 100% effaced. Tried laboring naturally for a few hours and ended up with an epidural. I was at 8 cm just mins after getting the epi but stayed at 8cm for 12 or so hours. My cervix began to swell an hour after we agreed to AROM. I cried a lot...then agreed to yet another c-section. The ds was 10lbs and 22inches long.

I would LOVE TO TRY A VBA2C. Just don't know enough about it yet to be comfortable with the idea.
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They didn't say the words "failure to progress," but I pushed for three hours and the baby wasn't moving any further down, so I guess that's what it counts as?

I'm not sure I'd rank it as 100% unnecessary; I think it's more a case of, "if things had gone differently, I might have been able to push him out." I didn't realize he was posterior, and I might have tried different positioning (and walking around, etc., longer) if I had known.

I think by the time I had the c/s, though, it was justified.
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My c-section was necessary. My son had a birth defect called craniosynostosis, which means that the sagittal suture never formed in his skull so his head could not mold to the shape of my birth canal. After 2 hours of pushing, he was stuck; it took two doctors to pull him out. I did not get to really see or touch him for 2 hours, which still saddens me 16 months later. I am planning a vbac next time around.
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first c-sec: FTP & "probable" CPD (acutally says probable on the charts) he was a biggy 10.3 but still it was unnecessary and he was never in distress. 10 hrs on pit when they started pushing for the c-sec.

second c-sec: intimidated into a scheduled c-sec (twins), repeatedly asked if "I wanted to risk the death of my babies or myself". They were taken at 39wks w/o labor and it was very traumatic for all 3 of us, not to mention my ds (2 at the time) and dh.

5 years later, after years of grieving and reading and searching my own soul I had a hvba2c and this first baby to pass thru my pelvis was 10.4!
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My first was for back-down transverse lie after SROM. I asked if we could do an amnioinfusion and try to flip her since she was tiny (4 lb 15 oz) and they laughed in my face. My midwife says they do them all the time at the hospital I am delivering at this time. Grrrr.

My second was sort of by choice. Luke had a poor BPP due to a snug knot in the cord. My doctor offered induction or c/s. I didn't feel comfortable with pitocin only 19 months after the c/s. Plus my cervix was not ripe and his head was not well applied. I had a feeling we'd end up in the OR after all.
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New here

My doctor gave me almost every reason in the book! First, before he was born she went on about my "small pelvis" and the "big baby".
Pelvis: it wasn't small until I was about 38 weeks pregnant, if it was so small it is interesting no one else has ever mentioned it.
Baby: Ended up (to my surprise) a big boy. 9lb 14oz, 22 1/2 inches, 15 inch head. With a weight gain of 20 pounds this was a shocker to me.

My official documented reason is FTP after full dilation and pushing. I was in (prodromal/back, although it seemed real at the time!) labor for 3 days prior to going to the hospital. However, with an epidural and lying in bed with an OP baby this shouldn't come as a shock. He was also ascynclitic, presenting with the side of his head. I truly think that if I had been up and about during then end of my labor this would have made a huge difference.

The catheter was kinked and my bladder was huge. It "popped" out on the operating table and I've had some issues since. Thinking about a big head in a small space I'm betting that the bladder had something to do with the baby being unable to rotate. Just a guess on my part though.

Thanks for reading my novel!
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mine was necessary. DD was stuck in my pelvis - they even had trouble getting her out via the abdomen! It must have been positioning my larger son was born vaginally!
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My c-section was due to my OB wanting to party, seriously! I went into labor on New Year's Eve 2001. I've never seen this doctor for any of my prenatal care before.

His reason for cutting me open was that my baby was too big and that I failed to progress. I was only in the hospital for a mere 12 hours before he decided that he wasn't about to miss New Year's Eve!

I never saw him after our son was born. Never even came by to see if I survived his brutality.

Not going to the hospital with this next baby!

DS 12/31/01
EDM November 2007
Homeschooling family
Attachment parenting family
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i believe my cs was unecessary because i dont even think i was in active labor, my baby was floating and posterior and i think i was in prodromal labor because she was tying to turn. i was dilated o 6cm when i got to the hosptial and stayed at 6c, the 7 hours i was there, because i stayed at 6cm for 7 hours they decided failure to progress. my ctx were not painful, and they pressured me into everything i didnt want, arom, epidural, i agreeed to pitocin cuz i just wanted to get the baby out so they would leave me alone but by the time they asked me to have the section, i was so broken down and frustrated with them that i felt i didnt have any fight left
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