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What kind of birth did you have? - Page 6

Poll Results: What kind of birth did you have?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 5% (33)
    Unassisted homebirth
  • 37% (208)
    Midwife-attended homebirth
  • 11% (62)
    Birth center or clinic
  • 30% (172)
    Hospital birth
  • 1% (10)
    Planned cesarean
  • 8% (49)
    Emergency cesarean
  • 4% (23)
557 Total Votes  
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With My First i had a routine hospital birth, with epi. I swore never again!! So with my next two i decided to go to a birthing center which was a wonderful change, But i had wished that i was at home and that is why this time we have decided upon midwife assisted homebirth.
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1st was an icky hospital birth because I didn't know there were other options

2nd and 3rd were birth center CNM births. One was a near miss ( lef the house needing to push) but otherwise a nice birth, other was icky- almost hospital icky. And both were at the same birth center.

4th was a very healing homebirth. How I wish I'd done it that way from the start. ..
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With my first two, I had midwife assisted hospital births in Europe. My third was so precipitous that we ended up having an unassisted unplanned homebirth. The fourth one was a midwife assisted homebirth.

And let me tell you -- the last one was the best one!
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where did you have your baby?

Dearest Mothering friends:

My four beautiful children were born at home with the help of a wonderful midwife named Joan Dolan. The first two were under the auspices of the wonderful late great Dr N.B. Ettinghausen.

My own mother had eight at home delivered with my Father in attendance. #5 was a breech and was delivered at the local community hospital (1961). My mother came home four hours after the birth; that was practically unheard of then and is illegal now.
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Elective C-sec with my first because she just happened to be breech and I didn't know any better.

HBAC with my second which was okay, but it was far from ideal. I felt like a watched pot and one of my midwives has fear issues.

Unassisted birth with my third. They only way to birth IMO! It was awesome!

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I gave birth to my 1st son at a natural birthing center, a wonderful (tho a little difficult due to my small pelvis and his head being flexed backwards during delivery) and memoralbe experience (he was born in the water and I had NO TEARING: Marvelous!!!!). I chose the center over home because at the time we had 1. Just moved into our house the week before the baby came 2. It was closer to the hospital in case of emergency. This time, we are birthing at home as I am much more comfortable in the knowledge that chances are slim there will be a problem.
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Waterbirth at home in Portland, OR. I think next time, I will opt for home waterbirth unassisted.

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I'm planning a home birth with a naturopath.

so, this would count as a doctor assited home birth, just not an allopathic doc, a homeopath.
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I already voted in this poll months ago but I had to add I had an unassisted birth a month ago - my first two were hospital births.
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I had a home water birth with an excellent midwife! I am so glad that I did, my first 2 were in the hospital with drs...
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I had a HORRIBLE intervention-filled hospital birth with my daughter in 1997. AFter that bad experience, I decided to have a homebirth with any subsequent pregnancies. I'm lucky enough to live in the area where the largest physician-assisted homebirth practice is (they were profiled in Mothering a couple of months ago) and had a WONDERFUL experience with the birth of my son. I had a doctor, 2 nurses, my husband, daughter & inlaws present at his birth & it was the best thing I've ever done.
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2 mid-wives attended homebirth - first baby. It was THE greatest experience of my life - I wouldn't do any other way!

What exactlt is meant by "unassisted"?
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Originally posted by CherP
What exactlt is meant by "unassisted"?
No professionals around. Could be no one at all, but if your dp (and kids) were there, that would count. You could give birth unassisted in the hospital, ie, you catch the baby after laboring without intervention, but I don't think that's the basic point.

More info: http://www.unassistedchildbirth.com/

Congrats on your experience, it should be wonderful

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I had a hospital Bradley birth. We will definately stay home next time. Should have stayed home the first time. Everything I read about safe birth SCREAMED stay OUT of hospitals. We live and learn! We were able to do everything the way we wanted to, it is just more difficult at a hospital and not as comfortable as being home. Most of the nurses were so pleased to have a natural birth couple there, so that was a bonus, we got some special treatment. We chose a hospital with the lowest c-section rate and our doctor is a strong advocate of natural birth. The Bradley instructors in my area refer all their students to him when they are having 'doctor' issues.
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I had a birth in a birthing centre; it was so quick that I wish I'd had the babe at home, I was home 6 hours later. It was a wonderful experience,t hough.
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I had a hospital birth, which ended up nothing to my expectations. So with this one we are planning for a home birth! I can't wait!!
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I had 2 girls at home [midwife assisted]. The first, I tried a water birth. I got in the water too early, didn't walk, labor lasted 22 hours, after the birth I had too much bleeding and had to transport to emergency room for a pitocin drip. No big deal, was home in 2 hours. The worst part about this was a nurse who said my private area "looked like hamburger". I had a small tear and she didn't think my midwife stitched me up appropriately. [this woman was not exactly a picture of health so I would never have considered taking any "health" advise from her anyway] However, I never had any problems with healing. In fact, I healed rather quickly.

Second birth [at home], I WALKED AND WALKED AND WALKED AND WALKED! 3 hours of labor and I had another baby girl, no excessive bleeding. No tear. I guess my midwife knew what she was doing!

Even though the first birth didn't turn out as I "planned", I learned a lot, primarily about the strength that is within a woman. I wouldn't change a thing. In fact, pregnancy and labor were the fun parts! Raising preschoolers is another story!
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I had a planned homebirth with my mother attending (she's a CNM, but did this one at home for me). I delivered Alex on a bean bag chair in my mother's living room with my sisters & step-father in attendance (as well as an extra midwife, photographer, dh, and extra birth partner, sarah). labor was ten hours - perfect - and harder than anything i'd ever done before.
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I voted unassisted because that is what my last 3 were, but my first was born at Kaiser ( wanted homebirth, but i was 18 & living with my parents when my babe was born..my parents refused a homebirth in their home & I just gave up the dream )
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I had a very fast natural birth at the hospital with the 1st. The 2nd, came in the car 71/2 weeks early, on the side of the freeway with just dad in attendance, he delivered, then drove us to the hospital. The last was 51/2 weeks early and turned into an emergency c-section after the hospital tried to stop labor for 2 hours. After all 3, I was just happy to not be sharing my abdomen with someone as fidgety as me!:
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