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What kind of birth did you have? - Page 7

Poll Results: What kind of birth did you have?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 5% (33)
    Unassisted homebirth
  • 37% (208)
    Midwife-attended homebirth
  • 11% (62)
    Birth center or clinic
  • 30% (172)
    Hospital birth
  • 1% (10)
    Planned cesarean
  • 8% (49)
    Emergency cesarean
  • 4% (23)
557 Total Votes  
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I wanted four babies born at home.

I had four babies born at home.

Midwife assisted; same midwife each time.

I am the luckiest woman in the world.
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I had a water birth at home with my daughter Amber who will be 3 in July and I am plannign on the same with the little angel ont heway!
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What kind of birth did you have?

A distiction in your poll between hospital births with an OB and hopsital births with Mid-wives would have also been interesting.

I don't know about the US, but here in Canada mid-wives can deliver in hospital with all the same privledges as an OB.

As for myself, homebirth with mid-wives! The most incredible experience of my life!!
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CherP, can midwives in Canada prescribe pain relief like the OB can? Or perform surgery (episiotomy, C-sec)? Are these included in 'all the same priviledges?' I'm not familiar with the Canadian system.
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Mid-wives in Canada cannot administer narcotics, but they can prescribe them. They do not peform c-sections or administer .epidurals but work very closely with OB's on call for these. If a patient who is in the care of a midwife at the hospital requires a c-section, the midwife stays with the mother and baby even though there is a transfer of care to the OB. The baby stays in the care of the midwife until discharged.

All the pre-natal, hospital care & stay, and post-partum care for mother & baby care covered by our Provincial Health Care - we do not pay a dime.
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I've had 3 births.

1st--36 hours from water breaking and after one hour of pushing (went to hosp too early, as I was carrying high and they were worried about cord prolapse, long painful unproductive labor, a rest partway with morphine), they decided baby was too big to fit and I had a c-sec. 10'2" baby girl.

2nd--at home, midwife asst, 12 hours of labor to successful home VBAC! 3 weeks early, 8 lbs of baby girl. Tiny tear, no stitches.

3rd--at home, midwife, 4 hours of labor, HBAC again! 9 lbs of baby boy, no tears.

Did I ever love my homebirths! Waterbirth wasn't popular back then. I wish I would've had one or two of those!
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A beautiful birth at home with non-CNM midwives. I hope I always have that privalege.
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in reverse order:

#5 midwife attended home birth

#4 hospital natural birth (I was actually sitting in an awesome birth chair--should have just stayed home though)

#3 hospital birth (should have just stayed home!)

#2 midwife attended hospital birth

#1 hospital birth

I was never prepped, no IVs, no epis, no drugs etc. in the hospital--planning a midwife attended home birth, possibly in the water for next one #6
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I had 2 beautiful midwife assisted homebirths. Wouldn't plan it any other way!
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I had a midwife attended hospital birth
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I never voted on this thread before because I was happily anticipating my homebirth and really wanted to vote homebirth. Well, three months ago I had the home (water) birth of my dreams.

My first birth was an induced, episiotomy, shot-of-Nubain-that-made-me-feel-2x-worse, hospital experience and I'll tell you what... homebirth wins hands down.
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