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What kind of birth did you have? - Page 2

Poll Results: What kind of birth did you have?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 5% (33)
    Unassisted homebirth
  • 37% (208)
    Midwife-attended homebirth
  • 11% (62)
    Birth center or clinic
  • 30% (172)
    Hospital birth
  • 1% (10)
    Planned cesarean
  • 8% (49)
    Emergency cesarean
  • 4% (23)
557 Total Votes  
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unplanned unassisted here

I voted for unassisted homebirth. We planned to be midwife assisted, but hadn't even called her by the time the baby was born. My contractions were still 12 minutes apart at the time she was born. She and I were fine and the delivery was uncomplicated. She had apgars of 9 and 10 (based on what we told the midwife after she arrived). I lost minimal blood and was up and around a few hours later. It was an amazingly simple affair!
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My first and second were midwife attended birthcenter births but almost like a home birth as both were free standing centers in the midwife's home (or attached to it). We chose this route because we lived so far from the nearest hospital in case of an emergancy.
My third pregancy,I was transfered to an ob's care and had to have a hospital birth. It was also a wonderful birth which I attribute to having a great doc.(his wife had a home birth...and he is very respectful of a woman's power thru birth). I was drug free, not monitored, and delivered on hands and knees,my 2 yr.old roomed in with me (he put in my chart that she must for health reasons..she was still nursing!). I was transfered to his care because I had to be on insulin for GD.
I am pregnant with my 4th now. We plan to have a homebirth with a midwife for this one. We now live in town. I am already watching my sugars and carbs trying to avoid GD this time. I feel really good about it.
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my first two were natural births in the hospital with an incredibly enlightened ob. this was 24 and 22 years ago.

ds2 was born at home. we had a midwife but matthew got there before she did.

ds3 died in utero so i got to find out what induction and monitoring feel like. i had demerol iv which was a mistake. it burned my veins and hurt worse than the contractions.

dd2 was born at home with two wonderful midwives and a few close friends. beautiful.
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I didn't know we could pick more than one response. First birth was in hospital with a sOB. (that wasn't a typo, BTW...)

Second birth was a planned homebirth, but baby arrived about 5 min. before the first midwife, so it was sort of unassisted.

I voted homebirth attended by midwives b/c that was what we intended and I really liked having them there in the early postpartum period.

Next birth will definitely be at home, most likely attended by a midwife. Oh, that is if I succeed in convincing my husband that there SHOULD BE a next birth....wish me luck, lol!
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I have 3 children and have had all three,
one hospital birth, one unassisted homebirth
and one midwife attended homebirth.
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I really envy those of you who had natural births! I have to have planned c-sections due to my anatomy "down there." I feel blessed to be able to have children at all - I would not have lived through childbirth 100 years ago.

My first c-section, 6 months ago, was horrible! They gave me way too much medication and I was foggy for days! I am looking for ways to control the situation a little better the next time around.

I am glad that most APers don't look down on me for not having a vaginal birth. Believe me, I would if I could! C-sections are no fun!

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I had a "completely natural" (HA!) hospital birth with my first and vowed I'd never do it again, so I had a midwife-attended homebirth with my second.
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I had a midwife-attended homebirth. We had planned for the hospital, but when my midwife came to my home to check me and accompany us to the hospital, I asked if we could just stay home -- every time I stood up my contractions piled up on one another (I knew we wouldn't make it to the hospital!) I had actually wanted a home-birth, but had bought into recommendations to have the first baby born in a hospital so "you know what it's like"!!!! Now I tell people that if you really want to "know what it's like" go with as minimal intervention as possible (not always easy in a hospital). Anyway, it was so cool -- as I was labouring, my midwife brought all of her stuff upstairs (she keeps everything she might need for a homebirth in her car), and she and my husband prepped the bedroom, etc. I actually have no idea how everything looked because I was totally focussed on labour and afterward the midwives cleaned everything up so quickly. It was an awesome experience!
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I had two midwife assisted hospital births. The first one was horrible, and the second was incredible. Differnt cities, hospitals, and midwives. I would have greatly preferred a midwife assisted homebirth, but I couldn't afford to pay a midwife. Medicaid covered my hospital births.
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First birth was induced at hospital attended by a doctor...epidural, episiotomy...awful. Second birth was natural at freestanding birth center attended by midwives and a doctor...wonderful! I'm thinking of doing a homebirth next time.
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my first was a midwife attended hospital birth. 24 1/2 hrs start to finish, 3.5 hours of pushing, then he was delivered with the vacuum. I had nubane which made me crazy and an epidural which wore off and I felt the vacuum which was the worst pain I have ever felt, I couldn't believe I didn't die from the pain. I think I was pretty close to having an emergency c section. I was very tired going into labor with him which I think made the whole experience bad ( wanting to take the edge off with the nubane- so I could rest)

With dd, I was really scared to have another baby. As my midwife said, I was just grateful to be alive after ds was born. On my med charts, it said "traumatic first birth"

Anyway, with dd, I couldn't sleep well and asked for a sleeping pill so I knew I'd be well rested. I got a good night sleep then woke up in labor. Got to the hospital, said "I WANT AN EPIDURAL NOW!!!!" the nurse made me go in the bathroom and undress. When I came back out, she said, oh, honey the only relief you're gonna get is pushing this baby out. DD was born 20 min after arriving at the hospital. My midwife and doula were not there, a DR was, tho ( a woman I didn't remember her name. Later that day, I asked my midwife "What was the drs name that delivered the baby?" She said "YOU delivered your baby!"

She was right

I am done having children, but should God bless us with another, I would want a hospital water birth. (if there is such a thing):
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birthed the baby at home into the water as the midwife told me to catch my baby.. it truly made me believe in unassisted births!
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I had my ds after 27 hours of labor at a birthing center,drug free, no epesiotomy, no tears. I pushed for 2 1/2 hours but finally he decided to come out. Next time I plan to do homebirth assisted by the midwife who delivered #1. She now has her own homebirth practice. It was a wonderful experience and I would not change anything.
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Now, I assume you mean what kind of birth did I, the mother, have, not what kind I the child had, lol!(ftr, I was a "2 wks overdue", pitocin, back labor for 14 hrs, shaved mom, hospital birth
My own two were both born at home with the same midwife (which I am glad of as I liked her and they were 7 yrs apart, so I feel fortunate
First was harder, but still only 11 hrs total from water breaking to birth(6 hrs or so of hard labor). felt like a truck had run me over for 4 days several stiches. Sore as all get out. 8'6"
Second was also 11 hrs total of labor, but only 45 min or so of "hard labor", and 2 pushes. Was up and about same day/night. At the grocery store with her next morning. one internal stich. No soreness whatsoever. Felt like I could do it again right away(didn't though 7'12"
But both were empowering, just as we wanted, and wonderful. Wouldn't change anything for the world Kimberly, mom to Forest, 10 and Lily, 2.5
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Had three hospital births, with male ob. Will NEVER do that again!!!! Had all natural births...no drugs except was given pitocin with ds#2. Water broke only 6 hours before pitocin and doc had a golf date!!!:mad: Pushed ds#3 out in 1 push much to the dismay of my doc who wanted to give an epesiomoty(sp?). Ds#1 was also short & sweet, 2 pushes. Will have a home, water, lotus birth with next. Am currently looking for a midwife in my area to be prepared, but if I can't find one will go unassisted.

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Awful Birth!

My birth was supposed to be at our local birth center, with a midwife, but my daughter's head was transverse, they transferred me to the hospital for a cesarean, without even giving me any alternatives, very unhelpful, now I am educated and know many things that could've prevented this situation.
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my experiences

First baby born in hostpital with water broken, morphine and epesiotomy. Only escaped with that few interventions because he was quick. Also was a "teaching hospital" UGG!
Next was born at a nurses house, one minute from hospital. Lots of talking, speculation about progress, examination and instructing. Waterbirth
Third was born in bathroom of my house with only myself and spiritual grandmother ancestors present. If I had it to do again, would also be a waterbirth
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I'm having a home waterbirth attended by a doctor.
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WOW, Zoe, I didn't know doctors did homebirths anymore! That's great - I was under the impression that their liability insurance wouldn't cover it (even though, if those same ins. cos. did their homework, they would find birth is ten times safer at home than in hospital....) I hope your doc is hands-off and you have a fabulous, empowering, wonderful birth!
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I guess I should have voted for two options. I had a c-section with my DS, who was breech. I was induced at 41 weeks, failure to progress according to OB timetable, ended in c-section.

DD was born at home with two midwives attending. They were there in a mostly "lifeguard" role, as DH did all the labor support and caught DD. We don't expect to have more children, but I would love to give birth again!
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