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What kind of birth did you have? - Page 3

Poll Results: What kind of birth did you have?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 5% (33)
    Unassisted homebirth
  • 37% (208)
    Midwife-attended homebirth
  • 11% (62)
    Birth center or clinic
  • 30% (172)
    Hospital birth
  • 1% (10)
    Planned cesarean
  • 8% (49)
    Emergency cesarean
  • 4% (23)
557 Total Votes  
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Homebirth, baby!

Our midwife assisted homebirth was the most magickal day of my life! Catching our beautiful girl and laying there staring at her, giggling. We didn't find out the sex until I cut the cord about two hours after the birth.

Our midwife was the most wonderful woman! She was there for anything we needed at any time and her homebirth classes were awesome! My dw did want a water birth but since she labored so quickly (about 5¾ hours) and another woman from our class was giving birth at the same time (figures!) there was just no time to setup the tub, etc.

Our midwife finally made it as the head crowned (the assistant midwife made it 30 minutes earlier) and within 30 minutes our little Verona Dove was here! Woohoo!

I couldn't imagine it any other way.

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Both my sons were homebirthed. I'm pregnant again and I'm big for dates! Because of my history and the fact that I picked a really amazing midwife (liked the 1st practice I used, 2nd more medical, this 3rd practice totally awesome!) she is willing to try a homebirth if I am carrying twins! My first birth was textbook. Although the midwife left to get equipment when I was 3 cm and returned when I was fully dilated (1 hr later). The 2nd birth went quickly as well. Your labour is faster when you are in your own environment and there are no strangers!

Good Luck and I recommend homebirth. Your natural endorphins kick in and its just incredible how quickly the whole thing happens, and the exhileration....I was on a birth high for month afterwards.

Spirited mama
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Re: Homebirth, baby!

Originally posted by FatherDove
We didn't find out the sex until I cut the cord about two hours after the birth.
We spent the first hour of our daughters life welcoming our new son. Long story but it involves homebirth and snuggling!
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I voted for midwife assisted homebirths. 2 wonderful experiences. I am thinking about catching the next one myself with my midwife nearby. My mom birthed at home and my sister and SIL, I am just wondering what compels you great mommas here to do natural hospital or homebirths. All my friends and in-laws think I am crazy. They think their drs. "saved their life" with all the interventions. Some take the drs word that they will have to have all c-sections. It does make me crazy to hear all the interventions and to know how they could have been prevented. Maybe I'll do a poll on what compels us to get educated on how birth can and should be.
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Beth, you bring up quite a few good points. I know, for me, I made my decision after the first visit w/ my OB/GYN, with whom I felt I had a really good relationship. When I expressed concerns about the needless interventions during my son's birth (with a pompous a** of a dr. w/ an ego the size of a skyscraper...), he assured me that this birth would be different. However, he did defend the use of the vacuum extractor (which the first dr. used as soon as the head crowned, w/out giving me a chance to even push the baby out).

The final straw came when we were calculating EDD. I did my best to explain that I did not ovulate on Day 14, as DH was out of the country then. I estimated that I ovulated sometime between Day 21-25. Well, my explanations went completely unheeded. After the vaginal exam, the dr. stated, "There's no way you're ten weeks!" and whisked me off to perform a vaginal ultrasound. Intervention on day one! I realized then that (psychologically) I would never survive another hospital birth experience.

I didn't know anything about UC birth, so I went on my search for a homebirthing midwifery practice. It took me a good while to locate one, there are only 3 CNM's in NJ who do them and I didn't know about DEM's at that time. I had a very satisfying homebirth experience, even though our daughter arrived about 5 min. ahead of the first midwife! After the homebirth, I realized how awful the hospital birth was, and how I had been carrying a great deal of anger, resentment and dissatisfaction for six years!

You may want to check out www.BirthLove.com to read lots of birth stories and join the forums there. There are lots of UC and homebirthers there.
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great birth but problems afterward

Sorry for the length of this message. I just had to get this out.

I had a wonderful homebirth with my dd who is now 21 months old.

Before I got pregnant I thought that I was going to have a hospital birth just so that I could have pain medication. I am a HORRIBLE WIMP when it comes to pain. But as soon as I got pregnant I changed my mind. My birth suddenly became about my baby and not myself.

I consulted with my mother who happens to be a midwife and we decided that her and her partner would be my midwives. Everything went perfectly. My birth only lasted 8 hours from midnight to 8 in the morning. I found that breathing didn't help at all but a low moaning worked wonders.

Anyways, Mackenzie came at 8:32 and she was big, 9 and a half pounds. I had her in a squatting position and my mother and her partner think that my pubic bone (or pelvic bone. I'm not sure.) must have seperated. By that night I was in horrendous pain. I couldn't move and I was sobbing from the pain. This pain was about 5 times worse than the pain of childbirth. My midwife thought that the pain I was going through was from my uterous not contracting (I think) so she made my mother leave the house while she kneaded my stomach. I understand why she made my mother leave because by the end of it I was screaming from the pain.

The next couple of days were horrible. I was bedridden and Mackenzie would cry everytime she tried to nurse. My mother called her chiropracter to see if he could help. He helped me a lot but even with this help I was still limping around for weeks. He also helped Mackenzie. I was reluctent to let him work on my newborn baby, she looked so fragile, but in the end I let him because he showed me how she was in pain. I hadn't noticed but she couldn't move her shoulder without wincing. After her ajustment and a little help from a breastfeeding expert, she was the perfect baby and has been ever sinse.

Let's say I remember mackenzie's birth fondly but the aftermath not so fondly. I 'd love to have another child but I'm too afraid of this happening again. I was wondering if any one else has had this problem and if it happens ever time or not.

Sorry again for the length of this message. I couln't find anywhere else to post it. Thanks,
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I am definitely not an expert on this issue. But my mother is a midwife and she has told me some stories of babies who were squeezed just a little to much in the birth canal and needed an adjustment from the chiropractor afterwards. These babies also had difficulty nursing initially, and after the adjustment they were wonderful babies.
I am not sure about your pelvic bone. There are many things that get pushed around and bruised during labor so it is possible that your pelvic bone was affected. Did you notice that you have or had residual pain in that area for a time afterwards?

About your question if that happens everytime. I haven't had that problem but I'd say it doesn't happen everytime, b/c every labor/birth is different. Babies are different sizes and positions, your body is different, stretched and adjusted. But anyone please correct me if I am wrong.

Just a few thoughts from me. Hope this may give you some encouragement.
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I planned a homebirth and labored at home for 23 hours before deciding to go to the hospital. I had pushed for 3 1/2 hours by that point with very little progress and we thought I'd need a vacuum extraction. Luckily, the car ride did the trick and Jackson was born without intervention (but with another hour and a half of pushing) once I arrived at the hospital. I don't regret going to the hospital - by that time I had been awake for something like 40 hours and I was soooooo exhausted. Also, I hemorraged so much after the birth that the midwives said they would have brought me in anyway. But, I definitely have a bit of unresolved grief over losing the perfect homebirth that I imagined.

So, I marked "other" on the poll... I want credit for my planned homebirth! Sometimes I think I *did* have a homebirth - heck, I did almost all of it at home!
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HBACs, any vbac ers out there?

I've had 3 homebirths with midwives, 1 lay midwife, 1 LDEM, and a ND, LDEM.
After an initial cesarean with my 1st baby.

Maybe by some miracle we may have more babies

My first homebirth was just amazing, the best one, really,
maybe because it was at home vs. hospital, or a midwife vs. doc or natural instead of surgery....but it was very powerful, an intense labor but purely magical, ahhh the energy

I would love to go unassisted but don't know if I would feel
150% comfortable because I have such intense labors & a ton of back labors as well as heavy bleeding afterwards....if I could get dh on board....

Homebirths rule!!
It is a testament, for sure when I say I did it at home and even
after a c/sec

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C section after 72 hrs labor...

No Joke. I was in labor [transition for almost 60hrs] for over 72 hrs. Eventually I agreed to a C section.

Turned out I have a genetic "defect" from my paternal grandma that causes my hips to widen in a V shape instead of nice II like every one else. Only since the advent of C section have the women in my family with this trait not died in child birth. Unlucky for me I did not know my Grandma had it, or that it could be passed on, or that I might have it. Any future children I have will be delivered by planned C section, and I will try to remember too to tell my children and grandchildren of this history.

The biggest issue I have with all this is that *everyone* makes such a HUGE big deal out of the fact that c sections are "un nessesary" and make big plans for how to avoid it. Well, we did all the things we were "suppose" to do. Yet I still had a c section. It was not my fault and it was not the doctor's fault etc. It just was. In fact if it wasnt for all the pressure to have a "natural" birth I would have had a c section much much earlier and not had to suffer SO much that frankly I think we're going to end up adopting from now on becuase even therapy hasnt gotten me "ok" enough to want to get pregnant again.

So. It seem to me that congratulations are in order for ALL of us Mommies: and the family, doctors, and mid wives who support us the best they can. The real miricle of child birth is the CHILD not the process. 72 hrs while long [oh so long] is nothing compared to the 72 YEARS that I might get to spend enjoying my son and the celebration of his life.

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2 hosp. births. Never again, if I can help it.
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on c-section at 29 weeks due to PROM and a breech baby

1 VBAC waterbirth with a DEM
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I had a hospital birth and wound up being not happy with it. I do wish I had stumbled on the Mothering board before I had ds and not after. But I try not to stay stuck in regretting too. It is so interesting to read about homebirths or birthing center births. I was very scared of pain and had no reassurance so I opted for epidural and was induced. In retrospect, and also since the birth was straightforward with no complications, I feel with some research into it first and support I could have done it. Also I was pissed off at the hospital and the head Ped. because they really made nursing much more difficult for us than it need have been.
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originally posted by levar
The biggest issue I have with all this is that *everyone* makes such a HUGE big deal out of the fact that c sections are "un nessesary" and make big plans for how to avoid it. Well, we did all the things we were "suppose" to do. Yet I still had a c section. It was not my fault and it was not the doctor's fault etc. It just was.
Levar, thanks for bringing up this point. You are lucky to live in an age where you were able to survive birth with a live baby! I agree that C-section can be a wonderful life-saving maneuver. You are in no way "less than" for having had one. However, as elective cesaerians come into vogue, I fear that women who are capable of vaginal birth will be scared into electing this way of birthing their babies, missing out on a wonderfully empowering experience. Also, 25% c-section is way too high. I refuse to believe that only 3/4 of today's women are capable of birthing vaginally. Personally, I believe that the fear-based medical model of birth and the attendant hospital interferences with the natural process is what leads to such a disproportionately large number of "unnecessary" c-sections.
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Hello everyone!
Just peeking in to comment on the birth of my son this past sunday.This one went well too.Thank God there was no need for transfer.I can't say enough good about the complete naturalness(sp) of just birthing(no monitors,or iv's,or vaginalexams...and so on).I went into labor at 4am. It was kinda hard for me to time the contractions as the first birth(UC) I just went with the flow.Anyway the MW was good.Very no-touch.And I am glad she got there just at the end.Ofcourse there is much more to the birth than what I post right now,but here are the basics:
Please join me in welcoming our big boy into this world.Born at home on Sunday April 21st at 10:01am.
Labor started at 4am.Midwife got here at 9:30am.Was at 9/10cm(first and only vagianl exam the whole pregnancy).Pushed a few times on toilet til water broke(clear),pushed some more then went to stand next to bed.Was to tired to stand/squat and push.Got in bed to push,but wasn't getting anywhere,so I had to get up again and push next to the bed.Boy, were my legs shaking! I only pushed for like 15 minutes,but it seemed like it took forever to bring him down,and get the head out.
Nimet (3yo)was with me the whole time.She did great.She likes to tell everyone that we helped her deliver her brother.
Mw did the check of us both and we were fine,placenta was huge/healthy/intact.She left around 11:30am. I think I bled quite a bit more with this one than Nimet(lots of clots and blood after mw left),and have been pretty darn weak so I am on bedrest per dh(sssh dh is out so I snuck downstairs). I am feeling better today.So much for going to the doctors to get antibios for my ears today(yes,ear is still infected)

No name yet for the boy.
He weighed in at 9.8 pounds
Head was an ouchy 14 inches around
and the length was a bit over 21 inched
He loves to suckle in his sleep.

Oh and we named him ALEXANDER

Wishing you all wonderful births and healthy babies!
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Congrats, Sara! I love the name Alexander so much that I named my first-born that very name.
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One assisted homebirth, underwater. I will do it again that way.
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One hospital birth by an OB i met previously on one occasion and successfully scared the bejesus into her if she went against my birthplan. One hour of arguing epsitiomy . Surprised her at birth.. no episiotomy.. no tears.. she now doesn't do routine epsiotomy <told I was right, Dr. S!>. After aftermath with miscalculation of due date.. NICU staff almost killed my baby and I didn't get to breastfeed until she was 5 days old.. but i did it.

Second planned midwife assistedhomebirth. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. Baby was in hospital for 12 hours overnight at 3 days old until we could get a home bilirubin light set. And we were also one of those "Hi son! I'm so glad my son is here... wha? girl you say? no way? i sold everythin i owned that was pink!" and off to the mall at 24 hours old in my lil girl in a blue gown, blue onesie, blue socks, blue hat and blue blanket to get pink DH made me walk for over an hour praying someone would ask how old she was so he could gloat over his wife having her at home and walking the mall already.. until i told him my guts were coming out of my coolie and i needed to go home.. finally on way home stopped at the natural grocery and finally the salesman asked her age and almost fell over. DH was elated and i got to finally sit down!
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I think c-sections save lives. Although its untrue Julius Ceasar was delivered in that fashion. It was illegal under Roman law to perform a c-section on a live woman! We know Julius' mother survived the birth, so he must have been born vaginally.

25 per cent is a high c-section rate. There is a difference between choosing a doctor and a midwife statistically. Our first midwife said her c section rate was 3 per cent. Mind you she prescreened her clients. But when there are no risk factors and the mother is fine, there is no justification for speeding up the birth by forcing a c-section into the equation. And in this instance a midwife sure comes in handy, as it is not something she can offer.

spirited mama
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I had an emergency cesarean due to hemorraging at 38 weeks. At the hospital I was diagnosed with placenta abruptio and was wheeled to the OR, one hour after admission.

Yesterday I asked a pro homebirth doctor why do placenta abruptios happen and he said, "how do you know it was an abruptio, did they show you the placenta? I said, "Nop". And he continued, "what day was, maybe it was a holiday, or a Saturday night?" 'Ouch, -I said- It was the Saturday night of a Holiday"

~The end~
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