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Pork Button Bones

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I got a big bag of pork button bones (several pounds) last time I went shopping, and I'm not sure what to do with them. These are the bones from the lower back where there are no ribs, with some meat attached.

I was thinking of simmering them to make soup, but I've never made pork soup before--do pork bones make good stock? What kind of seasonings would go well with that?

Sorry for all my questions, I am a total newbie what can I say.
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Can't hurt to try! I'd go ahead and make the broth, and after it's strained you might add some rosemary, sage, thyme... might have a little more fat than you need but you can always skim some off.

I'd freeze it and use the broth for lots of stuff - any pork dish that needs a gravy or sauce, (chops, chile verde, add some apple cider for roast pork with potatoes & apples roasted alongside, a gravy for pork loin... man I must be hungry, lol) or you could cook your soaked beans in it, or cook some rice or other grains in it to serve alongside a pork dish.

I have a recipe that uses pork, cubed and browned, simmered in a broth with onion and garlic + seasoning, add sliced carrots and mushrooms, then when it's all tender and fragrant, serve over rice or whatever grain you like... yum!
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Fabulous ideas, thanks so muich!
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pork bones are usually much higher in gelatin content than beef or chicken, so be prepared to wind up with pork soup jello when you chill it.
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I use it to make black bean soup. Very tasty! but you do have to skim the fat

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