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How much does it cost?

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Ok so how much is it to have a home birth for midwife and all? Does anyones insurance cover a midwife?
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In Florida, many insurances cover homebirth, including medicaid.

It costs about $4,000 without it, with discounts for paying early. HTH!
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I'm lucky that health care in my province covers home birth.
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mine will be a little over $3000, medicaid will not cover any of it.
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Mine is $4000... between last years deductible and this years, plus my copay we are paying about $1700 out of pocket.
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Mine was about $3500, prenatal care and birth included. Plus $500 for the 'birth assistant' to the midwife. My insurance covered the midwife costs, but not the birth assistant.
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My insurance will cover a good bit of it, but the cost around here ranges from $2400- $5000 ++

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My CNM is $2000. She also brings a doula with her to the birth. We think it's a great deal.

Oh, and our insurance will probably not cover any of it. We are hopeful that they will cover prenatals -- about half of the cost -- because she's a CNM, but we'll see.
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Mine was $2500, still trying to get insurance to cover it.
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Mine was $4000, and my insurance covered it as out-of-network, no questions asked.
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Man that is steep! I am going to check out my options with my insurance and see what they would be willing to cover. Although I am not pg yet but I want to be prepared if and when I do get preggo
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Mine in Oregon cost $3500 total, but after smart insurance billing (I wasn't sure they would cover any of it) my midwives gave me about $1600 of that back. This did not include some misc. labs & ultrasound, which I chose to do at 20 weeks.

When I was browsing I saw other homebirth midwives who charged more like $2500, but I felt the midwives I went with were on the more qualified/well-known end of the spectrum, so I didn't mind paying more.
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Oh, forgot to add:

My insurance ONLY covered what they did because my midwife was a CNM...they covered under skilled nursing services, not homebirth.
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My insurance doesn't cover home birth period.

We switched to our hb mw at about 34 weeks and had already had a lot of tests and prenatal visits, so, ours is *only* $1000. That covers six to eight weeks of prenatal care (in my own home), the delivery and follow ups.

I guess ours is relatively low because we came to her so late in the pregnancy and b/c I am continuing co-care at the birth center (which is covered by insurance).

During the interview process I found other midwives who were willing to work with us on the figures, ranging from $1k to $1700.
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My midwives charge $2,450 to be paid before week 36 (they're flexible though) and that includes EVERYTHING except the birth supplies (prenatal care, birth, and up to 8-10 weeks of postpartum care

My insurance didn't cover anything at all since my midwives aren't CNMs
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Originally Posted by the_lissa View Post
I'm lucky that health care in my province covers home birth.
Me as well. But I do wonder what the midwives bill and get paid ultimately. Any idea? Are you also in Ontario?
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I found this, although the numbers are from 2001, so probably somewhat out of date.
British Columbia: $2250 per course-of-care
Ontario: $1375 to $1923 per course of care
Manitoba:$55,000 to $72,730 annual salary
Quebec: $58,500 to 70,000 annual salary
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I'm in ONtario. I was told 55- 77 thousand, but that was before the increase.
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Mine will be around $4000. I'm hoping ins will cover 60%. My mw says she has a good biller.

I've called the ins company and got the following answers: "We don't cover midwives."

Me: "At all?"

Ins: "At all."

Me: Click.

Call back 5 minutes later.

Me: "Do you cover midwives?"

Ins: "Yes, CNMs who work with OBs."

Me: Click.

Call back 4 minutes later.

Me: "I'm having a homebirth; do you cover midwives?"

Ins: "You're having a what?"

Me: "Homebirth."

Ins: "Will that be at the hospital, with a doctor?"

: :
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I have heard that, in most states, if your plan's network doesn't list any midwives, then they have to cover the one you choose.

My MW's biller already got advanced approval from my insurance co. They will bill $7000 in an attempt to get $5000. If they get less than $5000, I have to pay the difference.
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