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my homebirth with the cpm is 2000.00 my insurance told me they would cover birthing centers but i dont know about the home birth. i was allowed to put my cpm in the computer as my caregiver for a unrelated program where i will recieve a gift card after i have my baby, but i believe my insurance will problably cover 55% out of network or 80% in network or 100% just for the maternity care. my prenatals are 75 for the first one and 35 for the rest
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our insurance says they don't cover "planned home births" what's there to pay for in an unplanned home birth? ambulance transport to a hospital afterwards??

our midwife charges on a sliding scale with income with the typical figure $2800.

we did put money in our flex plan account for this (for those who don't know US tax law - it's a way to set aside some of your wages tax-free for medical spending on things not covered by your insurance, like co-pays, dental work, contact lenses, etc.)
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Our midwife is charging $1500. She is an apprentice and her supervising midwife will also be there.
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This birth will be $3300 plus what I pay for the birth supplies. I will check, but I'm almost positive my insurance won't cover it.
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Mine was $2,000 last year (plus $50 for the HB kit). It seemed to be the average price here in AZ when I was MW shopping. Looks like I got a great deal!
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We've been living in Salt Lake City but are in the process of moving to Portland, Oregon (I'm 29 weeks). Our midwife in Salt Lake charges $2000 for a homebirth but there were others who charged around $1600. It isn't an area where homebirths are even remotely mainstream so I think that's reflected in the costs (plus there are only 13 homebirth midwives in the whole state). In Portland, homebirth seems to run $3000-$3500 but we were able to work something out since we are transferring fairly late in the game.

We have Great West health insurance and they do not cover homebirth and provide very poor coverage for "out of network" providers which is what all CPM/DEM fall under. So ultimately we are paying for it ourselves but we are using our flex account to save a little money.
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For those of you who's insurance is paying do you mind sharing what company your insurance is with?
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My current insurance, that agreed to pay, is Aetna. But, it will change to Oxford before the baby is born, and the MW will have to apply again.
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I had my DD last November - it was $2500 plus herbs and homebirthing supplies...I've got to send the claim to Pacificare...
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