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Help! Is she ready for solids?

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In the bible, I mean the Baby Book, by Dr. Sears it says that babies bodies can not properly digest foods until around 6 mos. But my dd will be 4 mos. next week and is showing all the signs of wanting to start eating. She has been ebf so far, but every time I eat (i always nurse her while I eat), she's trying to grab food off my plate and out of my hand and shove whatever tidbits she gets into her mouth. I really had planned on starting solids after 6 mos. if she acted interested, but at the same time I want to follow her clues. So should I go ahead and try solids or wait? And if I do wait, any suggestions on what to give her while I eat to keep her from dumping my food all over us? Thanks mamas
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At 4 months dd did that too, she also tried to grab the computer keys but I doubt she wanted to eat those. She probably wants to play not to eat.
Put her in her highchair and let her play with some spoons. Then she can copy what you are doing. If she really seems like she wants to eat something, freeze some breastmilk and give her that on a baby spoon.
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A baby that has only had breastmilk actually has a very different environment in their intestines.

A young infant actually has cells that are farther apart then an adult, which let larger molecules of food into thier blood stream (I believe this is to help all those live germ fighting cells you are producing actually get a chance to fight whatever is attacking her, and there have been studies that show that exclusively breastfed say 7 month olds have less sickness then 7 month olds that get breastmilk and solids).

Which is why foods that have a higher risk for allergies are not recomended until over 1, because those larger pieces of peanut or wheat protiens that get into her blood stream can cause her body to over react.

Infants don't have the same digestive jucies that we have (that's why carrots look the same coming out), they really are not ready to digest many foods yet. (many of these aren't at high enough levels until after 1 year old).

Other changes that happen lessen the intestines ablility to digest iron, so an exclusively breastfed baby is really at less of a risk for iron deficency then one that starts solids early.

Early solids increase the risk for obesity.

Starting solids can have bad effects on your milk production.

It can cause more fussyness, night waking, spitting up, ect.

It is a mess- more dishes, laundry, baths, ect.

I don't think my 4 month olds are really prepared to make these kind of decsions about thier health.

How was your trip? How is that baby? We are leaving next saturday, but I hope we can get together when we get back!
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I agree! She's not ready.

The true signs of readiness for solids are the ability to sit up unsupported and loss of tongue thrust. Not only Dr. Sears, but the AAP recommend waiting until at least six months, if not longer. Give your baby some spoons. My dd was happy for many minutes with a silver spoon to chew on when I offered it in response to her tracking my every bite at that age. She's probably paying a lot more attention to everything you're doing, not just eating. And probably wanting to grab stuff that looks like it might be fun to play with, no? Babies explore everything with their mouths - it doesn't mean that what goes in their mouths is good for their digestive systems. Except bm of course!
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Thanks guys for your help. I'm really trying hard to follow her lead on so many things and trying not to miss any cues. I forgot how hard it is to figure out what they need/want when they can't freakin' talk!! Well, so I guess I need to buy a highchair now If I set her in it while we ate she could play with spoons or whatever and wouldn't dump food all over us.

Hey Mallory, I was just thinking about you yesterday. Our trip home was wonderful! Except for the tornados, floods, constant fighting with my MIL, and missing my flight home Where are you guys off to? Email me when you get back and I'll plan a trip up to see you guys. Maybe we could go to that children's museum. Have fun!!
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LLL recommends sometime around the middle of the first year. 4 months seems a little young. can she sit up in her high chair unsupported (or some other chair of sorts)? That is good indicatior. if so you may want to try a little something. After a couple of bite you should be able to tell if her tounge thrust reflex is still really strong. all of mychioldren showed signs of readiness at about 5 months. Lily crawled over tothe ceral cupboard and helped herself. Ava , well we needed a distraction so i gave her applesauce and she was hooked. by the third bite she had figured out how to get past her tounge thust reflex. this girl likes food :LOL. Adeline wasn't ready when we introduced it. No big. we waited a few more weks and tried again.

Some people like bananas or cereal. some poeple say introduce all the eveggies first or they will have a sweet tooth. Our tradition is applesauce because I was making smeone day and thought. Oh, warm applesauce fresh from the pot with fresh picked aples from a local orchard. that would be a nice first taste. and so it was.

I guess I don't give the whole solids question a lot of debate. we just approach it really naturally. as in "here you might like this". i think most americans with all of thier food hang ups really overthink this.
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