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which is worse?

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the 2 week wait to find out if your prego
the last 2 weeks of pregnancy?

Right now I have to say the end part!
I know I'm being induced in a week (hopefully I'll go on my own before then)
but gosh each day is dragging.................how bout you?
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Wow I never thought about that! I guess which one you are in at the time is worse!
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Originally Posted by Debstmomy View Post
Wow I never thought about that! I guess which one you are in at the time is worse!
: This is an IVF baby after one failed IVF cycle, so that 2ww was horrible.

But now I'm just so huge and uncomfortable that I want these 2 weeks over too!
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for me its the last 2 weeks, because at least you will have your answer after 2 weeks in the start ( at least for me)
but the last 2 weeks for me is will it be only 2 more weeks or as long as 4 more weeks or longer!!! if you go late!!!
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I had no idea I was pregnant during those 2wks - even though DH thought I was...I never started believing him until about a week or so after my missed period! I think the only thing I knew or felt was tired and so breasts..morning sickness didn't kick in for another couple of weeks after that. So I have to say the last 2wks are the hardest for me! I'm anxious to meet my little guy...nausious...tired...and can hardly move - but on the other hand it is really exciting knowing he will be arriving within a month!
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This time around...the last two weeks of pregnancy. This is the first pregnancy that I haven't known for sure weather it was boy or a girl (they told me for sure at 15 weeks it was a girl but I still think that is too early to tell even on a level two u/s) so I have this big suspense and surprise that I am impatiently waiting for I can't wait to know for sure so I can get diapers and clothing without it having to be gender nuetral. I bought some girly stuff but still feel unsure about it being a girl
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I think the 2 ww is worse. These last weeks suck but the anticipation is so exciting. I couldnt say its that bad.
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i dunno, i think the last weeks of pregnancy are neat. yes, i'm gigantic; yes, it takes me a full two minutes to roll over and adjust pillows at night--but this is the last time i'll be pregnant, and it's such a strange, singular state to be in--i'm enjoying the feeling of the babe moving around in there, the braxton-hicks contractions that tell me i'm getting ready, the other little clues from my body. plus, i'm enjoying these last days of just the three of us; we went for pizza last night and hazel was a little angel all day and we just had so much fun. i'm happy for her to have these last bits of being the only kid.

of course, none of that is to say that i wouldn't be really pleased to go into labor at *any moment*. but i'm not miserable with waiting, by any means.

okay. shower.

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for me, def the last two weeks!
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At this stage, I can safely say it's the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. Especially as you don't know exactly when those "2 weeks" might be going to end!!

Yikes, every day is just drrraaaaaaaaaagggiiinnnngggg!
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The 2ww is waaaayyyyy harder than the last two weeks. Personally, I LOVE the anticipation of the last 2 weeks. Not planning anything too important, not needing to make any committments for that time, enjoying feeling my baby moving. I love the fact that I just don't know when I may go into labor. I find it very exciting.
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Well, I would have said the last two weeks until I went past my EDD, now I am saying everyday past your due date is the worst!! UGH!!!!!
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