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WOH veg meal planning?

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My partner and I both WOH, and our house is vegetarian except for two meals a month (long story, but not going to justify here).
What do you do to meal plan? Once a week or once a month cooking? Make extra, freeze more? Weekly plans? We do end up buying a lot of expensive organic convenience foods, and I'd like to minimize that as much as possible. Though, reality for us is that with so little time with the kids, we don't want to spend hours and hours in the kitchen!
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I came to this forum for the same info--I'm a WOH flexitarian.
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Here's what basically happens in our house:

--We eat out about 2x/week

-- We have our old, easy standby meals (rice & beans, pastas, vegan tamales) 2-3x/week (usually we use leftovers for lunches or for 1 extra meal)

--We cook two new recipes a week (I pick the recipes out on the weekend and do the grocery shopping; dh does the actual cooking).

This keeps out repetoire interesting, but doesn't stress us out.
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When I was WOH, I had a similar system to kaydee. I found my energy waned toward the end of the week, so Fridays were always out to eat or takeout (even pizza is a treat, when you don't make it)

On Saturdays, we ate (and still do), something "fun." For us, that's grilling or sushi or a meal of appetizers or some complicated 3 hour recipe or just something out of the ordinary.

Sundays, I'd cook big, something with enough to have another meal (either exactly the same or made into something else....stirfry becomes soup, separate ingredients become a casserole)

Then, Monday is a simple meal (beans and rice, sloppy joes, spaghetti, whatever is quick and easy for you), Tuesday is the leftovers from Sunday, Wed is simple, Thurs is really, really simple, like quesadillas. And Friday starts over with takeout.

I also found that the week went better if I took time on the weekend to prep any and all ingredients. I'm a consummate meal planner, so I'd plan meals, grocery shop, then prep. If we were going to have stirfry, then I'd chop all the veggies at the first of the week. I sometimes would go ahead and make the rice to serve alongside (rice reheats beautifully). If we were having spaghetti, I'd make the sauce on the weekends. Make a huge salad that would last all week. If we were having some sort of bean salad, I'd make that on the weekend.

Basically, whatever could be prepped ahead of time would be. It takes some time on the weekends, but it's worth it on Tuesday night when you're tired.
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Thanks for the great suggestions!
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I meal plan six weeks at a time. I have been vegetarian (was for 12 years before dd's pregnancy...), and dh is veggie. both dc have allergies up the wazoo. Soooo, we HAVE to meal plan to EAT. I'll bump the "how do you meal plan" thread. It has a LOT of great ideas that can be used no matter HOW you eat. My plan is post #4, and you can easily change it to a totally veggie plan. Have fun. Meal planning and shopping makes life SOOOO much easier, and takes a huge chunk of money out of your budget when you stop "convenience" eating!
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