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Stressed out

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Things are definitely not going as planned! I've been diagnosed with polyhydromnios (a fancy word for having too much amniotic fluid) so I've had to have two u/s to keep an eye on the baby and to check the baby for abnormalities. As of yesterday, the baby was transverse, but that's all I know so far. I hope my baby is ok.
On top of that, dd is sick with a cold and I'm feeling nauseous as usual and threw up again today. I'm so ready for this pregnancy to be over.
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I'm so sorry. I hope all will be well.
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I am so sorry hun! With my second child they were alot of problems and they couldn't tell me for sure if he would be okay so I know what you are going through. This time around I have been throwing up non stop since Friday and have gotten dehydrated which makes the last few weeks really hard. (((Mama)))
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I hope you get more answers soon!
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Hang in there!
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Sorry you are having a worrying time. Hope the ultrasounds can set your mind at rest, and that baby turns for you, too (mine was breech then transverse until 37.5 weeks, so there's still time).
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So sorry you are dealing with this right now!! With dd I had polyhydraminos, I was so worried but everything turned out just fine. Hugs to you.
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So sorry to read this! I hope things get resolved very quickly and you are able to have some peace of mind.
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I am sorry you are feeling stressed - I hope everything works out
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Thanks everyone!
Well, because of the polyhydromnios, the midwives had to consult with a doctor (it's written in their handbook which I just re-read). Both the midwives and the doctor agree that a c-section is the best course of action. There are also other factors. The doctor highly suspects that I have undetected diabetes. I refused the test both times and now I'm confused and wondering if it would have made any difference in my pregnancies. I have to get tested at my six week appointment to see if I have true diabetes. The last two ultrasounds show a very big baby; at 37 weeks they estimated (I know it's just an estimate) that she's as large as dd was at 42 weeks.
I know my decision to have the c-section is controversial, but I'm going with my instincts right now. The increased risked of cord prolapse on top of the risk of uterine rupture is just too much for me right now. And I just can't go through what I did the last time. I just can't. I was so hopeful for a vbac, and I will mourn that, but I'm trying to do what's best right now. So I'm scheduled to go in on Tuesday. I'm a little worried because I just caught dd's cold and I don't know if that will change things. Anyone know of anything safe I can take to get rid of a cold more quickly? I've been using my neti-pot, so hopefully that helps.
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Just keep focusing on the positive: on Tuesday you are going to be holding your little baby!
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You're right! I can't wait to be holding my baby girl!
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I just want to say there is no reason for any guilt or worry over choosing the csection. You are making an informed decision based on what you think is best for your and your's baby's health, that is all any of us can do. I hope that it goes smoothly for the both of you and you can get some rest before the big day. We will all be waiting for the pics and birth story
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Thanks! I'm feeling much better about my decision. I guess I'm also just scared about the surgery. The last time I had no time to think about it; now it's all I can think about!
I'll definitely be back with pictures.
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