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Sophia Anya is here!!!

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We were very happy to welcome baby Sophia into this world on Friday March 30, at 3:48 pm.

My water broke on Wednesday, but no labor!!! And some of you might remember how I had been having lots of early labor signs and contractions for the past three or four weeks - but then nothing!!!

On Friday, after trying tons of different things to get labor going and going past the usual 24 hour "deadline" for induction (and my water is still trickling), we felt confident going to the hospital to try a less natural approach.

I was given a prostaglandin pill and a couple hours of peace and quiet to see if labor started before they would start a more classical pitocin induction (or so they said, not that anyone but me would decide anyway!!! but I never argued or explained anything, just refused...and they were great about it!).

That way, we were alone in our room, "allowed" to move around and walk around outside the room. I did not accept any continuous monitoring or IVs, etc. I was very calm, confident and peaceful in my requests.

I received my first dose of this "induction" pill at 12:20 and a second one at 1:20 but was having nothing more than slight contractions, only 15-20 seconds.

All this time I felt very connected to my baby. My husband and I were together, in a beautiful quiet silence and peace. We are not used to that with two kids at home! It was quite a romantic and special time.

By 2:00 the contractions started getting stronger and longer, but still not enough and I began to be frustrated and worried they'd soon start bugging me with the pitocin idea, and I hadn't quite decided what to do about that...

Then it became real, longer stronger contractions and I could feel the baby travel through every inch of my pelvis. It was still quite manageable as I stood and rocked from side to side during the contractions. When the pain called for more concentration I sat in the rocking chair and rocked. I tried to breathe through them and visualize the baby, and gave out heavy loud sighs (someone closed the door to our room - 90% of births in this hospital are epidural births and there was total silence on the whole labor floor other than me!).

That is when I could no longer talk or move much anymore.

I knew I had to get to the bed because my last labor was very fast and the best position for me for transition and labor is lying down on my side.

I moved to the bed through two excruciating contractions and then let go and relaxed completely. My husband reminded me to breathe and maybe yell a little less (because it helped with the pain but somewhat slowed down my labor) - I was yelling VERY loud during the whole contractions! He looked in my eyes and breathed with me and that helped A LOT!

I started shaking and felt like pushing, but thought it was far from time. My husband looked worried about the shaking but I couldn't find the strength to talk or anything. I knew it was transition. The doctors (and students and nurses) came in to check me for the first time. I accepted a vaginal exam and it was not at all painful or anything. They said "6 cm" but in my head I know I'm in transition and starting to push but I can't say a word. The contractions are VERY intense, only lasting 30-40 seconds but with sometimes less than a minute in between. I can't say a word, I'm with my baby, I feel every inch of her.

They leave the room and I start yelling again, The pain and most of all the intensity of the contractions is unbearable. I can't breathe or talk, and I feel nauseous. One of the nurse thinks I sound like I'm pushing and asks me. I nod YES.

They all come back and tell me I can push (I think "well, duh, I know that!"). I try to lie on my side and pray for someone to hold my leg up like my midwife did with Leigh at my previous birth. But they don't know you can have a baby like that. The nurse tries at least 5 times to put me on my back and put my legs in the stirrups. I think "no way can baby get through this so fast if I'm on my back and no way will I make it through these excruciating contractions on my back!". I kick the nurse away and resume my position, lying on my side with my legs closed, since noone will hold one of my legs for me. My husband firmly tells them that I AM NOT moving to my back and that I want to push on my side. They all move back a bit. He can't hold my leg because I'm firmly attached around his shoulders and neck and I need to look into his eyes. I remember reading about pushing with legs closed and I know it works but the nurses, etc are just shocked and dumbfounded. At the very last minute I let the nurse open my legs (she was still trying) and out comes the top half of a head! Three more pushes and she's out and on my tummy!

At 3:48 pm, less than 1 hour and a half of labor!

Sophia seems quite shocked (I am too - this will takes time to process!) and is crying. I sound hysterical saying "she's crying" and they all want to convince me it's a good thing. I can hear her calling out in distress. I can' t see her face. She's on my tummy but they take close to an hour to help me sit up so I can see her face. Then I feel better...and relax...big sigh of relief. I am sooooo thankful all went well, no interventions, and it was so intense, but quick and we survived! We did it! No pitocin, no c-section (I was of course worried all this could end with that since they were so worried about my membranes being broekn for "so long").

Two hour later, we let them weigh and measure her right next to us (19.5 inches, 7lbs 13), our smallest baby yet. She stayed on me all the time before and after that.

We managed to see the Ped early the next morning and were home by lunchtime. The kids were thrilled and excited!!!!!!!!! We were exhausted.

I got to try tandem nursing right then and there and it was fine!!! Much less unpleasant than nursing during the end of my pregnancy.

So far, all is well for baby and momma!

It's been great to be part of MDC through all this!
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I'm not in your DDC but CONGRATS!
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Quite the birth story. Congratulations!
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Congratulations again to my sweet DDC buddy

I loved reading the whole story! Good for DH standing up for you to the nurses!

Welcome Sophia!!
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Yay! Congratulations!
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