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BTW, as independent as my post surely sounded, I loved reading the exchange between BirthJunkie and TripMom (and LoisLane, if I remember correctly) about help for parents/parenting in other cultures, support among women, etc. I agree with many, many of those sentiments and it's nice to read others feel that way, too. (When I sometimes raise like thoughts at coffee or mom-sessions in town here, I always feel like I'm getting some weird looks, kwim?) So thank you, Ladies!
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If you need a lot of help depends more on your babies personalities/health than anything else. ALthough everyone could use some serious help those first few weeks!

I was lucky to have my mom with us for 3 weeks and my MIL for a week. Then, I went to stay at my Mom's for a month (which meant I had help during the day, but nothing at night).

I actually was fine until they hit about 9 months. They nursed every 3 hours like clockwork and slept in 3-6 hour stretches (my oldest was up more times at night!!). Then they stopped sleeping!! For the next year I was SERIOUSLY sleep deprived (hallucinations, dizzy spells, insomnia, panic attacks, etc.). Now I have a babysitter occasionally, but I need to find someone with more availability (vs. a high school senior!)

And my house didn't get really dirty until they stopped sleeping and started crawling with food (try as I did to keep it contained at the table). So you may not need a housecleaner either.

I really feel like I need more help now than when they were babies, but all of my family deems us fine, and my friends have all abandoned ship. Soooo, we will see how the next year goes.

I agree with other posters' that help only makes me a better mom. Without it, I am a crazy screaming lunatic at times!! (and according my my ped. I am the ONLY mother she allows to come in with 3 kids and no other adults!!).
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I didn't have any help but I could have sure used some, especially the first couple of months. Things like grocery shopping, laundry, showering, cooking & cleaning just were not really doable a lot of the time. But my standards changed for a while & we survived.
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