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Welcome Josiah Asher

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Born on the 3rd at 9:40PM weighing 8lbs 4.75 oz and 20 inches long.

It was a quick hard labor. We checked into the hospital around 6PM and had him at 9:40. He's beautiful, a full head of hair and his big sisters are thrilled.

He's been very healthy, nursing like a champ. I had a tubal and I am very sore. Very glad to be home, hospitals are NOT restful places.


Hope the link works.
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Congrats neetling! Josiah is beautiful! I hope your recovery is quick!
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what a cute round face... congrats!
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What a cutie pie! So happy for you!
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Congrats!! He's so cute!

and you wrote that you lost your plug the day before having him.....I lost mine WEEKS ago!

You had a tubal done, as I am too. How do you feel after that (physically)?
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Oh he is just beautiful!! Congrats
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Congrats, he is a very beautiful!
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What a sweetie!
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Congratulations! He's absolutely gorgeous
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He is adorable! Congrats and welcome Josiah!
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What a cutie!!!! Congrats!!!
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What a gorgeous boy! I wish you a quick recovery. I agree, hospitals are NOT restful places.
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Congrats! Take care of yourself!
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What a CUUUUUTE little chunky monkey!!! I adore his name! Congratualtions momma!
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Awww, congrats!! He's fantastic!
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sweet! is his name pronounced with a hard or soft 'J'? It's great either way
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His face is so sweet!!!
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Congratulations! How exciting to be holding your little one!
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Very cute! Congrats!
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he's adorable!!
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