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crazycat: Often, the first improvement you see is on your skin, hair, nail and white part of the eyes, tongue, etc. The best part of SCD is the yogurt. I did not start the yogurt right away, since I was clumsy about making it (but, we were on probiotics.) Yet, with the yogurt, they progressed better. And, they really made progress when I added digestive enzyme later. The damaged gut heals slowly, and everyone heals differently, depends on how badly damaged it is, and how much you comply with SCD guide. Some times, the progress you have made is so minute; you won't see it until you get off the SCD. Have a faith, and you will know when you need to take your son off the SCD. If you have probiotics, mix it in the milk/nut milk and start giving him some. Follow the guide line as close as you can. Also, if you give him too much protein, he will loose weight faster. However, if he is not getting weak or sick, I would be patient and let his body do its own thing. I recommend keeping food diary, so you can see the progress, what you may have done right/wrong, etc.

Regarding the smelly poo, if this is a change you see after you put him on the SCD, it is not necessary a bad thing. Especially with the intro stage, his gut is getting read of bad bacteria and undigested foods from previous. And, it can stink up your whole house. You will have a better success if you follow the intro stage because you are 'clansing' the gunk before you get on the main SCD manu. You can also re-do the intro stage when ever you think he is not digesting the food well, etc. Keep making the observation about what is coming out, and how. Poo will tell you a lot of what is going on in the gut. The smelly poo will go away as his gut heals. If you add some digestive enzyme, it will also break down the bad bacteria, etc which are protein.

Illegal food lists are here:

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New post in the Cheat Sheet if you are are not subscribed to it.

For anyone who tries Houston's Peptizyde, I would recommend the AFP version without pineapple/papaya enzymes... DS reacted badly to those as he is highly allergic to pineapple.
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Originally Posted by caedmyn View Post
I seem to recall reading somewhere that it was around 6 or 7, but I have no idea where I found that.
That is when the immune systems matures to be adult like ... and the gut flora finally completes the shift from bifido-dominent as a babe to an adult's version too. Hmmm, all that makes you think!
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Originally Posted by mum2be View Post
Aaah! I didn't know this! So the $165 probiotics I've been taking probably aren't doing anything...: : And dd's isn't either? I was under the impression that mucus in poop means the gut is inflamed. She has lots of mucus!

In other news, I just got my hair analysis results in for nutrient/toxic elements. It's all very interesting and I'm not quite sure if the leaky gut can cause high levels of these, or if high levels can cause leaky gut/poor digestion.

Anyway, here is my post about it. If anyone has any input, I'm all ears!!
Not necessarily. Probiotics will help reduce inflammation and increase immune cells. Whether they can heal the gut alone while eating foods you are allergic to... well that was not our experience. That is the SCD position that I do not agree with. In animal studies achieving oral tolerance via B. Infantis was only possible in neonates. With grown animals it didn't work.
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Originally Posted by greencat View Post
Jane: Have you looked into PRE-biotics?
After bad experiences many times with FOS, I abandoned them! Maybe I wasn't doing something right but I much preferred kefir.
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Originally Posted by crazycat View Post
I have a question for those doing or not doing SCD for whatever reason ... I have my DS1 on SCD currently, since late February. So far I have seen NO improvement at all in his stools - still very foul smelling, mushy, float in the toilet, etc. I am still waiting for a shipment of SCDophilus that is supposedly on back order since the 25th of February. I now have a yogurt maker and some goat milk and some Progurt yogurt starter. I have not purchased any more acidophilus, hoping that my original order might actually ship soon.

Would my best bet then be the homemade yogurt? Is there something else that is preventing my son from improving, or is this what people have seen? We are only using stage 1 and 2 foods from the website, and he is tube fed so everything is cooked/pureed in order to go through his tube. I cannot find a source of illegal foods - I check everything carefully against the website. I think his eyes, skin and hair look somewhat better, but he has lost some weight so isn't looking as healthy in that department.

Any thoughts?

This was our experience before we did allergy testing... I would go that route.

Definitely get some probiotics, both they and digestive enzymes vastly mediated the effects of DS eating allergens (proven when we had to stop both twice for stool testing, was not pretty).

I would do a super strain of acidophilus: Natren's MegaDophilus is DDS-1 without FOS.

And after much research and experience, I think the SCD is all wrong about bifidobacteria supplementation, most especially in young children. DS is using Natren's Life Start sometimes just the powder, sometimes cultured in yogurt, but dairy is one of the few foods he is not allergic to.
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Originally Posted by Cello View Post
All these grains + removing all wheat/traditional flours/carbs has pretty much fixed my DH's GI symptoms, but his eczemas is whole other story...hence why I am so thankful for ALL the wonderful help on this forum.
With DS his eczema patches only flare when he eats a food he is highly allergic to, it's a very true barometer. Along with bullseye rash around rectum.
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Originally Posted by formerluddite View Post
hi everyone, a friend of mine is having trouble, so i thought i'd run things by you all.

her ds2 (3rd child) was fussy from birth, never went to sleep nursing, and spits up "flourescent green" (?bile), copious amounts. she eliminated wheat and dairy from her diet ~2mos ago (but using spelt for homemade bread/noodles, and recently bought a goat, so she's now adding in a bit of raw goat milk), and he improved a lot (can be put down a bit, can nurse to sleep, doesn't cry all day). they "homestead," so eat mostly whole foods (lots homegrown, including chickens, have a cow and now a goat and get local meat ?grassfed, etc.), home cooked, homebirth, no vax. when their cow went to get bred, they started to buy milk from the store, and the 2.5yo dd went back into diapers and got a bit of eczema, so she's a bit "atopic" as well. i think her dh had a history of eczema, but she hasn't had any indications of problems herself, although giving up wheat/dairy was excruciating, so maybe not as ok as she thought. i think baby is not eating yet, but scrounges from the floor (crawling since 4.5mos), and reacted very badly last month to eating a cheddar bunny he found, so all wheat is now banished from the house.

i suggested probiotics for all, trying to make kefir with the new goat's milk if she adds it back in, and mineral supplements. not sure if she's followed up, as $ are a big issue. she does keep him upright when carried (mostly on her back).

she's read up recently on reflux, and is getting worried because she saw that some babies deal with reflux by eating constantly and get big (which hers does/is), rather than the "failure to thrive" type. she's worried he may get "permanent damage" from the reflux if she doesn't get him on meds (?prilosec), but she's very western med averse, treats most things homeopathically, and her homeopath (not near her: she's in the boonies in the midwest) has been unavailable.

any thoughts i can pass on to her? links, especially, and are there options besides drugs? which supplements are most effective?

Bifidobacteria for the babe for the allergies and reflux.... meds will not cure anything. The toddler probably shouldn't have pasteurized milk. She might get some good ideas from the Lipski book I just posted about in the Cheat Sheet.
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JaneS: Thanks for listing of the new book. May be this is the answer that I was looking for.

With beautiful poops and eczema free skin, we are so ready to venture out, and go beyond SCD.

I just wish Amazon was a library, like Netflix...
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DD and I have been doing the Failsafe elimination diet for 8 days. I can't say I've really noticed any changes in either of us, except that her eczema's getting worse. Her arms have turned red a couple of times, though, which has only ever happened one time before this. The only thing I can think of that could have caused it is fragrance--both days my younger brother held her, and he wears cologne. Either that or she's reacting to me eating more potatoes, although I've been eating them for a while and I didn't notice any difference in her eczema before. If it is the cologne, it's pretty much a given that she does have problems with salicylates since fragrances are phenols and salicylates are phenols, also.

I've been having major digestive problems with grains since I stopped all fermented foods/drinks. I got bloating or an upset stomach & diarrhea with unsoaked brown rice, millet, buckwheat, and wild rice. I did okay with white rice, but since I started the Failsafe diet and stopped taking digestive enzymes, I can't handle white rice, either. It seems like the more I try to heal us, the worse I make things. DH is not happy about my new IBS symptoms. He wants me to stop all the diets and supplements and go back to eating regular foods. Except that there's no "regular foods" I can eat now between the IBS symptoms and DD's food intolerances...I am pretty much off all supplements now except Betaine HCL, and I do want to add enzymes again eventually (the ones I have now are not Failsafe). I'm doing some experimenting with oxalates and lectins while I do Failsafe, and if I don't see some positive changes with all of those things, I'm giving up on healing the gut before I make things any worse. I'll just eat whatever foods DD & I tolerate and hope my digestive symptoms go away and she eventually outgrows the eczema and food intolerances.

On a brighter note, though, I did go out and buy some Culturelle yesterday and took one of those between lunch & dinner. I had white rice with lunch and had diarrhea afterwards. I had white rice again with dinner and was totally fine except a bit of stomach rumbling during the night! (I've had problems with white rice every other time I've had it since I started Failsafe except the very first time.) I took enzymes with both meals, so...either I have IBS that comes and goes, or the probiotics really do make a huge difference.

JaneS--thank you so much for the "Sleepless in America" book recommendation. It has really made a difference in DD's sleep--I am able to get her down for naps and bedtime with much less effort now, and when she doesn't go down, I can usually figure out the cause which helps with my frustration level. Now if I can just figure out how to eliminate the night wakings...
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caedmyn - had you had IBS symptoms before you started down this path? i know you're trying failsafe ,but what about bringing back a fermented beverage that you've also inocculated with culturelle?
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Originally Posted by JaneS View Post
Bifidobacteria for the babe for the allergies and reflux.... meds will not cure anything. The toddler probably shouldn't have pasteurized milk. She might get some good ideas from the Lipski book I just posted about in the Cheat Sheet.
thanks, jane, i passed on the info and the link. she had stopped the pasteurized milk when she made the connection of the onset of her dd's sx coinciding with the cow leaving.

looks like a book i should find and skim/buy myself, since a loose rotation is the name of the game around here.
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I just started my five month old on Solaray Babylife (which is bifidus) for his "colic." Now I'm reading about I. reuteri for helping colic. Should I try both or just stick with the bifidus for now?
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Originally Posted by bluets View Post
caedmyn - had you had IBS symptoms before you started down this path? i know you're trying failsafe ,but what about bringing back a fermented beverage that you've also inocculated with culturelle?
Before I started trying to heal the gut I had really bad gas and some occasional constipation, but nothing like this. I could eat unsoaked whole wheat without problems (other than the gas). I can't do anything fermented on the elimination diet or it would defeat the entire purpose of the elimination diet since fermented stuff is so high in amines. I'm going to keep taking the Culturelle for now and hope things improve (or at least don't get any worse). Water kefir is definitely right at the top of things to add back in after the elimination diet, so if I can just hold out for another 3 weeks, hopefully I can start doing some more "healing" things.
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Thanks everyone for your responses re: my son and SCD. I did pick up some acidophilus at the health food store - I hope it is "legal" - I will switch to SCDophilus as soon as it comes. I also started my first batch of goat yogurt tonight, so it should be ready by Saturday after it goes through the 24 hours in the yogurt maker and then cools in the fridge. Hopefully it turns out - I am also hoping to convince my younger son to try it, but don't expect that he will since he has refused all dairy whether cow or goat so far.

Thanks again!
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Thanks for the enzyme info. I tried 24 hour yogurt for breakfast 3 days ago. Later that day and the next day I had bloating and mucous in stools I am figuring it was the dairy. Maybe in a few more months with the enzymes I will have more success.

Caedmyn-I am sorry things are so complicated. Is there a diet you felt the best on overall?
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Haven't had much time to check in here, but wanted you all to see this new supplement my ND found for leaky guts. She's putting her husband on it and wants me to get some too. It's like a bunch of supplements in one! This is the cheapest I've found it too.
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If I'm making fermented veggies, but a concerned about whey, should I just use the salt?

If kids reacts to yeast, do you think Kifer is a way to go?
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Originally Posted by greencat View Post
If I'm making fermented veggies, but a concerned about whey, should I just use the salt?

If kids reacts to yeast, do you think Kifer is a way to go?
Yes. You can just use more salt.

As far as I know there are good yeasts in kefir. You could just try it out.I have heard of people with yeast (candida) problems being helped by kefirs so ir would probably be fine.


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newcastlemama: O.K. Now, I have the veggie pickler, I'm gonna make it with salt. My DD5 never had problem with whey, but my DS3 does. Whey is the one different food that he reacts (in eczema, cry outs, night crying, etc.) from his sis. I had to make nut milk yogurt for my DS because he couldn't tolerate the goat's. And, he won't eat the tart yogurt. Now he can eat goat's, but still eats nut milk yogurt because he likes it. My DD never had problem with goat yogurt from the beginning of my yogurt making saga (I don't know if the age difference is a factor here.) May be I should be looking into the kind of probiotics that are better suited for tots. (or find JaneS on this issue somewhere.) Good luck with your enzyme. Different kind, manufacture, dose and timing can be very : , but when you find what is best serving to you, your gut will do much better Keeping the food/enzyme log will help you a lot.
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