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After 3 Girls We Have.....

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Another girl!!!!

We welcomed Haven Charlotte into the world via home waterbirth at 12:40pm Sunday, April 1st. She was our biggest yet weighing 8 lbs 15 oz. The birth was wonderful!! I labored for 7 1/2 hours with a big portion of that time with her in posterior position....so, the water was my friend. My dh talked me into getting checked when I was at 7...actually he didn't talk me into it, I just wanted him to shut up about it...so, I thought "what the heck"....after that I decided it was time to stop fighting the contractions...I had been feeling myself tense up at the peaks of them....so, somehow I did just that. I must have placed myself in some hypnotic state. I was there...but not there. My dh and midwives thought labor had stalled. Dh fell asleep on the couch...my midwives may have dozed too. I came to and was listening to them talk, then I heard them saying that they wanted me to get out of the tub and walk around b/c labor had stalled, and they thought the baby just needed to turn. So my dh told me that...(even though I had already heard them)...Little did they know that I had no intentions of leaving the tub..at this point my mom arrived (she has been at every birth now..evidently this one waited on her...which dh didn't like, since he's missed 2 births ).I changed positions b/c it felt like the right thing to do at the time. Did a little rocking...which also felt right, then suddenly I told them "I need to poop." Which I quickly followed up with, "I'm pushing.".....Three pushes later and I caught her and pulled her up out of the water. Dh then ran up to get the girls so they could meet there new baby sister. He also had me double check to make sure that it was really another girl. She came into this world the day after my grandfather unexpectedly passed away and after lots of thought...we named her Haven Charlotte....Charlotte is in honor of him, Charles Wade....well gotta go..she's calling me!
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Congratulations mama!!!!!!
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I'm so jealous - 4 girls sounds like lots of fun!! Congrats on your new baby, who I'm sure will be very well loved byher big sisters! Sounds like a lovely labor. So sorry for the passing of your grandfather - a baby reminds us that life goes on, even in the face of loss. Hugs.
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Congratulations on your girl!

Welcome Haven Charlotte! That's a beautiful name, too!
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I love her name!!

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Congratulations! Four girls -- that sounds like such a wonderful family
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Congratulations on daughter #4! Your girls will love growing up together.
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Congrats on your daughter and for a lovely birth! I am so sorry for your loss.

My MIL wants us to try one more time because she thinks Amer-Asian boys are so cute and we have three girls . . .but we keep telling her that if we have one more child, we'll have another girl! I wouldn't complain! (Though we are DONE! Next time the urge to have a baby strikes we are getting another cat instead!)
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Congrats, Mama.
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