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Postpartum Fever?

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I had a fever last night of 100.2 (at the highest.) It went down in a couple of hours and hasn't been back up since. My MW said it could be breast related. I have a couple painful lumps that feel like clogged milk ducts but no engorgement or anything like that. Anyone else ever have anything like this?
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I know that it's normal to run a slight fever when your milk comes in. Hope everything is okay
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I'd keep an eye on it, since you wouldn't want full-blown mastitus (I had a friend who needed to be hospitalized the mastitus was so bad, luckily she had lots of support to continue bf). I'm sure your midwife is able to give you lots of info on helping with clogged ducts.
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I had mastitis a number of times when dd was tiny and it was always accompanied by a fever... with your painful lumps, it sounds suspicious that that's what might have caused your fever.

Rest and nurse as much as you possibly can, and try to work the lumps out (could be blocks in your ducts). If you're not feeling well, be in touch with your midwife/dr or call a LLL leader... mastitis can be really unpleasant... good luck.
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Mastitis is a concern. Are your breast tender, warm, and red? You may need to have someone take a look at them if your temp goes up again. I doubt you have an uterine infection as this point, but if your belly is getting tender, again you need to be seen.
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I went to see the midwife today. My temp is around 99.1. She said my uterus felt like it was where it should be and that my urine was clear. My abdomen is a little tender but she seemed to think the fever was related to my milk coming in and nothing to worry about. Anyone else get a fever associated w/this? I was mostly worried that I might have a uterine infection esp since I had PROM but I guess my fever would probably be getting increasingly worse not going up and down if that were the case.

Both of my breasts are very tender but not red or that swollen so I dunno...
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Is your flow any different? Increased at all? Or a different odor? If the fever is still continuing on Monday you might want to be reseen and maybe get your white count checked.
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