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Infant travel tips needed

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I will be accompanying my partner on a business trip to Amsterdam in July and we are bringing our newborn daughter, who will be 2 months old then. I don't even know where to begin with what to bring and what I need to think about.

Has anyone else traveled to Europe with an infant? Do you have any suggestions on things I need to look into or make sure I bring, or not bring?
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Hi there mamasquared,

Try doing a search in this forum about traveling, because I think you'll find there's been some ideas about this.

What it will be like to change locations will depend a little on how you parent, I think. Are you breastfeeding and do you use a sling or carrier? Does your baby sleep with you? These are the things that have made traveling with a little baby not only possible for me but almost easy! Because not much at all is dependant on the "stuff" you have at home, kwim?

As for air travel, airports, the sling leaves your arms free while moving around and gives baby a place to sleep anywhere. Which is mostly what 2 month olds do, right?

What kind of questions are you trying to think through exactly - I mean, how long are you going for? Where are you staying (hotel?)? Will you have laundry facilities? (if so you can bring so little, really).

I know I barely had my head on straight at all 2 months postpartum, so I think you are very brave for doing this! Just as a caveat, my general experience is that traveling to an exotic location with a baby is a little like... well, being at home with a baby, lol . I mean your day is still feeding, diapering, changing spit up clothes, holding, playing, etc.... just in different scenery. Could be hard if your partner is working a lot & you don't know anyone else for support - or do you?
Just my thoughts. MAybe others will have another perspective.

Hope it's fun!

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