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School's out...

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...Forever! Or at least until fall 2008, if we really need me to go back to work.

I just had the biggest crying fit when I got home-- I just had to get it all out. I still have 3 sets of assessments to grade, but I'm done teaching. The past two days (we're on a block schedule) have been so crazy. I've been running around trying to get stuff done, packed up, graded, etc., but then the kids are SO SWEET. I mean, saying sweet things and hugging, and standing up and making speeches to me and singing an Italian aria to the theme music of the Romeo and Juliet movie we just watched!!! They are just too awesome. I know I can go back and visit (I promised to bring the baby before school's out in June), but I am pregnantly hormonal and WHEW!!

But also--- yay, no more getting up at 5am (except to feed and love on baby), no more hauling books and papers from my car and up stairs and no more dealing with pushy parents (most have been lovely and sent kind emails telling me to stay home, ) and etc etc. Just gotta grade some stuff and turn in grades online, and then trust my student teacher/sub is going to handle things fine. Thank goodness I'll have a baby to keep me distracted!

AHHHH thanks for allowing me this brain-vomit I don't know what to do with myself-- hugest Friday night ever! This is going to be a long weekend!
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I know how you feel! My last day (for awhile) was last Friday. I do hve to go back in mid May though

Congrats! Kids can be so sweet! We are on a block schedule too and my period 1 threw me a baby shower (soda and cookies). It was cute.

I hope you take a few days to relax!
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How exciting and emotionally draining. It takes a little while to really process the fact that you will not be working again, but it is a great feeling. I hope you are able to get a little rest now before the baby comes.
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Woohoo!! I was so relieved when my last day came, although I really enjoyed my job, and I am still seeing our pre-natal clients.

So, over at Ama Mama we are getting a Mom & Baby group together, hopefully something that will start soon. If you are interested, ask Connie for my number, or you can call the office and ask for me or Barb. We are hoping to have a start date figured out by today.
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Awesome, that is exactly what I'll be wanting as soon as I'm ready for going out and about! Thanks! I will check in about it soon...

BTW, did you change your hair to blonde? I think I might have come in while you were there, but I was thrown off, thinking to only scrutinize brunettes to see if they were you
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