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Originally Posted by applejuice View Post
I witnessed classmates return from long absences with braces on their legs from polio.

Just curious...how many classmates?
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I wouldn't say you are hugely wrong there. My father had polio (and was on an iron lung for a bit) and is perfectly healthy now. As were everyone else in his family who got it (everyone else in his family) other than an uncle who was a brittle diabetic and had problems already. no other classmates had lasting problems either. I've only met one person irl who had lasting problems (post-polio syndrome).
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Two, both with braces on the left leg; both were in the year ahead of me. In a classroom of fifty-seven students in an upper-middle class religious private school.

There were bouts of rheumatic fever and scarlet fever also.
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I know two people. My 75 year old aunt had polio and as a result has a slightly paralyzed mouth, she has no other health effects from the Polio. The other was a girl at school who was probably three or four years older than me, she wore a leg brace.
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Famous People Who Survived Childhood Polio

Alan Alda's mother used the Sister Kenny Treatment for his particular case of polio, an idea which went against the conventional ideas for treatment at that point in time.
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What is the percentage of people who fully recover from paralytic polio??
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