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Baby Shea

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Seamus Patrick was born on Wednesday, 4/4/07 at 1:38 am after we arrived at the hospital at around 11:00 pm on Tuesday only to be told I was in false labor and only 2 cm by a very incompetent and possibly sleep deprived ob. Funny, but I was 3 cm for over three weeks before that . . .

Thankfully, the nurses/angels wouldn't let me leave until they checked for themselves - I WAS 7 CM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They took me under their wings and made sure that they were there or not there depending on what I needed. I finally had the birth I always wanted: no meds, no episiotomy, no iv, no hook ups of any kind, and no pressure from anyone to do otherwise.

My water finally broke when I was 9.5 cms at 1:15 am and, after a handful of pushes, my baby was born! While unbelievably painful and overwhelming at times, the experience was so empowering and boy, your body really does tell you when to push, it practically does the work for you! The best part was meeting Shea so alert and peaceful - click here to see pictures of him just minutes after being born.

They woke the ob at the very last minute and I have to say that in spite of everything, in spite of the fact that I would have had the baby in the car if he got his way, it was still quite funny hearing him charge down the hall saying, "What? Who? I thought she went home!"
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Congratulations, and welcome baby!
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Congrats! What a beautiful babe!
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A huge congrats! That sounds like a very great birth experience for both you and the babe. You are probably lucky he didn't think it was labor, sounds like someone you wouldn't want around anyway!
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Baby Shea is just beautiful (I LOVE his name). What a great birth I am so glad you finaly got the birth you always wanted!

BTW I love your webpage !
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Very cute baby, lovely picture. Congrats!
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Congratulations! What a beautiful baby- so glad to hear you had an excellent birth! Welcome Shea!
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What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing your birth story!
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