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Sleeping positions?

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I'm having more and more trouble finding a comfortable position to fall asleep in. As a first-timer I'm wondering if I don't know something I'm suppose to know?

I have one of those weird U-shaped pillows but I haven't whipped it out yet because I've barely got a belly and it takes up half the bed.

Any suggestions? How's everyone falling asleep?

Oh and is it true that we shouldn't lay on our backs? I've heard conflicting info on this. I feel most comfortable on my back but I don't want to risk cutting off the blood flow to my uterus or something equally bad.

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Hi hazieluna

I have been using a long body pillow. It is sort of worn down a bit and is not so fluffy and it feels pretty good. I also tend to wake up in the middle of the night on my back. So, I just started putting a big towel all rolled up tucked under my back as I lay on my side so I do not roll over on my back completely. The towel keeps on my side a bit. I know it is a hasle to move it when I switch sides... but it makes me feel better. I did also hear that it is when the baby is bigger towards the end of the pregnancy that we need to worry more about laying on our backs.... right???? : Sorry... I hope this helps.

Good luck.
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I don't think there is danger of laying on your back right now...I think it's later in pregnancy. I, however, am unable to lay that way because it makes me feel more nauseous. I do best with a regular thickish pillow between my legs and I flip from side to side as ds needs to nurse. It takes me forever to get comfortable, and inevitably, when I do, ds needs to nurse or I need to go to the bathroom. : Then it's back to the drawing board for me.
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Don't worry about being on your back just yet. When it's a problem, you'll KNOW it! Believe me - the issue is with the baby being big enough to squish your vena cava (I believe), and if that happens, you'll suddenly feel breathless. It has been SO obvious to me when it's time to not lay on my back that I really don't think anyone can miss it! Your body will MAKE you get up and move.

Some women report waking on their backs after that period, anyway, but I really think we can follow our body's lead and not worry too much. I wonder if the fact that they're *waking* is because they're body is saying they need to move?

I have a now 3 year old Snoogle body pillow that's VERY flat. I fold it in half and put it between my knees and ankles. Sometimes I can get totally comfy, other times now. : I also can still lay *sort of* on my tummy - I think they call it the "runner's position" or something like that. Recently it's been pretty comfy for me, though I know I'll have to adjust it more later in pregnancy.

Hope you can get comfy! I know I'll be heading back to the chiro this week in hopes that'll help, too!
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It's kind of funny. I'm usually a left side sleeper but now that I'm pregnant I can only fall asleep on my back or right side. Weird eh? I'm just assuming my body knows best for now.
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This was posted a few weeks ago and no one really seemed to be changing up their sleep positions yet. And I realized that within that short time all of a sudden I am changing up. Funny how with pregnancy all of a sudden you just realize something different. Anyways, I was going to ask this very question again too. I am beginning to get uncomfortable on my stomach but can still sort of lay on it with my U pillow under me. Btw, that pillow has become awesome and so comfortable and I recommend starting to use it. I love mine and I'm pretty sure it's only going to be more helpful the bigger I get. I still sleep on my back sometimes and am not quite ready to give that up. I just flip and move around a lot in general.
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I have been falling asleep on the sofa. I really want to sleep in bed but I can't read in there (because the light would wake my little one). Then when dh ges to bed he is supposed to wake me but I have been so cranky about not falling back asleep that he won't wake me anymore. I don't blame him - but I need to figure something out. Perhaps going to bed when I get sleepy? As it is when I wake up to go to the bathroom I climb into bed unless it is so late that it is early morning then I just take a shower and get on here.
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Natalia - I sleep with 2 pillows under my head, one pillow one my front (it's a king size pillow so I put it between my knees - which straigtens out the hips -and it supports my tummy), and a nother pillow at my back (slightly tucked under my side so that I am kinda leaning on it). This is the only way I can sleep now.
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I love sleeping on my belly, but w/ ds pregnancy, the co-sleeping nursing, and a few breast surgeries, I really haven't been able to do this...

But I've found a comfortable position..

I'm able to lay on both sides, and kinda face downward... I use the opposite leg from what I'm laying on and I kinda kneel it up a little to my chest..

It's tough to explain, but I'm almost feeling like I'm laying on my stomach, but yet the opposite leg is bracing my belly from laying on my mattress.
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i sort of lay on my belly/right hip with my left knee up and propped a little on a pillow. it gives a triangular space for my belly to not be squished by my full weight. i, too, don't have much of a belly yet, but i don't like how i can feel my belly when i lay on my stomach. so this has worked for me!

i, also, frequently lay on my side with a squishy pillow (one of those microbead ones from sharper image) between my knees/thighs,

good luck!
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Originally Posted by arelyn View Post
It's kind of funny. I'm usually a left side sleeper but now that I'm pregnant I can only fall asleep on my back or right side. Weird eh? I'm just assuming my body knows best for now.

Same here..DD sleeps to the left of me and we usually sleep facing each other or she's all cuddled up with her back to me...

I can only sleep on my left side for a bit and then I am just tossing and turning all night.....Laying on my back is starting to hurt bc my lower back has been achy for the last few weeks. I can lay on my back if I have a knee bend up (if that makes sense...lol)...

But I prefer and am more comfy on my right side with my left leg bend up towards me (if that makes sense...lol) and that's how I was with dd until about 7 months when I needed to bring out the snoogle a friend gave me...
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My belly's popping out, but if I'm comfortable sleeping on my belly, is it safe? I'm also doing the "runners" thing with one leg up so my belly isn't totally squished, but I'm still uncomfy most nights now. This just started like, a week ago. *sigh* I thought I'd be much bigger before I started having sleeping problems!
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