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Prayers please

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On Friday I fell on an uneven sidewalk and I think I cracked some ribs. I wasn't going to go to the hospital, since they can't do anything for cracked ribs, won't do xrays since I'm pg and it wont change anything, and being pregnant I figured I coudn't get any good drugs being pregnant. I didn't fall on my belly so I wasn't worried about the baby. Well I called my CNMs just to make sure I was right with my logic and they wanted me to go in to the ER, if only to check and be sure about the baby.

So I went in and they got a HB on the baby, Dr said she could do an xray if I wanted and they could sheild me, but there would be scatter radiation, and like I figured, even if the ribs were broken, there is nothing they can do. She suggested not to do one. Then they sent me for monitoring (like in labor) for an hour. She also ordered an ultrasound on my liver (where I cracked the ribs)and the baby for the next day. I went for the ultrasound and she said the baby looked fine, but didn't say anything about my liver. (I figured it was the usual, the tech can't tell you anything, the Dr has to tell you.) Anyhow, my CNMs are affiliated with a different hospital and we happened to talk about it in the course of our chit chat. She made very sure to get me to get my records ordered, so that the report from the ultrasound will go to my CNMs, since otherwise it will only go to the ER doc. She even escorted me personally to 2 different places inthe hospital to make sure I got it done okay. I got the rest of my records from the ER visit to hand carry to the CNMs, but the ultrasound report wont be done until Monday and they will fax it to my CNMs. I didn't think about it at the time, but on reflection, I'm wondering if there is something wrong with my liver. I'm supposed to call on Mon for a follow up appt with the CNMs, but now I'm worrying. For all those who pray, could you pray that everything is okay and peace and calm for me until Monday and I can find out for sure, and that I can enjoy Easter for the wonder of it all (we are active Christians) and not worry about this. Also DS4 was really bad at the mall as I was picking up the last of the Easter outfits (laying on the floor tantrums) and I had to do a lot of picking up his dead weight and my owie that was feeling better is sore again. Prayer that the pain would dull back down.
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i really hope you feel better, and think of your body as a healthy body! you can do it! i'm sorry that you have to deal with this, but if there was a serious problem, i think they would have told you about it. maybe they're taught just to hush up until the results come back.

i'm sure you're fine, and my heart is with you and your babes!
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: That everything turns out alright. Thinking of you...
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Hugs to you and hope all comes out ok!
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Prayers and healing thoughts headed your way. I hope you are able to rest and recuperate on Easter.
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I'm so sorry for you. What a lot to deal with.

I wanted to mention that you should file a report with the town/city where the sidewalk incident occurred. Most municipalities will cover your medical expenses - they have insurance for this. I'm not suggesting suing, this is just routine in cities where accidents occur because of neglect on the part of the city. (If the sidewalk repair is the responsibility of the homeowner, it may b e a little more complicated, but if you have uncovered medical expenses, I'd look into it.) I broke my foot last year stepping into a pothole, and the city had forms that were very easy to fill out for compensation.
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I hope you are feeling better and there are no complications.
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I will be thinking and praying for you!!! Sending you lots and lots of healing and healthy vibes!!!!
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I hope you're feeling better mama. Keep us posted.
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I hope you are feeling better and that everything turns out ok!
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You are in my prayers. I hope you feel better soon.
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My prayers are with you! I hope you're feeling a bit less sore and are able to enjoy a blessed Easter.
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Thanks everyone. The prayers do seem to be working, because I'm really not worrying too much. I'm really sore. The vicodin only seems to take the edge off. I'll let everyone know what I learn tommorow.
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Sending healthy, well, and whole thoughts your way!
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I hope everything is okay. Please let us know!
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I'm glad you are feeling better!
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Thoughts and prayers to you for a speedy recovery. I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. I pray that everything comes back clear.
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will pray for you, i hope you get some answers by today and that you are already on the mend!!
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I hope & pray you feel better each day!

Take care, Kelly
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Oh, this is hard. I'll be thinking of you and checking back for an update.
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