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I like the animal videos, as well as Van Gogh .. .. but Shakespeare is my favorite! Very calming . . . . . . DD is 14 months old and loves them almost as much as Raffi.

mommy to Greta 3/14/02
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It seems like they are a great thing to put most kids in front of so they will keep quiet.

That said I'm not a fan. I think I have seen the animal one and it didn't seem to have much real animals in it. Watch a PBS/National Geographic animal program. I agrree with all of the negative comments on the music. I would like to see proof that these videos are actually intelectually stimulating and do lead to brighter kids.

The evidence is that kids who listen to classical music turn out 'brighter'. But one of the reasons why classical music is helpful is the complexity of it when compared to the simplicity and repetitiveness or other music. So it seems to me that when you take all the complexity out of the music and show 'simple' pictures on the screen you are actually defeating the original purpose. Don't you think? Just my opinion.

I'll repeat, it seems to be good for keeping kids passive and quiet.
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. I think I have seen the animal one and it didn't seem to have much real animals in it. Watch a PBS/National Geographic animal program.
Very interesting you say that. The creator made the animal videos so that they are all "in their element" and not in say the circus performing. She wanted them to be in nature and not caged up at all. I liked that about those videos since I abhor the circus.
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Re: i can't see how an 18 month old would find them fun

We have Baby Shakespeare and Baby Doolittle and Mallory (18 months) loves both of them. She watches them on Saturday/Sunday mornings while I clean the kitchen.

I certainly don't think that she'll become a genius because she's watched Baby Einstein DVDs. It's just entertainment. Sometimes she does seem a bit mesmerized, but usually she watches as she's playing with her toys. She has a few favorite scenes that provoke screams of joy and laughter. And she recognizes the poetry from Shakespeare when I quote it back to her. (Yes, the same effect could have been achieved if I'd read poetry to her myself.)

I like the animal scenes from Doolittle. They're short, sure, but they do show the animals in their natural habitat. And I think there are shots in the giraffe, elephant, and monkey segments with mama and baby animals snuggling together, which is sweet.

All the marketing bugs me a little. We have a couple of the board books. Mallory loves these too but I've gotta say the writing is not that great. (I think Julie Clark wrote them.) In one she rhymes "lizards" with "little birds." Ick! We also have two puppets--the dragon and the goat--and Mallory demands a puppet show from my husband the instant she wakes up every morning. So yeah, we caved to some marketing pressure, but it's amusing my kid, so I'm okay with that.

And I'd much rather listen to a music box orchestra than to Barney songs or the Teletubbies saying "eh-o" five thousand times.
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DD and DS have never watched TV, ever. My principle concern is that it's hard enough to develop a strong bond with two babies at once, much less if I start putting them in front of a big mechanical box every day while I clean up in the kitchen.

But I have to say that I get the allure of these videos. I have been tempted to turn on Sesame Street or something like that from time to time, and I totally understand why busy moms love Baby Einstein, Mozart, etc. etc. I don't think they're categorically bad, just not for us at this time.
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My MIL gave us some of these videos as a gift when DS was born and I almost sold em on Ebay. Turned out to be glad I hadn't. DS is pretty freakin' high needs, and there was a phase during which he'd actually sit in the swing and watch a video for 15 whole entire minutes, and believe me, those minutes were more precious than gold.

He hated that weird CGI clown on Baby Newton, though... and there's another one with some toy robots which always made him cry, too.

We usually turned the sound off and put our own music on. Not that the music I tended to choose was probably brain-stimulating or anything, but it didn't grate on the nerves of the adults present.
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Well, Goo likes to bawk at the chickens and such, and she likes the dragon puppet, but she has just as much fun when we go to the library and play with the puppets!

I guess this is a personal thing. She doesn't mind the music, but I am not thrilled with it.
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