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Numb Belly?

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For those of you who still have baby bellies , do you/have you experienced any numbness along with the itching that normally accompanies stretch marks?

I just noticed today that the area of my belly that seems to be pulled the tightest and has the most stretch marks feels kind of numb and tingly. Is this normal? I realize that itching is normal, but I have never heard of the skin becoming numb. :
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I've been experiencing the same thing.
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My belly button area is numb, but a bit sore. Uhgg...I don't think I can stretch much more.
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Yep, I just started noticing that yesterday. It feels weird.
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My whole belly is incredibly itchy - but whenever I scratch I can hardly feel it...I thought I was making up the numbess thing-- glad to hear that I'm not crazy and I probably really am a little numb!
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