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Sewing Mom Just Accesories, Etc (SMJAE)

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First, I am amazed that I get to start this!!! Yeah!!

Michelle is awesome to work with!!

My first contact with her was a custom order for a wet bag, which I recieved about 4 days after telling her what I wanted for an awesome price. It is wonderfully made and has held up beautifully to almost daily use... Its never leaked and holds a perfect amount of dipes for a day out. (For its first true test of waterproofness, DD got sick and threw up in it-only thing handy-LOL).
My second contact with her products was a set of doublers bought in EC from TP. They are perfect! I bought 11 fleece topped hemp jersey doublers in assorted boyish colors. I loved them so much I gave a new convert two of them to see how she liked them. I most definately plan on ordering more of these when I need them.
My third contact was just a few weeks ago. I ordered some Happy Heinys from her site during a special she had to reduce inventory for her maternity leave. I ordered on a Sat, and asked for crossover tabs. She emailed me on Wed and said that they were shipping that morning, that the delay was because of the tabs... I was distressed 'cause we were leaving on that friday cross country and I was really hoping to get them. I emailed back to ask if she could upgrade the shipping to priority if they had not already gone out... She CALLED me on the phone and told me that they had gone out already to the local PO, but that she had called the post office and asked them to locate my package, and upgraded it for me, free of charge!
In short, they got here Fri, but our mail ran late and we couldnt wait... When we got home, I was so excited to open the package that it was the first thing I did. Inside were my two beautiful HH and two 4 layer hemp jersey inserts (even though the special was for french terry- Ill take hemp anyday over terry!)... YEAH!

Anyway, I love SMJAE, I am planning on buying gift certificates for CDing friends there, and I cant think of any way to find better customer service!
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Michelle is the best to work with-no matter what you order! I've ordered from her 3 or 4 times and each time the quality has been great and her service way above average! She has custom made doublers for me in any size and construction and rarely charged me more than the standard price. I've gotten lots of doublers, her wool soaker pad, velour/flannel wipes and a wet bag from her-all were great. I'll keep going back for more!
I would check out www.SMJAE.com before anywhere else for diapering accessories! And now she has Happy Heinys too!
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I love SMJAE and Michelle is fantastic

I have ordered from her 2 or 3 times. I have ordered MM fleece topped doublers from her in stock store and have also had her make me custom nursing pads. I wanted them larger and without lace, but with MM fleece on the inside. She made them exactly how I wanted them and didn't even charge extra. She also ships instock items so fast! No one beats her products, price, and customer service for diapering accessories.
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Michelle IS fantastic, and her products are so well made and soft. I would highly recommend her velour wipes and he fleece topped liners!
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I have ordered from Michelle about 4 times over the last 8 months and i have been very happy with the quality of her work, and her customer service.
i have bought many of her doublers, hemp inserts, a ton of fabric wipes and i have bought a few HH dipes from her too.

She has fast turnaround time and quick emails.
it's always a pleasure.

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* Great customer service -- superb communication with fast confirmation and answers to questions

* Ability to customize without any hassle

* Variety of products offered

* Wide selection in stock

* Fast shipping at actual shipping cost

* Outstanding quality -- her sewing is perfect

* Quality fabrics and materials

SMJAE is definitely the best place to order doublers and other diapering accessories.
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I rec'd some of her stuff used off the TP and was so impressed that I went to her store to buy more brand new! I agree with everyone else-excellent cust svc (prompt emails and lightning fast shipping), very friendly, quality products, great prices...just a good deal all the way around!
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Michelle is great. I emailed her about making me some fun flannel napkins and she had them out in a couple of days. They are so cute and she even included some fun extras.

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I have three products from SMJAE, and I love all of them:

1. Velour/flannel wipes-- great size, perfect serging, excellent price
2. Hemp fleece doublers (micro topped)-- perfect serging, great absorbency, great price
3. Wool liners (fit underneath doublers or soakers to increase absorbency and prevent wetness from spreading throughout diaper. These are fantastic and work great at night or anytime you want extra absorbency without a lot of bulk. Excellent price, beautifully crocheted of natural wool, really smart idea.

My highest recommendation!
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BEST WAHM EVAH! I can't even think of one thing I could say that isn't a complete rave.
If she doesn't have what you need, she can make it (if she is up for custom orders). Everything about your experience with Michelle and her products will be perfect (ok, she's human, so if it's not perfect, know that it was bound to happen, but is a huge fluke!). Huge thumbs up!
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Another rave review for SMJAE!!!
I ordered an instock soaker from the store and I LOVE IT. Michelle emailed me immediately after I ordered and I had it very fast. I am so glad to see this wahm store back in action!
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Can I just say WOW!!!

Michelle made me a bunch of custom hemp inserts for pockets and they ROCK!!! They wear better than any of the other brands I tried before them and are extremely well made... they look almost machine made they are so beautifully sewn. They are all the SAME size (which you'd think is typical, but in my experience, it's not... I've got some in other brands that vary from one to another of the same size/brand by more than an inch!) and the hemp is really nice quality.

I would order from her again in a heartbeat... oh and she set me a couple of free wipes with my order... YUMMY!!! They are velour and flannel and so soft!!!

Highly recommend Michelle for anything on her site.

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I'm a very happy customer too.

Great products, great CS, great communication.

I'm looking forward to when I can buy some more of her yummy velor wipes.
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Michelle rocks!! Her sewing is beautiful!! Great prices too!!
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