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She's Here!

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Cecilia Olivia was born at 9:54 on Friday after a beautifully short labor at home. My water broke at 4:30ish and around 6am I had contractions and by 6:30 I was fully into it. It was absolutely amazing.

She is 7lbs 14oz and perfect. The name kind of popped up after looking at her all day and oddly enough it wasn't one that we thought of before hand.

We are in love and I couldn't feel any better. What an amazing thing to witness at home with my husband, who was a blessing, in a warm and comfortable environment with music and two wonderful midwives.

Here are some pics:
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gosh, she's beautiful!
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what a doll!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats...she's beautiful!
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She's lovely - Congrats!
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I just cant handle it!! She is sooo cute!! Congrats!!!
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Beautiful baby, and beautiful name! Oh, and I love the hat in the second picture!
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She is beautiful! Congrats!
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she's a doll, love the hair.
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Congratulations! She is a beautiful baby, have fun with her.
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
Beautiful baby, and beautiful name! Oh, and I love the hat in the second picture!
Ditto. What a cutie pants you have there.
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She's beautiful! congrats!
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Soooo peaceful looking, and that hat is too cute! Congrats!
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Awww...she's beautiful! Congrats on an easy and short labour- and welcome Cecilia!
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She is just beautiful! Congrats mama!
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She's beautiful!
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