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Quinn is here!

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details to come later, Quinn born April 4th at 12:30 am at home after 21 hours of active labor!
7.5 lb, 20 inches. Healthy and happy.
mom had to go to hospital immediately after birth, but doing fine now.
placenta woukdn't come out, cord broke. had to have three blood transfusions and away from baby for the first 6 hours but I am looking at the good side - I have a healthy and amazing baby! he has been nursing almost non stop , literally. guess we are making up for our lost hours.
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Congratulations! I'm sorry about your hospital visit -- hope you're feeling OK, mama!
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I'm so glad your baby arrived and is doing well. I hope you are feeling better!! Take good care of yourself!
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it has been so important having you all in the ddc.
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Yay! I know you and I both had some issues with the whole GD thing. I'm so glad that we were both able to have the births we want, and yes, they do seem to be amazing nursers, don't they? Big congratulations to you!
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I'm sorry to hear about all the problems afterwards and I hope you heal quickly!
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Congratulations, Mama!

Sorry to hear about the complications afterward, I hope all continues to get better.
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