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Vision/Depth Perception question

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DD is 4 years old. For a while now, she's been closing her left eye when she looks up at things that are farther away. Now she's been falling down the stairs with enough frequency that i'm very concerned. At first i figured she's clumsy & not paying attention. Or, tired b/c she's still got some low tone & it gets worse when she's tired. but now i'm sure it's not "normal" to fall down this often.

I'm calling the eye doctor in the morning. Hopefully they can see her this week (schools go back on wednesday so hopefully kids all had their appts already : )

Any BTDT stories? Any ideas? I'm feeling so crazed about the stairs! this last fall had me shaking- she was almost upside down at the bottom of the stairs- she hurt her head, back, knee and thumb! poor thing

I don't even know what my question is, other than looking for commiseration/advice/support/etc. Thanks!!!
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DS is 6.5 and still falling down and up the stairs! No one else's kid seems to fall as much as mine. But he's never paying attention and always rushing.

I hadn't thought about an eye sight connection. At DS' last physical our GP did note that DS' vision seemed weaker than the year before (according to their very fast chart test) and that we could arrange to have his vision tested more conclusively. He asked if DS has ever had headaches; he never has. He also mentioned that kids usually have vision difficulties picked up once they start school and have to copy work from blackboards etc but becasuse DS is honeschooled and not needing to do that it's probably not necessary to have glasses etc yet.

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ahhh, food for thought glad i could spark that for you! she doesn't complain about headaches either. i'm not great in the depth perception dept (i walk into things A LOT), so that's what got me thinking.
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Ds is 4 and wears glasses. Feel free to pm me if you have any specific questions.
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That sounds a lot like my oldest. She has ambleopia(sp) basicly it's lazy eye but the eye doesn't turn in. We cought it because she had a problem at her 5th well child check reading hte eye chart. I figured she was just goofing around but our doctor referred us to a ped. eye doctor(actually he specializes in the young and the old) and they did some tests and then dialated her eyes and confirmed it. Looking back she did have some signs of it but I never put them all together. She wears glasses now and was patched for the first year for 4 hours a day and next year they think she'll be weaned off the glasses.

Anyway when you go make sure they check for ambleopia.
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thanks! is the lazy eye noticable? i've noticed her unfocusing her eyes sometimes (like when she's tuning me out) & was wondering if that's "normal" or an issue. ugh, can you tell she's my first?

Liz, thanks! I'll probably pm you after i learn more.
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Originally Posted by bobica View Post
thanks! is the lazy eye noticable? i've noticed her unfocusing her eyes sometimes (like when she's tuning me out) & was wondering if that's "normal" or an issue. ugh, can you tell she's my first?
In my dd's case no not really. Which is the scary part. OUr eye doctor said that if diagnosed early it's no big deal but after around age 9 it becomes much harder to correct and the eye can actually stop working.
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What is your vision like? Kids get 80% of their vision from their mothers.

She could be going near sighted & it is usually more in 1 eye than the other. I was 7 when I got my glasses. We had moved into our new house almost a year earlier. I don't remember getting my eyes checked, just Dad picking me up & driving me to the city to get my new glasses. I had a hard time walking at first because everything looked so different. When I got home I realized for the first time since we moved in that the lino on the floor had squares on it, I thought it was just brown.lol

My oldest is 8 & has had glasses for 1 1/2years. she needs hers done again and will end up getting a new prescription. For her she was getting headaches & said her vision was foggy. She blinked alot too. She is blinking again and does say that things aren't as clear. We did have her eyes checked at 6 due to the headaches. He said her vision was changing but it wasn't enough to warrant getting glasses yet.

My 6yo I am guessing is going to be getting glasses soon. She does get headaches due to low blood sugar. But she says that sometimes things go out of focus and she can't always bring it back right away. I don't know if it is her vision or if she's making it do that.
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Whenever vision in one eye is poorer than the other, I think you lose (some) depth perception. That's definitely been my experience -- I'm nearsighted in both eyes, but more so in one than another. It caused me a lot of problems in school with things like playing tennis, because I just couldn't judge distances that well.
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Yes, you do lose depth perception. That is one of ds's problems. Right now, he has to wear an eye patch for a couple hours a day to try to strengthen the other eye. Plus, he wears corrective glasses. So, he has two problems going on.
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dd is only a baby (and still non verbal) so I can't help with your questions, really. She is myopic (nearsighted). But she does have some depth perception problems. I can only notice it when she crawls/walks into walls, glass doors, ect. I was told to put bright tape at eye level for her. I guess it helps distinguish the objects? She already wears glasses and has for almost a year now.

Not very helpful for an older child...
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always get an exam from a developmental optometrist

My son was just diagnosed with binocular vision and eye teaming problems. He always passed the routine hearing and vision screenings and I had no idea he had vision problems until he had very strange results on an expensive IQ test. Although looking back there were signs: clumsiness, drawing late, lack of interest in print, tiring easily during visual tasks, falling often, social problems, even odd behaviors as a baby. Similar visual perception and eye teaming problems are extremely common, about 15% of the population has them and they have nothing to do with how good the sight is in each eye, sight can be 20/20. They have to do with how the eyes are coordinating and how this info is being transmitted to the brain. All children should really be checked around the age of 3 by a developmental optometrist (not opthamologist). Much like all children should be checked out by a dentist from time to time. Vision screenings DO NOT catch this type of problem and therefore can be very misleading. Vision problems can be serious because they cause all sorts of issues similar to dyslexia, ADHD, gross motor deficits, etc. For my son this is the case, and I am so glad we caught the problem, because so much can be done with vision therapy, particularly in the early years. PM me with any questions.

By the way, covering one eyes is a major sign!
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I think your general practitioner is NUTS!  My daughters vision was checked at about 14 months, found she had an astigmatism... I had problems with her insurance she has worn glasses since a bit over two... and I just found out her eyes don't focus together and she has only 15% depth perception.   We are doing more testing with a developmental ophthalmologist and will most likely do vision therapy.   She is five now.   Just because the child isn't copying of blackboards doesn't have any bearing on whether the child needs glasses now or later that is absurd, only an eye doctor should be making that call!   I'd get a new Dr.  ASAP!!

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