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Frequent cloudy urine- 3 year old

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My newly three year old often has cloudy urine. The first drops that come out when she urinates in the toilet are usually a milky-white type color, and cloudy. We aren't using any type of diaper cream, which is the only thing I could imagine ould cause this. Beyond these first drops of urine, the rest is usually a clearish light yellow. This has been going on for a long time-- like maybe a year. Dd has no known health concerns and actually seems like the epitome of a healthy child. Her attitude and demeanor are wonderful, she rarely complains of anything, she eats amazingly well and has tons of energy. Any ideas as to what could be causing this? FTR, she nurses 2 X a day, drinks water and cow's milk (with chocolate syrup mixed in ). Rarely (several times a week at most), a cup of watered-down juice. Any ideas would be great!
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NO idea!
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THanks for the bump, Gitti. Bumping again.
Do I have to go to the doctor for this one? Please, no...I really don't love our pediatrician...
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Personally I would NEVER, EVER take a healthy child to a doctor. Always go by how the CHILD feels and acts. SHE knows her body and SHE will tell you when something hurts.

Don't rush with going to the doctor, they will find SOMETHING and the vast majority of time that something would have cured itself.

If you are worried, offer her a lot to drink for a day or two. Don't feed her much and just have drinks setting around. She can even play 'kitchen' with lots of water with honey and some sea salt.

I WOULD NOT TAKE HER TO THE DOCTOR. Not from what you have described. She seems like an overall healthy and smart child to me, she will let you know when she has problems.
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My 3 1/2 yo ds had cloudy urine as well and actually had a bladder infection. But he had other symptoms as well including stomachache and painful urination (sometimes).

I might get her some good cranberry juice and a serving of blueberries every day to see f that may help clear it up (if it is, in fact, a UTI). Cant hurt.


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