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I haven't read all the posts (yet), but here, in hot and sticky Florida, people go the mall *just* to be able to walk in the air conditioning. I see a lot of power walking mama's with their kids in strollers. How can one power walk with a 3 year old on foot?
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Originally Posted by BelgianSheepDog View Post
The idea of lugging one of those stupid wagons around makes my back ache just thinking about it.
Then you need to do this.
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Originally Posted by North_Of_60 View Post
Then you need to do this.

Thank you for my best laugh of the day!
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Originally Posted by eclipse View Post
I'd also like to ask you to rethink your perspective on this. I didn't mention it in my previous post, but I also have a 6 year old who you might sometimes find me pushing. He has problems with sensory integration, but from looking at him, you likely would know he had any issues (unless you saw him in the middle of a sensory overload meltdown, in which case you might think he was a brat and I was a bad mom ). Anyhow, sometimes riding is a calming force for him, just like wearing him was when he was younger. All special needs aren't visible ones.
I was just going to post about this; my precious 4-year-old nephew has serious sensory integration problems and is often calmed by being in the stroller, especially if he's in a high-stimulation place like a busy mall or store. You're absolutely right, not all special needs are obvious at first sight.
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Originally Posted by North_Of_60 View Post
Then you need to do this.
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Originally Posted by marsmom View Post
When they have to do it all the time, they do get used to it, based on my experience and a few of my friends anyway.

We also have walked to school every day for 2 years now. In the morning, when she knows we need to get there, she (usually) can focus on moving. On the way home, we can stop and look at every plant, animal, car, etc. that she wants.
Well I'm sure it works well for you, but our school is pretty far away and he sits down and cries, so I would rather let him be in a stroller.....I know WHAT a bad mom...
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Originally Posted by BelgianSheepDog View Post
I'm not kidding. If you really do have Belgian Sheepdogs, they make great carting dogs!

Here is a link for anyone who is interested. I bought the conversion kit from Dog Works. It is attached with a pin, so when I want to put the regular handle back I can.

Kali (my dog) hauls the garbage bins out to the road, and everything. The neighbors all get a kick out of us when we go for a walk all hooked up to the wagon. It's great fun!
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I have a Belgian Sheepdog but she's so neurotic I don't know if she'd go for that. Poor Pixie. It would be awesome if she did, though.
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Would you think twice if that same 4 year old was carried by a parent or being piggy backed? Kids get tired, even older ones. We have had days that we are on the go from morning until night. My 5 year old can keep up for the most part but does sometimes get tired, we tend to put her in the Ergo then, but I have used the stroller as well (and ironically I didn't get a stroller until she was 4)

Also my daughter HATES walking in the city. Get her on hiking trails and she will run a good 2 hour hike that would leave many healthy people out of breath, but put her on a crowded city street and she gets uncomfortable and wants to be held.

There are also days that DD is feeling that she wants to still be "my baby", if putting her in a stroller makes her feel secure and not outplaced it seems to me a very small price to pay for her reassurance

So should she be made to walk at those times because she is healthy? what about the times we as parents drive to a place because we are "just too tired"? isn't that the same thing except the child doesn't really get much say in the outing.
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Wow, you know, I honestly never thought about a 3 or 4 yo being too old for a stroller. Maybe before I had kids I would have said that's too old. But my ds will be 4 next month and I still think of him as being so little. He likes the stroller. He may possibly have sensory issues or PDD-NOS but we're still in the dx process, so that may have something to do with why he likes the stroller but I don't really know. I think he feels calmer and safer in there. And he walks really slow and often walks into people.

On the other hand, I know many people with perfectly typical kids who use strollers at 4, especially jogging strollers or those quick umbrella kind.
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Haven't read the replies.

I live in a big city, so mall shopping is not something I necessarily I do a lot of. I tend to not go with the kids, but if I do have to run in, I will often put my 2.5yo in a stroller with some snacks just so we can get in and out without me having to have a death grip on his arm at the register while he is trying to run to the escalator. But I haven't gone strolling through the mall with my kids since they were babies.

But, since I do live in a big city, we do a lot of walking, and there are a lot of hills. I almost always bring a stroller for when my 2.5yo gets tired, and just yesterday my almost 6yo was begging me to take the 2.5yo out and let him get in because he was so tired after a day at the zoo. We do have a double stroller that we take sometimes on longer walks to the library and such. They spend maybe half the time in it, often just getting in and out.

But I've never really cared if someone uses a stroller or not, or what the age of the child is. I am bothered when I see crying screaming kids in strollers, but again, there could be plenty of good explanations for that as well.
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Who really cares?

I rarely go to the mall, but when I do, you can bet I take my double stroller. Neither of my kids are 'runners', so they walk beside me part of the time. Sometimes one walks while the other rides and sometimes they both ride. The stroller is handy to put packages in too! Also, I've found it easier to have the kids in the stroller when they are eating things I've purchased at the mall. I don't know about all kids, but my kids still have a hard time walking, keeping up with me and eating at the same time.
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I use a stroller when we are in busy places like amusement parks or for long walks because my kids do get tired and I can't always carry them. They are not lazy and are very physically fit. Dad takes them on hikes and they make it to the top of 10,000 foot trails. He and older brother are able to carry them though when they get tired.
They are more fatigued by busy places and the stoller is a safe place for them to retreat and snuggle down for a rest. We also use it to carry backpacks, coats, snacks and water.
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Well, my 5yo still rides in the stroller. He looks normal. I don't care if someone thinks I'm a lazy, selfish, b!tch of a mom. I do what I need to do to keep my kid safe. if you don't like it, don't look. Don't judge. I have my reasons and until you've walked in my shoes, you don't know what's happening.
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My healthy, happy, and active - thank you very much - youngest DD lovedlovedloved her stroller. And I allowed her to ride in it, anywhere and anytime she wanted, 'til she was five. *gasp* Amazingly enough, she is STILL healthy, happy, active, and socially normal. :

She six and a half now - and just the other day insisted on squeezing into the front seat of the shopping cart.

And I let her.
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Why is there so much judgment over ridiculous things like whether a child rides in a stroller or walks? The child is not suffering, so really, who cares?
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Sometimes I wish I could get my ds to take a stroller ride especially when he gets tired.

My ds would not be caught in a stroller, ever. He is so proud to hold the stroller when his little sister is in it.

Don't see this as a big deal, though. If it works and the child is happy, no problem with me.
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Originally Posted by thismama View Post
Why is there so much judgment over ridiculous things like whether a child rides in a stroller or walks? The child is not suffering, so really, who cares?
Honestly, in this case I think it's plain old Calvinist "no pain no gain" mentality. Like, hauling a kid around while your back aches, or making a kid walk until his legs hurt, or leading a constricted life and giving up social contacts to accomodate a kid's ability to walk only shorter distances is "better" because it's "sacrifice." And taking a stroller is "the easy way out." The whole mother-martyr thing, AGAIN.

Also, I think it has a lot to do with North Americans' unhealthy obsession/love affair/abusive dependent relationship with cars. : Just like all the car seat wars. : : Using a stroller only seems "lazy" when you unload the thing from the back of the monsterous hunk of steel you just drove all of three blocks. : : :
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When I want to go on a long walk I take a double stroller. I have back problems and can't carry my 19 month old for long periods of time.
My dd is 4.75 and will get tired after a while so I let her walk when she wants or sit when she wants. This lets me get the exercise I want and dd doesn't get exhausted or whine.
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I have an 18 month old girl. I also have a hubby who sometimes walks 6 steps and feels like he's going to die from the back pain. The stroller is great because even though my dd can walk, she walks slow, is a little too short for me to get a good grip on my hand without me pulling her arm, and runs into people or falls down a lot because she's running so fast on the leash (it's one of them backpack ones). My hubby can push it around and it helps his back not hurt so much. It would be hard to carry her around because she is heavy. Also, since we work in many different stores, I rather she be contained if we can't take her out to play in KB. But once we take her out in a KB, watch out! She runs all over the place and plays with about everything! She can also run around all she wants at home. But for us the stroller is a must. It also has spiffy cupholders!
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