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Male Midwives

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This recently came up for discussion in class.
What do you think of male midwives, or men wanting to become midwives? Do you think men would make good midwives? Explain, please!
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I am sure a man wouild make a fine midwife. they are sorta in the same ring as women midwives who have never actually had a baby. no person experiance but they still have all the ability to be taught the things they need to know. some women only see male Dr. so they should have a midwife available to them. When I had my first my OB nurse was a man anbd he was great. much better than any of the women nurses.

Me? not in a million years. But then again I would only use a midwife who had children. I want someone who has been there done that. also I will only see women for things that it involves getting undressed for.
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Since I have met many women midwives who I don't like or respect very much, or who have not given birth, or not vaginally...I see no reason a man can't be a good midwife. Compassion and committed to a nonmedical model of birth does not seem gender-specific to me. When I wanted DH to meet the male midwife I knew, (due to complications I didn't end up using him) he was uncertain but couldn't indentify why...but though male obs were normal and fine...mostly because he'd never thought about it. Of the run of the mill medwives around here, I thought he seemed like a very good option. Some peole would not want a non-female ob either, which is fine, but I'd be ok with it. I figure he must have respect for women and for birth if he'd enter a field where he's be not too popular, marginalized and poorly paid! .

Midwives and nurses, and elementary and preschool teaching, have a stigma of being female-only caretaking jobs, so men in it are considered freaks, basically. Which is too bad. I know nurturing men, and I'd like to think we are growing more of them here at MDC.
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I'm sure a man could make a fine midwife but I am of the belief that men do not belong in the birthing world. I would never hire a male midwife, I won't even see a man gyne if I have a medical need. Just my personal opinion.
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I have had awesome male doctors and nurses and I'd have a male midwife if I agreed with the way he practiced and I trusted his knowledge.
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I think anybody could make a good midwife if they are doing it for the right reasons and believe in trusting the mama. I can also understand why some people prefer to only see female ob's and midwives.

I had a male ob nurse when I had dd and for some reason he brought so much more comfort to me than the women there (or dh for that matter!) He was very comforting and understanding and patient. He talked me through contractions and held my hand. There was something very soothing about him that gave me stregnth. At one point, during pushing, he was holding my hand and let go to get something..I yelled at him "don't let go of my hand!" much to my and dh's surprise!! so, my opinion is that males CAN find a place in the birthing world
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I think a male midwife (midhusband?) is odd, but OK. I've seen male OB/GYNS; one of my favorites in the group was a guy. But I think a male doula is different. I think (and you're more than welcome to disagree) that a doula is there for comfort and support and an "I know you can do it because I did it" type of feeling. I don't think a guy can do that. I think there's a spectrum with medical at one end and emotional at the other. OB/GYN are on the medical end, midwives are between the medical endpoint and the middle of the specturm, while doulas are a lot closer to the emotional end. Does that make sense?

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I had a male midwife w/ my second & he was great! he was also my only choice for a non-interventive homebirth as the other midwives in the area were not comfy w/ homebirth & there were no non-CNM's to be found. Our insurance also covered his service, which was nice. I am now a homebirth midwife & that birth was 20 years ago & I still consider him to be non-interventive & a great midwife. Karen of BirthTender
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I wouldn't want anyone to attend my birth if they had not already themselves had the kind of birth I wanted.
That's my only requirement!
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