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I have a question....

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At what age can you give your baby camomille to calm them down. I have seen numerous posts about giving this to a fussy baby and I was wondering.....Thank you ladies!
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I would think about 6 months. Martha Stewart says 4 months for a weak solution. i suppose whenever it would be OK to introduce solids/juice
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Justice2 If you can, try to find the book Naturally Healthy Babies and Children by Aviva Romm. She's an herbalist. She recommends I Tablespoon of dried chamomille to 1 cup boiling water. Steep, covered for ten minutes and give to the baby by the dropperful. She says it is good for "colic", so I presume it can be used fairly early...Chamomille and catnip are both regarded as safe for babies.

I used a weak tea solution on my DS at about two weeks to get past the fussy time around 6:00pm.

If you are BF you can also drink it yourself..on second thought, drink it anyway...it will be good for your nerves

Lilyka....is that THE Martha Stewart?

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Hey! Don't listen to Martha!!!! She LIES!!!! LOL!!! ( I am just playing!!!! )

I would think 6 months for most babies......( I am sitting here laughing at my own joke....how lame is that??!!!)
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I've given both my little ones chamomile within weeks of their birth with no problems. My mom's been an herbalist for many, many years, so I grew up "on" herbs and she gave it to me as a wee one. It might ease your worries if you talked to a qualified herbalist; someone you could build a relationship with and trust. While chamomile worked at bedtime for my two; I mainly relied on catnip & fennel extract for fussiness & gas. Catnip is very soothing to the nervous system and is good for stimulation overload and fennel settles upset tummies. A dose for mom AND baby often does the trick (cuz if YOU'RE tense.....your baby is tense).

Remember...they're alot tougher than they look

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Ok, so now, does anyone have any experience with Mountian Rose? It's an online company that sells bulk herbs. If you don't, please offer suggestions as to where I can get some. Thank you in advance!
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No experience with that company, but I can get chamomile, catnip, and fennel (all organic ) at my local food co-op. Whole Foods also has them, if that's all you have around.
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I don't think that I have even that company around. I live in the deep south and I am not sure this area is very up to date in the whole natural living. I only know of one health food store here:
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Justice2...there's a link to Mountain Rose Herbs in the health and healing forum. They kick 10% to mothering if you use that link.
They are a great and reputable company. You should have no problems. Good luck
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