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If you've had a c-section, do you feel that it was necessary?

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And why?
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#1 - c/s for breech - probably not. I managed to birth a breech baby a week ago. But I didn't know that then, and it was the best choice I could make with the info I had.

#2 - placental abruption - yes, I don't think there was any other option that could have left us both alive and well.
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Yes, and no.

I had a cesarean for a baby in a transverse lie. When we went to the hospital to attempt ECV, all the fluid had leaked out and there was nothing left to turn him in. So, under those circumstances, yes, I think it was necessary.

HOWEVER, I really, really, really wish my midwife had done somethng to verify his position during those last two months of appointments other than nonchalantly commenting things like, "Hmmmmmmm.... I can't quite seem to tell where this baby's head is... I think he may be sideways, but I'm not sure..." and then at other appointments "Hmmmm.... I'm not exactly sure, but I think I feel a head down in the pelvis, maybe..." Perhaps if she had been a little more agressive in finding that out, I could have attempted the ECV earlier, or done excercises to turn him head down, or whatever. So, in the sense that a few months is often plenty of time to get a transverse baby flipped, no, I don't think my cesarean was necessary.

Does that make sense?
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I think so. When I was about 7 cm dilated, my babies heart rate went down to less than half of what it was supposed to be and never came back up. I changed positions and got in some really weird ones too, nothing worked. They considered manually stretching my cervix the remaining cms but were worried about how long my pushing might go. So I agreed with them that a c-sec was the best thing. I have no regrets on that
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yes. calcified placenta. cord doubled around his neck AND once around his left foot.
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Yes. Both were footling breeches. Anyone else who wants to vaginally deliver that presentation is more than welcome to.
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I'm not totally sure. But with the information and resources I had available to me, I think it was all that was left to do. I was in labor for about 49 hours before my section, the first 42 or so at home. I dilated with no problem, she was just stuck behind my pubic bone. I was at 10 for close to 24 hours! No urge to push (Not that we didnt try) I agreed to AROM after 12 or so hours at 10, no changes. (this is at home so I wasnt stuck to a bed, I changed positions a lot) After a transfer, and *shudder* epidural and pit, we had no progress, so a c/s. baby was posterior, and almost 9lbs. I have a hard time calling it "necessary" because, well, I dont even believe in a c/s being necessary because the baby just "wouldnt come down"

I wonder what would have happened if we'd just waited indefinitely. or if we managed to get her to turn. or if i'd gone to a chiro, or eaten better and had a smaller baby.
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A lot of family history played into my c-section.

All of my sisters who went to term had very large babies, exceedingly high blood pressure and then drastic change of heart rate for the baby. They all ended up in emergency c-sections. None of them had babies under 9lb. 14 oz. The largest was 12'6oz.

I also have asthma and knew the breathing issues I would have and did not want to again end up with an emergency c-section.

I was also not aware of all that was out there for natural options.
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Yes it was necessary. DD was severely IUGR. My placenta was failing. It saved her life.

Why do you ask?
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Absolutely necessary - prolapsed umbilical cord. It saved her life without a doubt.
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Yes, in the end because of fetal distress.

And no because the intervention leading to the c/s was unnecessary and what caused the fetal distress.
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Absolutely not. my c/s was for "not-qualified-to-catch-a-frank-breech-baby-practitioner." There was no medical reason for it whatsoever - I just happened to go into labour on the day that none of my possible practitioners were on call.
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Absolutely not. I still don't really know why he did it. I had high blood pressure and they were concerned that I was developing toxemia, but it wasnt high enough for me to be on any kinds of medication or anything, so it couldn't have been that bad. (was 12 yrs ago so I don't remember the exactly the bp)

BTW, mine was scheduled 2 months ahead of time at a doctor's office (so there was no "omg your bp is so high we have to get the baby out" kind of drama)

The doctor told me that a cesarean would be safer due to my high blood pressure, and that it would 'help me avoid the pain of childbirth' and I jumped at the chance, because I was young and nieve. Of course he didn't mention the amount of pain I would be in AFTER the birth, or the amount of time after the pain killer prescription wore off that I would be in excrutiating pain and "just taking advil" as the doctor so nicely suggested.

I think he just didn't want to have to be on call for a birth and saw this as his opportunity to get out of one, because I was so young and stupid.
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Yes, kind of. The first was only because I was induced with cytotec. The second I do believe was necessary. I probably could've pushed for vaginal after transferring from home to the hospital, but my daughter probably would be dead (as it stands, she has massive brain damage from a stroke that probably occured during the labor). I just stalled for whatever reason after a long labor (by the time I had my c/s i'd been in labor for almost 72 hours). That said, I don't blame it on trying for homebirth and would try for HB again. Things happen, I know I did all I could to be safe and I had a great midwife. The same thing could've happened in the hospital, or even been worse because I'm sure they would've shot me up with a pitocin and junk and made it even harder on dd2.
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Originally Posted by intorainbowz View Post
Why do you ask?
I'm asking because I do know that c-sections are sometimes necessary, and I want to hear the stories behind them.
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I think mine was, as much as I hate to admit it. I pushed for 13 hours and she just wouldn't come out. Pushed in every position known to woman. Pushed and pushed and pushed. so... we packed up and went to the hospital and I was cut open.
This hasn't stopped me from blaming myself for not achieving a vaginal birth.
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I have had two c-sections, first was induced even though I was 5 1/2 cm. dialated when I went in, was put on magnesium for my BP, and talked into an epidural after hours of refusing, my labor wasn't progressing "fast enough" for the doctor (20 hrs. later) and told me I needed a c-section. Second one, well, I can't honestly tell you the reason, the baby was big (yeah right), they didn't have my medical records from my previous delivery, that's all I can think of, and it was 9 days before my due date! In retrospect, I would say that neither were necessary! Now I am pregnant with number 3 and no one in my area will do a VBA2C, so I'm stuck having a third c-section, and this has been my easiest and healthiest pregnancy so far.
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chiromama, sounds like we had similar experiences was your baby's positioning off?
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Mine was... At only 5 cm, his heart rate kept dropping, then completely stopped (had the scalp electrode on), forcing me under general anesthesia and saving his little life. I STILL cry over this experience, having losing the vaginal delivery I wanted, but so grateful he survived it.
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Originally Posted by LiLStar View Post
chiromama, sounds like we had similar experiences was your baby's positioning off?
Dunno. the surgeon said she wasn't. (hence the blame and guilt and hating myself ) but I think she had to have been.
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