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Easter Baby - or not

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So I woke up yesterday with contraction 10-15 minutes apart. I got up, made breakfast, and in a couple of hours they were 7-10 minutes apart. We showered and went to the Farmer's Market. By the time we were done, ctrx were 3-7 minutes apart - for an hour!

We are having a hospital birth, so we drove over there and they sent us into triage. I sat down on the table in triage and the contractions started slowing down - way down! I only had 4 during the hour we were there! So we headed back home and by the time we got here, NOTHING!

I was so tired from the morning's contractions that I lay down and took a nap. Since then I haven't had a single ctrx.

So off to work for me this morning! I guess she was just not ready, although DH and DS certainly were.
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The same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago! Hope you have a good day!
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Well hopefully those contractions yesterday will lead to something more in the next few days!
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Hang in there...sounds like your babe is almost ready!!!!!!
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