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*~ Weekly Thread April 9-15 ~*

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Another week down! I'm starting to feel ready to give birth now. Last night I had 4 serious contractions back to back about 2 mins apart that required me to breathe through them, they woke me up. They were real labor contractions - not BH. I had to take some cramp bark tincture to get them to stop. I feel like my body is really starting to gear up for labor, I just hope to hang in there for another 4 weeks to at least make it to 36 weeks. But watch, I'll stay pregnant for 42 weeks after all of this

Has anyone else started having some real contractions that require breathing? I think I'm gonna lay off the RRL tea for a while!
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Stay pregnant Jillian!

I'm ready to give birth too. I'm trying to keep a good attitude but this is getting mighty uncomfortable. I've never given birth before so I don't know what real labor contractions feel like, but over the past few months I've experienced the kind of contractions that require concentration. The only time they really scared me was when I was sick last month and they were coming between 3-5 minutes apart for about 4 hours. The rest of the time my contractions are strong (I cannot take a deep breath) but rarely do I feel them as “wrap around” or centered near the cervix. Lately I’ve been feeling more cervical pain but in my case I think that’s the baby goofing off.

So has anyone else started slacking off from posting because they’re too tired to hang out at the computer? I have to admit, I’ve been naughty. I’ve been reading a lot of posts, especially the due date clubs ahead of us, and haven’t been leaving a reply. How bad is that?:
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I am definitely not ready (30 weeks today). This is my 1st. I feel completely unprepared & out of shape & wonder how I'll ever get thru labor. The thought of giving birth in 10 weeks (or less) is scary. I haven't been doing my Kegels & it's been so darn cold that I haven't wanted to walk. I've been getting tons done around the house though & Ian's furniture is starting to arrive. Maybe once I have my shower, I feel more ready.

I haven't been getting any contractions, a cramp occasionally, but my abdomen does get really hard sometimes which I assume is BH.

I hope everyone stays pregnant until baby is truly ready to come out.

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It's scary (because we have SO much we need to get done before this inner child becomes an outer child) but I do feel like my body is moving very clearly into the "birth" mode. My mom actually watched me for a while yesterday and said "You know, I think you're going to go early this time". Of course, after a 42+ week pregnancy with dd I'm trying not to get my hopes up for a 37 weeker!

Of course, the fact that my care provider was discussing various "getting ready" ideas last week didn't help my patience any!

None of my BH have gotten into any sort of pattern this time round (unlike last time when just a quick walk would jump start hours of regular BH from about 4 months on) but they've been STRONG. Almost painful actually. Not just a tense belly, but I can feel them in my cervix and wrapped across my belly and back. I'll have maybe one or two of those a day with a few smaller ones thrown in here or there, but those "hard" ones require some breathing and focus to relax.

I'm doing the hypnobabies program and have been practicing the "center switch" for the last week and so I'm trying to look at these BH as a good chance to practice! (for mamas not familiar with the hypnobabies program...the home study teaches you to re-interpret the sensations of birth in a more positive/less "painful" way. One of the tools is learning to create an automatic state of relaxation by visualizing a "switch" that can "turn off" certain areas of the body, resulting in complete relaxation of those muscles. I don't know that it will work for me during birth, but it's been a wonderful chance to spend 30 minutes a day focused on myself and just "relaxing"!)

And belly bean has been very wiggly the last few days. I'm trying to make sure I stay in good positions (in terms of OFP) since this seems to be the best time to encourage her!
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I like the idea of thinking of these contractions as practice. They always make me feel more confident after I get through them. Some days I really start to worry about labor since I know what to expect this time around, but I feel so encouraged after making it through a few cntx. I've never done the hypnobabies program but I've also been practicing complete relaxation during the contractions and it truly makes them less painful.
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I am ready now for baby but I know baby is not ready to come yet. I really hope it's not 2 weeks late like DS was. DD was 2 1/2 weeks early which would be great, but I coughed her out (coughed so hard it ruptured the membranes and she was born through induction). I figure baby has to be pretty close to being born on the due date to even things out, right? If it's late I'm afraid it will be close to 10 pounds and that kind of freaks me out.

I waaaaaay over did it on sweets yesterday. I shouldn't be eating sugar anyway but it was so hard to resist. I'm going to be spending the rest of the week eating mostly protein trying to make up for it .

I just have to keep hoping time goes by quickly.
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I haven't had anything remotely resembling a contraction. I'd know it if I did, right? When people talk about BH they always mention the tightness of the belly and mine is always tight though maybe that's typical with twins.

I'm measuring full term (for a singleton) now and although I'm big as a house and experiencing all the expected discomforts that go along with that--I want so badly for the babies to get to full term (40, not 38!). When we first discovered twins I was nervous because of all the hype about twins 'always' coming early. Now I'm no longer worried. My intuition feels pretty solid that they're happy in there for now and in no rush to be born.

They have been moving a lot. Not just kicks but feels like full blown somersaults. I can't always tell exactly who is who, but am hoping they'll figure out getting vertex in time. Meanwhile I know exactly where those alien movie special effects come from--anyone else's belly going through visible contortions?
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Good for you, Tori I hope your babies hang in as long as they need too Post some belly pics!

My belly does the contortionist thing. It is very strange. Elbows and knees feel SO wierd when they roll around in there!
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I don't think my body is ready yet, although I did dream last night that my mucus plug came out and I was bleeding. I have also been plagued with doubts this time that something will go funny with this birth--sideways baby or pre-term or something. I am a paranoid type of person, but I don't think I had these fears as much with my FIRST!

Interestingly, though I have more of these worries, I am still so blase about the birth. I mean, I remember that it got really hard, but most of my memories are of how blissfully, angelically supported I felt during the early hours, and how powerful and completely self-actualized I felt as a woman after I did it and succeeded in pushing DS out.

Even though I'm afraid everything will happen early or with funky complications, I'm just, like, shrug, oh well, que sera sera! Totally unlike myself, actually.

Torio -- isn't there some evidence that keeping your calorie intake up helps multiples to stay in longer? Something like convincing your body that it is "safe" and that you have access to enough food? I think I saw that on the Discovery Health Channel, FWIW...

I still need to pick out countertops for my kitchen remodel. I don't have anyone to go with me and help with the aesthetic decisions. (DH is USELESS for this!) I think I've done everything else for that project (that would require me to leave the house.) The contractor still thinks they are starting April 23rd, so as long as I have the baby at least a week or so after that...

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I vote that Willo gets the Grand Prize for Nesting. Kitchen remodel! Wow!
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Originally Posted by Marvelleaux View Post
I vote that Willo gets the Grand Prize for Nesting. Kitchen remodel! Wow!
Hey, this is my well-earned reward. We bought our house in 2001. We could've spent a lot more, but we opted for financial caution and bought what we could easily afford so I could stay home when we had kids (2003.)

We've done all kinds of BORING work on the house--new roof, dry basement system, insulation, heating system upgrades--but NOTHING cosmetic except for a necessary exterior paint job and having the nursery stripped/painted.

Finally, I get to have a "sexy" home improvement project!!! All of our friends (who live in "better" neighborhoods and drive nicer cars) will be able to see why we love our old house, at least a little bit. It is solid and well-built, but cosmetically challenged. My kitchen appliances are circa 1964--aqua blue GE cooktop and oven, neither of which work well, plus no doubt energy pigs. I WILL GET MY DISHWASHER INSTALLED. Oh, heaven! Oh, bliss! My new fridge alone should use about 20% of the energy of the old one, so I also think I'll be saving electricity and water with the new appliances.

I think I deserve this. We are generally fiscally conservative (ahem--cheap!) and, while it seems a shocking expense, I know it will add value to our home, plus make my life SO much easier. If nothing else, now I will feel safe letting my kids into the kitchen. DS was always kept out with gates! Our stove has push-buttons on the front at toddler eye-level. Our garbage disposal switch is also at toddler level. I can't wait to have room for a small dining table in there so I won't have to vacuum carpet after every meal.

I'm still kind of amazed that this is happening, really. I think I'll be shocked when they start work.

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In general it's a pretty ick show...but I just saw an episode of Runway Moms and so now I'm split between wanting my babe and wanting to stay "sexy pregnant lady"!

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Originally Posted by Marvelleaux View Post
I vote that Willo gets the Grand Prize for Nesting. Kitchen remodel! Wow!
I'll second that. A kitchen remodel is nesting at it's finest!

My little man has seemed to change positions. I'm not sure where he's hanging out now but movements have changed a bit. It seems to happen everytime I start having contractions - it's like he knows that it is too early for him to be born so he moves to breech to lessen the impact on my cervix. Smart little guy!

I forgot to ask, has anyone had glucose in their urine? Is it a big deal? My urine dip showed some glucose last appointment (for the first time) and I've already passed my GD test. My MW didn't seem too concerned since I had some sugar with breakfast, but is this an issue? I go back Thurs and I'm hoping there is no sugar this time around, but I have been pigging out on jelly belly jelly beans :
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Willo, yes the kitchen remodel rocks! I'm excited for you. We tore down the wall that separates the two diningrooms (ours is a duplex that we live in a a single family) but discovered that we have to wait to really do any of the sexy stuff--$$$ and twins alas. Enjoy it, sounds like you deserve it! BTW my DH bought and installed a used dishwasher a couple of months ago (my first ever!) and it really is a dream. Geez, who knew modern technology could be SO amazing.

And yes, I've also read the same thing about diet. Dr. Barbara Luke has a whole book about multiple pregnancies and there's a big focus on adequate diet, especially protein. I'm working at 130-150 gms a day which is no easy feat. I'm so sick of eating, but keeping at it because I'm convinced it's making all the difference. So far the perinatologist says our babes are as big as they would be as singletons--my belly shows it!

Jillian, I read someplace (not sure where, sorry) that spilling a little sugar into urine is not at all uncommon for pregnant women. It's not always a sign of GD. Many women with GD don't spill urine and vice versa. Keep an eye on it and if your midwife isn't concerned I wouldn't be either. Meanwhile if it makes you feel better you can adjust your diet to what would be prescribed if you did have GD.

Marvelleux, Thanks, the words of encouragement mean a lot! DH bought me a digital camera for my b-day (I'm 42 now!) so once I learn to use it I'll send a belly pic to our DDC.

Tonight I'm really happy. DH got home early from work. I finished our taxes! And we're off to snuggle before dinner.

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Jillian, a little glucose isn't a big deal as long as it doesn't recurr often and you don't have pre-E issues. Often if you have an amount of sugar that you don't regularly have (maple syrup w/ pancakes, etc), then your body will "leak" some.

I'm doing GREAT! I'm spending my time wisely doing scrapbooking, taking some naps, singing, and all the regular housewife/work stuff too. I've gained a TON of weight in the last couple of weeks, like close to ten pounds. That means I have gained about 25-30 pounds overall, which is lots for me. Makes me feel good, like the baby is growing well!
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I wish we were having our kitchen remodeled, everything is in ok shape, the floor is icky linoleum though. Although we're not having anything remodeled, we are having the entire upstairs painted (never did this since we moved in 2.5 yrs ago) & are having the backyard landscaped. I have been obsessing over colors. This is all on top of my organizing every closet, drawer and storage area in our house. All those things I've procrastinated on are getting done now. Also my friends are throwing me a shower in my own house so I feel like I want to have it in good shape.

For me, I think "nesting" = trying to make order out of impending chaos. I feel unready for labor & an actual "outer" baby.
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It's official - I am a nester!!!
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I'm feeling reallllly great about the whole birth thing right now. Very confident I can do this. Which is a big change from a few months ago! I've started getting things together now.

The BH are definately becoming a tad more frequent, and I'm getting these squishy pangs in my cervix that I remember from my first pregnancy. I'm drinking a quart a day of the RRL, but I think the infusion I was doing was a little too strong... my gut was telling me to ease up a bit. So I'll be waiting another month before I start adding more and letting it steep/brew several hours.

Something that sort of put everything in perspective as far as time goes... I have two more "regular" appts at 32 weeks and 34 weeks, and then I have my 36 week home visit! That just seems crazy to me. I feel like I haven't talked about everything I want to talk about with my midwife yet!!
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i got started working in the nursery today!!! things are mostly ready though i need to get the clothes, diapers, and bedding washed.

jilian, i have a lot of ctx too. mine are mostly just mildly painful, but i have had a few that totally bring to mind the pain of labor. eek! i'm hoping this little one will follow in her big sister's footsteps and i'll make it to 37 weeks again! i've had ctx and ptl scares with all three, but my first two both made it to term (and my first didn't come until 38 weeks)!!
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Originally Posted by Shell_Ell View Post
Something that sort of put everything in perspective as far as time goes... I have two more "regular" appts at 32 weeks and 34 weeks, and then I have my 36 week home visit! That just seems crazy to me.
Holy moly, that really does put it into perspective, doesn't it? I've got my 30, 32, 34, 36... Then usually one goes in weekly in the home stretch, right? So we're only talking eight more visits (for me, and I'm later June!) to get us up to 40 weeks.

Ladies, I don't want to alarm anyone, but I think some of us are going to be having some babies soon! :

Suddenly, I feel so unprepared. : But, really, what else do we need to do? I've washed three shirts and one single-piece outfit, so baby will be all set, right?

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