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Pooping and pelvic tilts (probably TMI!)

OK you guys, I think I've got it. I spent yesterday trying to get into a position that would encourage the Wattlet to slide out of a transverse lay to heads-down and I think I discovered the cure for stubborn poop in the process (the kind that's already in your lower bowel but won't budge).

I took the queue from a thread Whitewax started about positioning breech babies (putting something under your back and butt while lying on the floor), but my baby wasn't really breach. He/she was transverse with the butt hanging out higher than the head. I really wanted to fix this because I read somewhere that aggressive BH's like the kind I've been having are sometimes caused by the babe being in a bad position and not able to get out of it becuase of the mothers' poor posture...(Just what I need--MOMGUILT! hehe). So here is what I did:

First, I started sitting like I'm "supposed" to as suggested by spinningbabies--leaning forward, knees lower than hips, etc. That was OK, hard to get used to but I managed. Then I got on all fours and hung out there for awhile. This wasn't very comfortable on my upper body so I grabbed a file box and leaned on it which felt much better. Then out of boredom (I think) I started wiggling my hips a little and then I pressed my hips toward the file box. Boyolla! I don't know how to describe the sensation but I could tell I that something really good was happening. It was like I suddenly had a whole bunch of extra room.

I leaned back and did a few more gentle presses and suddenly had the urge to go. I went to the bathroom and had a lovely time. Afterward I noticed that the baby's head had also sunk lower in the right direction. I performed this activity two more times throughout the day and each time I ended up with exactly the same results--pooping and baby's head closer to 6 o'clock.

I had a couple more intense BH's that day but they weren't nearly as uncomfortable as before, and last night I slept comfortably for the first time in AGES! I still got up to pee about 6 times but didn't toss and turn and worry that I was crushing the baby's head, and the baby didn't kick and punch every time I moved so I think he/she got good rest too!

I'm in SUCH A BETTER MOOD today!
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funny..I had noticed a correlation too! kind of reminds me of this cartoon:
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Originally Posted by Jilian View Post
I'm still having a lot of cramping and pressure on my pubic bone, but I did get to sleep last night. ... During contractions I kept thinking "But I don't have a bunch of food in the freezer, I can't go into labor yet".
Jilian-- Sheesh. Scary! I hope my earlier post didn't talk you into this scare.

As for the freezer, keep it empty. You can't possibly go into labor if it is empty, right?

Marvelleaux-- glad to hear you did so well moving your baby and your bowels yesterday.

DS and I stayed up sooo late last night! : DH is right. I would never get that child to bed if he didn't nudge us every night. (I always stay up too late when DH is away, though. I think I'm subconsciously waiting for him to come home before bed...)

Thanks to all for kind thoughts on the hospital tour experience. Really, it is just that initial separation that freaks me out. Don't you think they could wait to do that part until after we go from L&D to Maternity? That's what I need to find out. I've got a midwife appointment tomorrow. I need to ask them...

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So...for mamas of more than one...

This time round I'm carrying really low...I remember last time dd engaged/dropped down pretty close to her birth. I had the waddle/bowling ball in the groin feeling for about three weeks (keeping in mind I went to 42+ weeks). But now my profile is very much the "low/dropped" look, and Roro is literally bouncing off my cervix with every step! Just walking down the block to the coffee shop this morning was hard...I could feel every step in my groin and it was just NOT comfy!

Plus my hips are killing me and, depending on where Roro is, I've got really odd nerve "twinges"...which I assume are caused by Roro hitting a nerve bundle in my pelvic area.

I do have an appointment on Wednesday and I'll ask, and I know that second (and later) babes end to be lower and pop out sooner since the muscles aren't as tight (and I have a HUGE diastasis this time when last time I didn't have any). But I also thought that while the first babe engaged a few weeks before birth a later babe might not engage until labor had actually begun?

Anyone else feeling this sort of lower/harder/kind of ouch pressure from their little one? I try to walk a half hour a day but honestly, I don't think I'm going to be able to do it much longer!
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I've heard that a first baby can engage weeks before labor and second (or more) babies sometimes don't engage until labor - but I don't believe. This baby is certainly feeling locked into position. And my sister's first baby didn't engage until she was 41+ weeks and induced. So I don't think it's true for everyone.

My little guy is really, really low this time. I don't remember feeling a baby this low with my last pregnancy.
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I'm already waddling, but I think it's because my hips are rubbery and not that baby's engaged. I still feel her doing somersaults - but I also have small-ish babies, so they have more room than other 32-weekers.
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