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Poll Results: Did You Have Unexpected Problems with Homebirth?

  • 5% (46)
    yes, a problem with baby, but we managed the birth at home anyway
  • 7% (55)
    yes, a problem with baby, for which we went to seek medical help
  • 9% (71)
    yes, a problem with mom, but we managed birth at home anyway
  • 9% (73)
    yes, problem with mom, for which we went to seek medical help.
  • 68% (536)
    no, no problems with baby or with mom.
781 Total Votes  
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I found this thread very interesting on so many level. Firstly it reinforces the limits of statistical data. Secondly the qualitative stuff is so interesting. It takes the mystery out the notion of complications. It shows the art of assisting women in birth and help educates them.
I choice ´mom with complications but managed at home´because I was a hbac and was diagnosed with GD.
I considered VBAC for me a risk small and would have been more risky to have a hospital birth. My first was a birth center very quick and easy and my second was a c-section for suspected fetal distress (he was fine).
During my pregnancy with my planned homebirth I was diagnosised with GD. I had the test when I was 8 months pregnant less than a week after buring my father (in another country, traveling long distance, unespected event..)
So the test was done under duress. I did a lot of ready more deeply into GD and considered a condition under suspect...
I was attended by and MD (strange for me). He was super understanding and rational and said that he had doubts about the results and wanted to repeat them I declined but would do fingersticks (more for me than him). All normal, rest of my pregnancy without a hitch. This decision was helped alot from the reviewing MDC site on this subject and others similar sites and references.
My daughter was born at home with a doula, my husband, our eldest daughter, our baby sitter with our other son, homebirthing friend and me of course. It was splendid. These issues were seen in the larger context, of me, my body, the view of childbirth by my provider they were not seen so much as complications by slight devations from normal.
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Originally Posted by Journey
I think one of the reasons you're not getting as many replies from those who've had uncomplicated births is because of the title of the thread... "did you have unexpected problems with homebirth". Those who did not have unexpected problems may just blow past this thread.

I am one of the homebirthers who had NO complications whatsoever. I nearly blew past this thread myself.
I agree, the wording of the question makes a big difference. It's important to try to keep survey questions neutral. Like, "What was the result of your planned homebirth?"

Also, some of the posters have had more than 1 homebirth. Their replies talk about the one with problems, since that was what the question asked. So, when they took the poll, did they vote once for each homebirth? Or, did they just vote once and check one of the "problems" boxes because one of their homebirths did have a problem? That would skew results.
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I voted "problem w/ mom but managed at home anyway"

I had cervical stenosis (scar tissue on the cervix) from having cryosurgery for cervical dysplasia (which I really didn't need, but the Dr.s scared me into when I was 19, but that's a long drawn out issue itself).

My cervix wouldn't dilate normally- so when my uterus was functioning like I was in transition I was still only at 5-6 cm. my midwife manually broke up some of the scar tissue (ouch) and then told me that since I was 100% effaced and 8cm that I could push the baby past the cervix I had left which would break up the rest of the scar tissue. It was incredibly hard (I had been having 1-2 minute long intense contractions coming 1-2 minutes apart and sometimes one on top another for about 3 hours) but I did it. We talked about transporting a little but decided to see if I could just push him out and resolve it at home. I'm glad my boyfriend and my midwife gave me the encouragement to do so.

ds also had his cord wrapped 3 times around his neck, but was fine- Apgars of 9 and 10.

We both ended up fine and happy at home.
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Hmm we had interesting issues with each birth. After my first I was loosing a lot of blood and my midwife asked to give a pit. shot, and I accepted (DD was already nursing, too).

My second did not want to engage fully and my midwife did a check to find out what was going on...He was presenting with a hand by his face and in an excruciatingly painful manuever, my midwife got him to pull back that little hand and he dove through my birth canal and out into the world within minutes. He was also a little slow to start.

My third did the same funny engagement thing as my second, I think it may be the way my babies sit inside of me? This time my midwife realized what was going on and did the same painful check. He engaged and I went 6-7-8-9-10 right away. He was born a little slower and more controlled though (also a water birth). He had some light meconium staining but nothing major. Bad skin irritation from it though, so he got a calendula bath at home and that cleared up.

I'd say we had perfect births but they each had their unique aspects. The bleeding was the worst and I've tried to be proactive to make sure that that didn't repeat.
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I voted no problems. We were an unplanned homebirth. We were supposed to go to the hospital. Then all hell broke loose as the mws arrived to check me before we headed up to the hospital
Totally totally unprepared for his arrival on our floor. Carpet was destroyed.
He had a first apgar of 10. Coudn't have been more perfect and healthy.

We were planning to hb this one too but there are concerns about the placenta position so we're planning for hospital this time through... still a slim chance of home but I'm trying to focus on just a healthy safe birth for us both.
Good luck.
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I had 3 uneventful home births, from a medical standpoint. 3 healthy babies, and a healthy me all 3 times.

After my 3rd birth (1st UC) we went to the hospital "just to get checked out" because of the fears of other adults in the house. That turned into a week-long NICU nightmare (for NO valid medical reason) and several months of CPS observation.
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I do not know what you mean by problems...

In the hospital, most posterior lies are delivered surgically because they take longer and are more painful.

At home this is something that the mother is supported emotionally and physically and not considered a problem.

At the hospital, a cord around the neck is a major problem; usually because the mother has been given pain meds and the baby is getting a good dose of them, so time is of the essence.

At home, this is not a problem, simply a complication that is simply dealt with.

At the hospital, shoulder dystocia is a major emergency.

At home, shoulder dystocia is a time pinch problem.

I think that it is hard to distinguish between the way something is viewed at home and the way the same thing is viewed under the auspices of a surgeon with knife in hand.

E.G., I had posterior labor with my first two babies; shoulder dystocia with my first baby and the second had a deflexed head. Both were long, very painful labors, but I got through them without needing even a stitch. Recovery was easy. Bf was uneventful...

Medically, I had unremarkable labor both times with excellent support for a natural birth.

Did I have problems? Yes, but they were inconsequential.
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With my first baby / homebirth, there were no complications of labor, but the homebirth midwife intervened in a way that was against my mind, my body, and my decisions and harmed me physically & emotionally. I have physical issues that are probably permanent and am in recovery from PTSD / birthrape. I was not hospitalized.

With my second baby / homebirth there were no complications of labor. My baby required light resuscitation which I handled myself, and am proud to say I birthed an 11 pound baby in safety and peace, easily with no "pushing" and with a tiny skin split down my scar line.
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no problems- ds was born posterior, and i bled heavily after the birth, but those two things arent really "problems"

the reason i think the results of the poll are skewed is that most of the complication/variations talked about were not caused or excacerbated by the homebirth; they just happened to occur at home, kwim? it doesnt mean HB is mmore dangerous. those things would have happened in the hospital as well, possibly with more serious outcomes (like a pp mentioned, posterior babies are more likely ot be sections, as are moms with borderline BP, etc etc)

kind of OT- there a a few posts on this thread where the MW seemed incompetent- yikes! all the more reason to check credentials when hiring!
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No unexpected complications, here. :-)

I had a smooth home birth as planned. I was 8cm before I got into the tub. Most of my birth pictures were taken in the water, after my water broke, and many people have commented on how calm and in control I seemed.

I believe my non-threatening home environment enabled me to relax and remain that way. This was a big help in working with my contractions. I birthed my first dd in the hospital naturally (not even an iv) in the water, so I believe I had the most mother-friendly experience I could've expected at the hospital, but still completely different!

My dd was born with her cord around her neck, and my mw quickly slipped it off and put her on my chest while she rubbed dd with a towel. There was no sense of panic. Dd was breathing fine, and with no cries. I carried dd with me, cord still attached, to the bed where I delivered the placenta. We didn't cut the cord for quite a while after the placenta was delivered and breastfeeding had been established.

I can't describe the amount of tension that didn't exist simply because I wasn't in the hospital. (such as a CNM I barely knew & a room full of nurses and their baby equipment that showed up during the pushing stage : )This time I had spent hours talking with my CPM and getting to know her during prenatal visits. She happily described in detail every procedure / test involved in my prenatal care and childbirth. How wonderful it was to be expected to make my own decisions and have such a high level of respect!
I found the entire experience empowering on many levels.
My birth story is also posted in the Birth Stories forum.
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I wasn't sure how to vote.... I could have gone one of three ways! (same birth)

I had a planned homebirth with dc3. Really my most fabulous birth - so calm and joyous and almost pain-free. Except for that pesky last few minutes... We didn't know she was posterior. It sucked. Wasn't sure if I should vote
*problem with baby but we managed at home OR
*problem with mom but we managed at home OR
*no problems

SHE was posterior but it was more of an issue for ME!!! But it really was fairly minor during labor. My problem is what it did to my body as a (so far) permanent result. But unless I'd agreed to a c-section in the hospital (if I'd been there already), we would have had the same result - and a c-section was my worst fear so I'm sure I wouldn't have consented to that.

My suggestion to anyone having a birth ANYWHERE is not to sit in recliners while pregnant..... I'm sure sorry I did!
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No problems except that my baby came so fast, our midwife didn't make it in time. She said I lost a "decent" amount of blood, but she wouldn't call it a hemorrage, but close.
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Originally Posted by Kirsten
My suggestion to anyone having a birth ANYWHERE is not to sit in recliners while pregnant..... I'm sure sorry I did!
I never sat in a recliner or anything resembling it before, during or after pregnancy, and I had two miserable posterior labors.

I spent more time walking, bicycling, weight-lifting, stretching, dancing and squatting.
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"At the hospital, shoulder dystocia is a major emergency.

At home, shoulder dystocia is a time pinch problem." Applejuice

Actually, at home s.dystocia can also be a major emergency. Its rare & fatal s. d. can still happen, even after the Gaskin maneuver is tried & mom never lies down on her back. Technically, it could also be called a time pinch, if baby doesn`t get out in time, its very bad, no matter where you are. I had a midwife tell me s.d. is always "easy" to deal with at home, b/c mom can move easily, no epidural. Yet, after I lost my son to complications from s.d. the midwife admitted she had never seen "true s.d." True meaning 10 minutes has gone by, 10 positions have been tried and still no baby.

Sorry, I guess its obvious I`m one of the few whose hb didn`t work out. I hope I`m not scaring any pregnant mamas, I just have a hard time when s. dystocia is treated lightly.
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My SIL's first child was very large, 9+, and the doctor broke the baby's shoulder taking her out.

She did not know the baby's shoulder was broken until she saw the bill for it.

I am sorry that happened to you LIseux.
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Nope, never had a problem at all with all 3 homebirths.
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We had a wonderful HB! I decided to have a HB 4 weeks before my due date, and wish I'd have been more prepared (like having heard of a HB kit BEFORE the baby came out!). The baby had trouble nursing because her fist was against the side of her face as she came through the birth canal, but with the help of a lac. consult, a cranial sacral therapist, and a chiroptactor we worked it out. My MF didn't offer me much help, but my doula was wonderful and there was an assistant monirtoing me closely, so I think my MF just stepped back. I plan to use her again for my next birth. I would absolutly do a HB again, though I am a little scared I used all my luck the first time around!
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My homebirth was great. No real problems, just some variations on the norm. My labor with O was about 24 hours (after many, many false alarm labors), I had some higher blood pressure readings, etc. These weren't real problems in our case though. After my son was born, we saw he had a very short cord (and it was swung up over his shoulders), which is probably the reason why it took such a long labor to get him out. he had some bruising on his neck from the cord, but he was fine. I had some large clots that I kept losing after the birth (lost almost no blood at all during the birth), but I did uterine massage on myself and took some herbs as well as just tried to get my rest and nurse my baby lots and lots. Owen had some jaundice, but again, we just managed as we put him in the sun and nursed lots and lots and lots. Sometimes these sorts of things are seen as big "problems", but they were really just variations, and it was Owen's normal way of being born
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