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Stork Savers

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Stork Savers are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE DIAPERS! I the PUL AIO Storkies. I recently bought 15 from Erin and they are all wonderful. The craftsmanship is excellent, the diapers are very abosrbant and they are very easy to use. DS has never had a leak while wearing a Stork Saver. They seem pricey at first, but the price includes shipping, and if you buy in multiples, there are discounts. Erin is a gem to work with.
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I have two Storkies and I love them, too. The sewing is beautiful. She does great work. These are my "diaper bag dipes" because they're so trim.

They don't work for us for night time because ds is a very, very heavy wetter, but they're great for daytime. I haven't had any leaks or wicking.

Erin is wonderful to work with.
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I ordered one custom PUL AIO & it was done & shipped within a week! It is a beautiful diaper, well made using great materials, and it fits my son very well. We have had no wicking or leaking problems at all, and I like that you can use the soaker on either the flannel or fleece side. I like this diaper very much & I thnk her workmanship is perfect!
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