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My son is 11 months old--at what age can he start eating eggs? Thanks!
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My understanding is that the common allergen is in the egg whites, not the yolks. So he could start eating yolks now. As far as the whites go, I guess it's whatever your comfort level for introducing common allergens like dairy, strawberries, etc. Most say after one year unless there is a family history of allergy, then perhaps longer.
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id say at one year

i had my son checked for allergies (they take one vile of blood and run a lot of allergens)

my son isn't allergic to ANYTHING I am glad to say. They tested like 20 things.

insurance pays.

when/if your kid gets sick or a runny nose or somelthing, have your doctor let you get the test! is worth it and good to know
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Both my dds started having egg yolks at 4 months. It is the egg white that is problematic. They shouldn't be given until after 12 months AND the whites should always be FIRM, as in completely cooked, not runny. This is for children of all ages (adults, too).

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I guess I am the bad one!!! My dd was eating scrambles eggs (yolks and whites) at 6 months. I am doing things a bit differently with ds because I am trying so very hard to breastfeed that I really don't want anymore interruptions than absolutely necessary!
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Thanks for the info!
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Just to let you know, allergy testing is not 100%, plus it's also possible to develop allergies after repeated exposure.
My 3 year old had severe food allergies when she was younger and all her testing showed nothing. My 8 month old also has severe food allergies and her testing shows nothing as well.
JMO but I think it's better to be safe and hold off on common allergens as your dr recommends and you feel comfortable with.
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