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Where is your baby during meal preparation?

Poll Results: Where is the baby during meal preparation?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 24% (7)
    DH/partner holds baby while I cook
  • 48% (14)
    DH/partner prepares meals while I hold the baby
  • 3% (1)
    Other family member holds baby while I cook
  • 3% (1)
    Other family member prepares meals while I hold the baby
  • 20% (6)
    Other (please post) prepares meals while I hold the baby
29 Total Votes  
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Just wondering because right now, it's fairly impossible for me to prepare meals, either for myself or for my husband and myself, and we're living on frozen meals mostly. Anyone else had any tips for getting food ready with a small infant?
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My dd sits in her high chair in the kitchen (used to be in her bouncy seat) while I cook. Also, now it is alot easier because I feed her dinner while I cook, it's kind of a long drug-out meal for her, but she enjoys it. The trick in our house is then eating the meal because by that time, she's bored and wanting to go do something new.:
Lots of dinners are eaten on the floor, her next to me playing
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My husband works second shift, so i almost always prepare dinner alone...or with dd. when she was a babe, she was in a sling on me. She would sometimes be happy in a bouncy seat while I did work at the stove, but if necessary, she was in the sling and I pushed her around to my hip/back so she couldn't reach the pots when I had to go near the stove.

When she was a toddler, I started to involve her in meal prep...tearing lettuce for salad, for example. Since she wanted to be with me, I made sure she was busy so she wouldn't be bored. Now sometimes she wants to veg in front of the TV, but I always offer her the choice of helping prep, and she sets the table.

I figure her helping out now is my reward for figuring out how to keep her with me and happy then.

I also saved complicated meals for days when she napped and I didn't! Or for when dh was home; then we would take turns holding her.
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Every single meal in our home is cooked w/ds 2 yrs. in the learning tower "helping" me and ds 7 mos. in the backpack. So, this makes it a bit (much) more complicated, but keeps everyone happy.

Although, right now I pleaded a headache and dh is now cooking dinner w/both boys.

ps: re: infant...When ds #2 was wee, I'd hold him in the Bjorn. When he was a bit older but still pretty immobile, I put him in the bouncy seat waaaaay back on the counter but always still w/in arms reach. (We have deep kitchen counters so he was always safe.)
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what happened to i hold baby while i prepare meal?

i can't believe i'm the only one!!!!!!
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I sat DS in his highchair and give him one of these biting bisquits while I cook, and he watches me cook while I do so :-)

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It varies in my family as to what I am cooking. If I can, DD is in her sling while I cook. If it's too dangerous, she is with DH or on the floor in the kitchen with me, playing with her tupperware
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I'm a lucky woman..

My DH is the chef in the family. I rarely ever make dinner.
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I hold ds while I make dinner. Sometimes he was in a bouncy seat or in his high chair next to me, sometimes dh has him, sometimes ds is entertained on the kitchen floor, but generally I am cooking with one hand!
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It really varies in my house. If I make dinner before DH comes home, DD will either be in her exersaucer or high chair. I used to have her in the sling, but I was afraid of her possibly grabbing a knife, or touching something hot because she's *really* quick with grabbing these days. If DH is home, he's on the floor playing with her -- she LOVES having him all to herself when he first gets home from work.
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I usually wear Amber or she is in her bouncy seat, which she loves.


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Either DP (or someone else) holds her or she's in her bouncy seat, generally (too nervous about sharps/hots to sling here--I can be pretty darn clumsy!)
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It take two hands to handle my little wopper...so if I held him I would have to stir w/ my left foot! What happens to DS depends on his mood....he sometimes plays on the floor(still isn't crawling), plays in his saucer or sits in the high chair. If DH is home, they play. And if it has ben a really hairy day we go out for burgers

Peace, Ellen
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at this point, ds (10 mos) is underfoot! crawling around and playing. When he was littler though, it was either the sling, bouncy seat, or dh's arms, depending on what I was making and how he was feeling. When he was tiny, like your little one, I tried to do all of the prep work during the morning naps, so I had as little to do as possible at dinner time. I also got a crockpot and learned how to adapt recipies to slow cooking!

hang in there, it gets (a lot) easier as they get older!
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With my first baby, I put her in a Snugli, and prepared dinner. then she got to like her bouncy seat a bit, and i put her there (she will be 16 in august).

My second and third babies loved the bouncy seat, swing or exersaucer. i put them in and made dinner! they loved it, and i was able to cook dinner!
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I hold him unless I am using the stove. The he is still on my leg. Or he will play with the pots and pans. I tried a chair for him to stand on so he could watch but I have to stay right there as he might fall being only 14 months. Poor daddy can't help much. when my son wants me no one else will do.
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I didn't vote because it changes. When dh is working I have the baby in the sling while I cook. When he's home sometimes he plays with the baby while I cook or sometimes I still sling our babe while I cook if I feel he hasn't had enough time on me. On the rare occasion we go out to eat I hold the baby while I eat.
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Cooking with my dd is close to impossible, and since my dh often comes home within an hour of her bedtime, he can't help much. I used to try to struggle to cook while she was still awake, but now we usually just wait until she goes to bed and enjoy the event of preparing and then eating a mellow meal. I find I enjoy the experience a lot more. During the day, I just eat easy to prep stuff.

Elise-mama to Zoe Lea
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I picked "other" because it varies. if i'm not making anything too complicated, i have ds in sling. but i don't like doing this if i'm at the stove because it seems dangerous. sometimes i put him in a bouncy seat, but we don't like putting him in this unless absolutely necessary. other times, dh has him in sling or dh cooks.
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I work during the day and dh works most evenings and our baby is young. So....

Either I come home from work to hold the baby and dh cooks, or

dh holds the baby and I cook, or

a friend or relation is visiting who holds the baby, or

baby sits in seat on floor or in stroller so he can see me better, playing with toys and having "conversation" while I do a miniscule amount of kitchen prep. Then I stop to hold or nurse him because he is getting yoochy and dh comes home from HIS job, and finishes cooking the meal, or

I do an even more miniscule amount of prep while holding ds, very worried about safety and feeling guilty, or

I take the cordless phone into the bedroom where I am nursing ds and call those nice guys at the local Indian or Thai restaurant and they come and bring us dinner by the time dh gets home.

We eat pretty late.
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