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Where is your baby during meal preparation? - Page 2

Poll Results: Where is the baby during meal preparation?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 24% (7)
    DH/partner holds baby while I cook
  • 48% (14)
    DH/partner prepares meals while I hold the baby
  • 3% (1)
    Other family member holds baby while I cook
  • 3% (1)
    Other family member prepares meals while I hold the baby
  • 20% (6)
    Other (please post) prepares meals while I hold the baby
29 Total Votes  
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Yeah, we're pretty good friends with the guys at the Thai restaurant too.

Elise-mama to Zoe Lea
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being a single mom, my 4 moth old, Jasper, sits in his bouncy chair for breakfast or lunch. but if I make dinner (sometimes my roommates feed me) I wait until he goes to bed, about 7:30 or 8. I find that doing prep during his naps helps a lot too.
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Dh hangs with dd and ds while I cook dinner. He works 3rd shift so we don't do anything fancy for lunch unless ds happens to take a nap outside of the sling since I don't have back-up.

I'm totally nervous about cooking with a baby in the sling. I worry about hot pans and sharp knives.

edited to correct what shift my dh works. :
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Sometimes if i'm lucky I can have DD nap while i'm preparing dinner. Other times she hangs out in her "saucer", or plays on the floor, or is in the snugli. On rare occassions when i running behind she plays in our room while watching baby einstien.
Once and awhile my sisters or DH play with her.

I try to do stages of dinner throughout the day so that it is not alot at one time.

Sorry to be clueless, but what are bouncy seats anyway? :
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I wanted to add to my previous post:

We just dug out the exersaucer so that he can hang in that anytime I'm doing something for/with dd and when I'm cooking and dh isn't around to take him.

He likes to bang at the toys with his lil fists, and I don't think it hurts anything as long as we don't abuse it.
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dd was put down somewhere while I cooked (currently she is in her exersaucer or in the living room playing) I also try to make as much ofthe food as I can while she is sleeping. pre-cooking meat, shredding cheese, mixing casaroles, crockpot meals, getting everything in pots on the stove, anything that will make it easy for me to throw dinner on or in the stove. when all else fails we order pizza. I can't hold her while i cook, it is just too risky and there is noone to hold her for me. Once my 6 yo dd held her for 2 hours while I cooked. she was rewarded richly for that
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In her "highchair" a reclining seat/high chair strapped to a regular chair, but pulled over close to me. Usually with her sister dancing around entertaining her.

Often I give them both the fruit part of their dinner to eat while I'm cooking. (Baby is almost a year!!). It keeps them entertained and less whiney and at least it's healthy.

I have cooked with a baby in a sling, on my shoulder, nursing, on my hip, in the saucer (again, while we talked and sang to her), you name it. Especially with an older child, I can't wait until dh comes home to cook. Dd is ready to eat long before then.
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She is either in her high chair snacking on something, or napping.
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Ds was nursing pretty much 24/7 in the first several months so he was usually in arms or in the sling nursing while I cooked (didn't really have any other option). Once he got a little bigger I put him in the backpack, then by about 10/11 months I had him help me with the food prep.

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I try to get meals prepared while DS sleeps as much as I can. We like to have dinner almost as soon as DH gets home, since he gets home too late for me to start dinner then, so when the baby naps, I chop, stir, and do whatever else I can to get dinner ready to pop in the oven. Sometimes I make stuff that has to be cooked on the stove if he wants to nap right while I'm making dinner or if he's enjoying playing by himself. Now that he's sitting, it should get much easier. He thinks it's hilarious to just sit on the floor by himself.
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