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Our day at the beach

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This happened a couple of days ago. I've been debating with myself about whether or not to post it because it is just another vent complaining about crappy parents.

My dh, ds, FIL, BIL and I were at a local lake. We had our dog with us. I was throwing a stick into the water for her to fetch. Everyone else in our group was wading or swimming.

Two boys (maybe 6 and 8) came over and asked if they could throw the stick, too. I said sure. They did that for a while and then moved down the beach to swim. They kept moving closer to us and eventually started throwing sticks again.. At one point, the 8 yo was sitting in the water, but was mostly out. My dog was near him and she shook herself off spraying him with water. The 6 yo said, "If your dog gets me wet (he is already wet from swimming), I'm going to kick it's ass." I said, in a very stern but calm voice, "Then, you are done playing with my dog. Do not threaten my dog."

His jaw dropped. Then, he just scowled at me and moved away. About 5 minutes later they both start throwing rocks at my dog. They hit her several times and I told them to stop. They didn't. So, I got my dog and went to the woman I had deduced was their mother and asked her to make them stop. She said, "Boys will be boys". Time for my jaw to drop.

We tried moving down the beach several times, but they just would not let up, so we left.

Why don't people teach their children to respect animals?
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That is so sad.

And why don't they teach the kids to respect other adults? Man, we're working on that with our 4 yo right now, explaining that he has to listen to and respect other adults (like playdate mommies) when they speak to him or ask him a question. It's a natural thing you teach your child--isn't it?

Guess not for some folks.

I'm sorry you went through that,

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That's just plain amazing to me. I can't imagine my kids ever throwing rocks at any animal. And their mother...nice way for her to blow you off.
Sorry you had to run into these people and that they ruined your fun at the beach!
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She said, "Boys will be boys".
And then grow up to be men no one wants to be around!

I *hate* "boys will be boys." Both boys and girls will "be" what they are expected and guided to be.
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that is so crappy. i hope your doggy is okay
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Whew! If someone threw rocks at either of my dogs, I would probably lose it. I commend you for keeping yourself under control. That is so sad that someone would allow their children to treat another living being that way. It really makes me sad to hear that.
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