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When did your water break? - Page 3

Poll Results: What point in labor did your water break?

  • 33% (48)
    Before contractions
  • 9% (13)
    Early labor
  • 14% (20)
    Before transition
  • 11% (17)
  • 26% (38)
    Right before baby was born
  • 4% (6)
    Baby was born in the caul
142 Total Votes  
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Snap, gush and 10 minutes of excited 'this is it' grinning before the contractions started. Back to back, each 5 mins long. Why was it not like they said it would be in the ante-natal classes?!! LOL
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SROM at trasition for me. My first, and I told my MW I thought my membrane ruptured and she didn't believe me at first! LOL What a night, day and night! (A year ago today by the way)!
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#1 & #2 AROM hospital w/ ob
#3 born in the caul w/ mw in a hospital. It felt like the bag was holding me back so I asked the mw to break the bag when I was pushing, and she tried, but it wouldn't break. It was so odd to feel the water gush out of me after the baby was out.
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I have no memory of my water breaking, but neither were any of my kids born in the caul. So I assume it broke while I was pushing, and I already had my butt over a couple of chux pads, all 3 times.
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Mine broke at 4:30 in the morning at 31 weeks, contractions didn't start until about 6 hours later. I'm a special : case, though, as the docs were trying their damnest to stop labor (which didn't work, he was born at 7:51 that night).
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Originally Posted by YumaDoula View Post
My first birth, just before my twins were born.

My second birth, it happened way before labor started. After about 8h, I got on the breastpump and ctx started.
I was just the opposite

With my first birth, it happened way before labor and I used castor oil and the breastpump.

With my twins, Baby A's water broke when I began pushing. Baby B's was intact until after she entered my pelvis (at which point, I had been pushing for about 15 minutes).
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I wish I'd allowed multiple answers and put other as a choice. Rats!
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AROM 15 minutes before baby was born...she was ready to come ;-). I was fully dilated, the ob. ruptured them, told me to push, and 4 pushes later, my Katie was born.
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30 min before baby was born, it busted accross the room during a cxn and almost got my MIL.
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between two pushes. her head was already out.
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I voted "before transition" for baby #1, I am guessing I was about 6 cm dilated but ctx were getting more intense (though I was still at home).

Baby #2, my water broke at 10 cm, I had been pushing for about 35 min already, pushing against bag of waters, not so much fun!
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Water broke 46 hours before any ctx. Baby was born 2 hours after.
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#1 and #2, water broke and contractions started immediately.

#3, water broke during active labor, I'd guess around 5cm, spontaneously.
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Water broke at 7pm after dd hiccupped. By 7:30pm my contractions were 3 minutes apart.

Pushing began at midnight -- dd born at 4AM.

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